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    Synapse Films Announces the Global Debut of CROCODILE on Blu-ray!

    Source: MVD Entertainment press release
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    On July 9th, Synapse Films presents the global debut of the Thai/Korean production CROCODILE (จระเข้, Crak̄hê, 1981) on Blu-ray, from a new restoration of the original English 35mm camera negative. 
    Move aside Jaws. Watch out Godzilla. When Mother Nature rebels against humankind for defying her laws, she strikes back with unbelievable fury creating the largest and most savage crocodile on earth... there is a giant crocodile on the loose! Mutating and getting larger possibly because of an atomic explosion, the crocodile's thirst for blood also grows as it rampages through a small quiet beach town devouring anything in its path.
    Dr. Tony Akom (Nat Puvani) and Dr. John Stromm (Min Oo) are on a perfect family vacation, but it takes a tragic turn when three of their loved ones suddenly disappear. When the bodies are found, the two doctors conduct a thorough examination of the remains and discover a killer crocodile is the culprit. Teaming up with Tanaka (Manop Asavatep), a tough and rugged fisherman, , and Peter (Robert Chan), a photographer, Akom and Stromm head out to dangerous open waters to find and destroy the beast once and for all! Will they be able to stop the rampaging village-stomping beast before others are devoured?  
    This killer croc classic, originally filmed  by Won-se Lee in 1978 as CROCODILE FANGS (악어의 공포, Agowa gongpo), was released in slightly different versions, edited and with additional footage from infamous Thai filmmaker Sompote Saengduenchai (6 ULTRA BROTHERS VS THE MONSTER ARMY), all around the world during its theatrical run. Synapse Films is proud to present the Blu-ray world-premiere of CROCODILE in its original 1981 U.S. release version, meticulously restored from the original English 35mm camera negative.
    The Blu-ray special features include an audio commentary with the late film historian Lee Gambin, a video interview with original director Won-se Lee, the original theatrical trailer, and deleted and alternate scenes. 


    CROCODILE [Blu-ray]
    • SKU: SFD0221
    • Format: Blu-ray
    • UPC: 654930324493
    • Street Date: 07/09/24
    • Label: Synapse Films
    • Genre: Horror
    • Run Time: 92 mins
    • Number of Discs: 1
    • Audio: STEREO
    • $29.95


    Bonus Materials
    Audio commentary with film historian Lee Gambin
    Video interview with original director Won-se Lee
    Original theatrical trailer
    Deleted and alternate scenes
    Newly translated English subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing

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