new collector looking for complete G-series figures (vinyl)

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new collector looking for complete G-series figures (vinyl)

Postby Jinzo Ningen » Mon Jun 26, 2017 4:00 pm

Have a friend here at work who's a closet Godzilla fan. He had a few toys as a child and now that he's got a couple of young boys of his own, he'd like to get a figure for each Godzilla-related monster from Toho's stable, including oddball harder to find guys like King Caesar & Gabara. Nothing too huge (5"-9" size likely) and preferably all of the same scale, to make his under-construction display shelf/cabinet look somewhat well-balanced.

Any suggestions for him? Thanks!
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Re: new collector looking for complete G-series figures (vin

Postby canofhumdingers » Mon Jun 26, 2017 4:23 pm

Well, if he sticks primarily to 6 inch scale vinyl, then between Bandai Japan, Bandai Creations (U.S.), and Y-MSF he can get almost everything he wants. But seeing as most of those figures were produced years, or even decades ago, the more popular or more rare ones will be quite expensive.

On a positive note, for many monsters he'll actually have a choice between different versions. For example, many of the monsters made by Bandai Creations in the U.S. were done first by Bandai Japan. In MOST cases, the Japanese figures are quite superior. But occasionally the U.S. Bandai Creations figures are nicer. And in some rare instances, BC actually produces something nobody else has, such as their rather nice 1974 style MechaGodzilla (Bandai Japan only ever made the 1975 MG).
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