Monster Zero/Sci-Fi Japan Forum FAQ and Guidelines

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Monster Zero/Sci-Fi Japan Forum FAQ and Guidelines

Postby kinggoji » Sat Mar 26, 2005 8:55 am

Welcome to the Monster Zero/Sci-Fi Japan Forum! To ensure your time here is enjoyable here are some frequently asked questions and guidelines:


The board owners are KINGGOJI and The Gene Lantern. He and all admins have the rank of Monster 01 and moderators THE CONTROLLERS. Please no spamming to raise your board ranks. You will lose your rank if you do.


Your personal avatar (photo under your name) is limited to a pixel size of 100x100. Also, if you find your photo does not show up we have most likely turned it off because the link was broken, the website the photo is on isn't working or doesn't allow linking, or your linking the photo from your computer which does not work.


The Club Tokyo/Monster Zero/Sci-Fi Japan websites, due to bandwidth usage, requests that board members not place images from those website directly into your messages, but rather just link to the photo or link to the story that contains the photo. Any messages doing this from now on will be edited. This also goes for your personal pics/icons, and signatures that link to the websites in question. Photos not on these three websites are allowed to be shown directly. Messages violating these rules will be edited.


In order for any community like Club Tokyo, Monster Zero & Sci-Fi Japan to run smoothly there are some rules that members should follow, and by using this board you agree to abide by the rules. These rules are not meant to step on anyone's sense of freedom to discuss ideas and gather together, but only to make sure everyone can enjoy the boards without being hassled by those who think they can say or do anything they want; to make sure the forums remain on topic free of spam and non-related material, etc.

If a post is moved or locked down please email the mod or admin that closed it down or use the PRIVATE MESSAGE option. DO NOT start a thread that asks why or belittles the mod/admin that closed it. This will only result in the post being deleted and the poster may be banned. Constant rule breakers, flamers, etc will be banned and not allowed back on the message boards.

Posting on the message board is a privilege not a right.

The message boards contain an automatic censor that will block out many curse words or names meant to insult someone's race and more. This is done to discourage flame wars and in general keep the boards friendly to younger users or families concerned where their children post. Please do not circumvent the censor by spelling the word a different way or adding spaces. Mods and admin have the right to edit such messages and ban users who do so.

Flaming is defined as a mean spirited attack on another poster or posts designed only to entice others into an argument. If you disagree with another poster, try and do so without flaming them. Please try to be constructive with your arguments instead of resorting to such immature things as name calling, cursing, etc. Also be careful not to flame back someone who flamed you. Threads that devolve into flame wars will be closed, and if severe enough the participants will be banned from the message boards. If you feel you absolutely must act like an idiot use the newsgroup or take it to email.

Due to Toho's dislike of bootlegs and illegal downloads, and the fact that they monitor this message board, I ask that no one post where to buy bootlegs and in general avoid discussion. If you must ask someone where to buy or find bootlegs please using the PRIVATE MESSAGE option to contact someone or the WHISPER function to speak to someone. Members who violate this rule will have their messages locked and may be banned from the message board.

Please ensure that when making a new post that it is in the correct and relevant forum for the topic. Note that there are both general topic forums, and specific topic forums. If in doubt, check the forum descriptions on the main Message Board page. Off topic posts will be moved to a more appropriate forum. A message will be posted by the mod when a thread is moved. There should be more than enough forums to cover all possible topics.

Redundant threads are defined as threads that have the same topic or focus of discussion as a previous or recent thread in the same forum, so please check before you post that the topic you wish to discuss hasn't already been discussed in a prior thread, or is able to be discussed in some other existing thread. Redundant threads will be merged with previous threads if necessary.

Please do not post the same message across multiple forums. This is considering spamming and will only result in all of the messages being deleted.


Overt sexual, political and religious topics are generally to be avoided due to the wide range of ages and cultural backgrounds of our visitors. Not to mention the fact that hardly anyone here can discuss such material without it becoming a flame-war. So keep your personal sexual hangups, political leanings, and your gods to yourself.


Our dear departed founder Aaron Smith aka MONSTER ZERO was the creator of these boards, and we keep them going in his memory. Please behave as if you are a guest in a friend's home; it's the best way to honor the spirit of the community Aaron created.

Have fun!
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