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Proposed Godzilla Chronicles show

Postby CWSmith » Sat Apr 26, 2014 8:37 pm

Hi guys, I'm a bit new to posting here, but I've actually been lurking here in some form since 2003. I've had an idea rattling around my brain for a long time and I'd like some feedback on it.

I've always been intrigued by the idea of a Godzilla Animated Series that really incorporates all the kaiju from the series in a unique way. Sort of in the style of the Batman Animated Series if you will. Now obviously, these would show up in fanfiction/text form and not actually animated, but I'm just trying to establish my frame of mind with these ideas.

I've come up with three separate 26 episode "seasons." Each episode I've given a title and a synopsis. I have characters in mind, both human and kaiju. I'd love to hear what people think of this. So without further ado, here it is:

Godzilla Chronicles

Season 1
1.) Rebirth of a Legend (Part I)
In 1954, a terrifying beast lumbered out of Tokyo Bay, demolishing a city and changing the world forever. 60 years later, after a strange explosion in the South Pacific, Godzilla has returned to wreak havoc again. J.S.D.F. Commander Katsumi Sasaki and her second-in-command, Lieutenant Jun Tsuruta are two of the first on the scene to meet the revived legend head-on.

2.) Rebirth of a Legend (Part II)
After a disastrous sea attack on Godzilla by the J.S.D.F., Commander Sasaki and Lieutenant Tsuruta race to warn the mainland of Godzilla’s impending arrival. Along the way, they encounter a mysterious Russian agent, Asya Ivanov, also on the heels of the monster.

3.) Rebirth of a Legend (Part III)
As Godzilla nears Tokyo Bay, Commander Sasaki attempts to rally a defense, but Godzilla proves to be unstoppable. Desperate, Lieutenant Tsuruta makes one last ditch effort to divert the monster and save the citizens of Tokyo from a grisly fate.

4.) S.O.S.
En route to Japan, an American freighter is stranded after a close encounter with Godzilla. Commander Sasaki is sent to answer the distress call. On board, she meets Lieutenant Gabriel McIntyre, a U.S. Special Forces soldier who is mum about his odd presence on the freighter. Unfortunately, Godzilla is still in the area, leading to a perilous situation as Katsumi discovers the dark truth behind the freighter’s cargo.

5.) Air Raid
As Godzilla comes dangerously close to the American west coast, U.S. general William Gadsten is sent to deal with the creature by any means necessary. Meanwhile, Katsumi, still tracking Godzilla for the J.S.D.F., comes across the American convoy preparing to strike the monster. In their company, she meets Dr. James Norton, an American biologist researching Godzilla.

6.) G-Force Assemble
After the failed U.S. strike, the U.N. decides to create a special task force to track and study Godzilla in order to save lives and in hope of finding a weakness. J.S.D.F. General Tetsuo Aso is placed in charge of this task force and shocks Katsumi by naming her the leader of his new team. Katsumi selects four others to join her: her American friends Dr. James Norton and Gabe McIntyre, along with Noriko Fujiwara, a Japanese Historian and Psychologist, and with much reluctance, her younger brother Ichiro, a technical wizard. Soon, the team’s trial-by-fire begins as Godzilla is spotted heading directly for Seattle.

7.) Landfall (Part I)
As Godzilla nears shore, G-Force rushes to evacuate Seattle and somehow delay the beast. However, Godzilla isn’t their only concern, as Asya Ivanov has returned, still doggedly tracking the monster for unknown reasons.

8.) Landfall (Part II)
Despite G-Force’s best efforts, Godzilla comes ashore in Seattle, causing massive destruction. Fortunately, their evacuation was successful leading to minimal casualties. As Godzilla torches Seattle, G-Force confronts Asya about her reasons for following the monster.

9.) Faded Memory
In an attempt to learn more about Godzilla, Katsumi accompanies Noriko to a retirement community in Tokyo, where one of the last known survivors of the original Godzilla attack on Tokyo lives with painful memories. Still coping with Jun’s death, Katsumi is confronted with a man sharing all of her pain, but none of her rage.

10.) Rodan, Demon of the Skies (Part 1)
When Godzilla comes ashore near the sparse Aleutian Islands, it seems G-Force can relax. However, a new threat emerges from underneath the northern ice. Dubbed Rodan, this new monster makes a beeline for Godzilla.

11.) Rodan, Demon of the Skies (Part II)
As Godzilla engages in a brutal fight with the giant pterosaur Rodan, Asya reveals she knows more about the flying monster’s mysterious origins than previously thought.

12.) The Cult of Godzilla
Still recovering from the titanic battle with Rodan, Godzilla comes ashore to sleep while G-Force finds itself confronting a cult and their charismatic leader, who has declared Godzilla to be a “righteous sword” to purge the world of sin.

13.) The Goddess of Infant Island (Part I)
A psychic vision leads Noriko and the rest of G-Force to an uncharted Pacific island, where they meet a giant caterpillar named Mothra and her two twin fairy priestesses. The fairies explain that Mothra is an ancient guardian of all life on the planet. Unfortunately, G-Force aren’t the only ones aware of the moth goddess’s presence as Godzilla soon arrives to threaten the peaceful island.

14.) The Goddess of Infant Island (Part II)
Battered from fighting Godzilla, Mothra manages to cocoon herself while G-Force becomes trapped in the caves on the island. In the caves, Noriko pieces together the origin and history of Mothra and her enigmatic priestesses.

15.) The Goddess of Infant Island (Part III)
As G-Force escapes the Infant Island caves, Mothra emerges from her cocoon as a fully mature adult ready for round two with Godzilla.

16.) Island of the Red Bamboo
When their helicopter crashes on an island while tracking Godzilla, Gabe and Ichiro make a shocking discovery. A terrorist organization called the Red Bamboo is attempting to make nuclear weapons. Not only that, the radiation leaking from their facility has created something monstrous in the waters surrounding the island.

17.) Earthquake!
As Godzilla moves through rural Japan, G-Force moves to evacuate the small settlements in his path. Unusual seismic activity in the area escalates until the cause soon reveals itself: a gigantic subterranean monster dubbed Anguirus.

18.) Smog Epidemic
Godzilla’s arrival in a heavily polluted seaside town would seem to be problem enough. However, after the monster raids a nuclear power plant, the radiation leakage combines with the pollution to produce something possibly even worse than Godzilla himself.

19.) Kissed By a Rose
James brings in an old colleague, Dr. Shiragami, to help G-Force study Godzilla’s cell structure. However, Dr. Shiragami, devastated by his daughter’s recent death in one of Godzilla’s raids, betrays James’s trust and uses Godzilla tissue to attempt to resurrect his daughter. The horrifying result is a mass of vines and teeth known as Biollante, who soon draws the attention of Godzilla himself.

20.) Hero Worship
G-Force takes time out to relax while Godzilla is far from populated areas. While observing peculiar behavior between Godzilla and Anguirus, Ichiro begins to empathize with Anguirus in way he couldn’t have predicted.

21.) The Mind of a Monster
Spurred on by Ichiro’s observations of the monsters, Noriko attempts to probe into Godzilla’s mind and is shocked by what she uncovers, leading to conflict within the team as Katsumi and Gabe refuse to acknowledge Godzilla as anything more than an enemy to be destroyed.

22.) Prophecies
The twin fairies of Mothra come to visit G-Force headquarters in order to warn them of a coming threat, a three-headed space dragon named King Ghidorah, a monster Mothra has fought in the ancient past. However, when the fairies suggest Godzilla as an ally against the demon dragon, Katsumi will hear none of it.

23.) Force of Nature
General Gadsten and the U.S. military plan another assault on Godzilla as he passes by Hawaii. As G-Force gets better and better at predicting Godzilla’s actions and movements, they realize attacking the creature can only have negative consequences, leading to conflict with Gadsten and his forces. Katsumi fights inner demons as she becomes conflicted between what she knows is best and her intense desire for revenge on Godzilla.

24.) The King of Terror (Part I)
The crashing of a gigantic meteorite in Japan grabs worldwide attention. Noriko senses an unimaginable evil within the meteorite and is confirmed correct when the space dragon King Ghidorah emerges to lay waste to civilization on a scale never seen before. As the world’s militaries prove useless against the evil beast, Mothra attempts to stop her old foe, but to no avail. Meanwhile, Katsumi and G-Force wrestle with the idea of calling Godzilla an ally.

25.) The King of Terror (Part II)
As King Ghidorah’s rampage continues, G-Force attempt to lure Godzilla into battle with the space demon, despite protests from General Gadsten and the inner doubts of Katsumi herself. As the showdown between Godzilla and King Ghidorah approaches, Noriko pieces together a strange connection and shared past between the two monsters.

26.) The King of Terror (Part III)
A titanic struggle ensues between Godzilla and King Ghidorah, but even Godzilla proves unable to defeat the demon alone. As G-Force finds themselves in the strange position of aiding their sworn enemy, help arrives from unusual places as Godzilla, Mothra, and Anguirus align to fight the king of terror and prevent the eradication of all life on Earth.

Season 2
27.) Collateral Damage (Part I)
As Godzilla passes close to Los Angeles, General Gadsten ignores advice from G-Force and launches an attack on the monster, leading to Godzilla changing direction and heading directly for the city of angels. Meanwhile, Gabe begins to doubt Asya’s allegiances.

28.) Collateral Damage (Part II)
As Godzilla rages in Los Angeles, G-Force continues to clash with General Gadsten on the best course of action. Asya disappears during the chaos, but Gabe follows her and confronts her about her secrets.

29.) Collateral Damage (Part III)
Noriko and James hatch a last-minute plan to lure Godzilla away from the city and back out to sea, while Asya is forced to decide once and for all where her loyalties lie.

30.) The Phoenix Rises
Still reeling from the disaster in Los Angeles, G-Force isn’t allowed much time to rest as Rodan rises from the ashes to confront Godzilla once again, but this time their conflict threatens millions of people as their battle brings them dangerously close to San Francisco. As Anguirus joins the fray to aid his friend Godzilla, G-Force rushes to find a way to save San Francisco from utter ruin.

31.) Bug Hunt
Gabe confronts his worst nightmare as a weather experiment goes horribly wrong in the Nevada desert, resulting in huge insects running amok in the southwest United States. Before long Godzilla is involved as well as the horde of giant insects threatens to consume everything in their path.

32.) Sweet Dreams
Noriko is plagued by recurring nightmares and soon discovers she’s not the only one as James and Ichiro find out Godzilla is experiencing the nightmares as well. Probing Godzilla’s mind, Noriko finds they are both being assaulted by an ancient supernatural evil known as Gabara, a demon specializing in affecting the mind.

33.) The Soul of a Rose
Biollante returns, causing mass destruction in Osaka. G-Force reluctantly go to Dr. Shiragami in his prison cell for help in understanding the actions of the mutant plant. But the situation deteriorates when Godzilla is drawn to Biollante, resulting in revelations about the true nature of Shiragami’s plant beast.

34.) Doppelganger (Part I)
General Gadsten has spearheaded the creation of the ultimate weapon against Godzilla: a massive robot powered by a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence system. G-Force is skeptical about the weapon’s effectiveness, while Ichiro shows concern about the A.I. itself. To G-Force’s dismay, Gadsten takes the offensive by sending Mecha-Godzilla to attack Godzilla as he slumbers in the remote Samoan Islands.

35.) Doppelganger (Part II)
As Godzilla battles his robotic twin, Ichiro uncovers terrifying information about the machine’s A.I., but can’t find anyone to listen. In the middle of battle, however, the A.I. goes rogue and Mecha-Godzilla begins disobeying orders.

36.) Doppelganger (Part III)
With Godzilla seemingly defeated, Mecha-Godzilla begins attacking the U.S. armed forces. Ichiro’s fears are proven true as the A.I. has become self-aware and has decided to eradicate humanity from the planet. With the U.S. military reeling, G-Force once again finds itself aligning with Godzilla in a bid to stop the mechanical menace.

37.) Vendettas
While at G-Force headquarters, Katsumi meets Mai, a teenage girl orphaned by one of Godzilla’s attacks. While attempting to help the girl find peace, Katsumi once again must confront her resentment of Godzilla, as well as her self-hatred both for failing to save Jun and for the many times she has found herself fighting beside the monster she hates so much.

38.) The Wild Card (Part I)
A new menace emerges from space as a bladed cyborg known as Gigan arrives on Earth with seemingly no goal in mind except causing as much mayhem as possible. As G-Force scrambles to respond, Gigan targets Godzilla’s friend Anguirus.

39.) The Wild Card (Part II)
After nearly killing Anguirus, Gigan flees the onset of a vengeful Godzilla, leading Godzilla to nearby Hong Kong, where the two monsters engage in bloody combat while G-Force attempts to save as many people as they can while trying to solve the riddle of the cyborg abomination’s sudden appearance and motivations.

40.) Seatopia
The long forgotten civilization known as Seatopia has been of interest to Noriko for years. While exploring ancient Seatopian ruins, Noriko discovers evidence of an ancient guardian monster called Megalon. Meanwhile, crazy inventor Gendo attempts to sell his robot creation Jet Jaguar to G-Force. When a bumbling Gendo accidentally releases Megalon from his long slumber, Godzilla and Anguirus are drawn into conflict with the guardian monster, aided against their will by Gendo’s well-meaning Jet Jaguar.

41.) The Black Sheep (Part I)
When reports come in of Mothra attacking major coastal Japanese cities, G-Force return to Infant Island to seek answers. Mothra’s twin fairies reveal the creature that attacked the cities is called Battra, and is Mothra’s twin, a creature of darker intent.

42.) The Black Sheep (Part II)
Mothra attempts to calm her twin, while Godzilla arrives to complicate matters, resulting in a three-way battle that threatens to shake the coast of Japan to its very foundations.

43.) A.I.
Mecha-Godzilla returns, attempting to hack into U.S. military computers in a bid to launch nuclear armaments and continue its plan to destroy humanity. Godzilla, itching for a rematch, arrives to challenge its mechanical twin, while Ichiro and G-Force attempt to thwart Mecha-Godzilla’s fiendish plan.

44.) Nightmare
The dream demon Gabara returns to torment Godzilla, as Noriko is drawn in to experience the nightmare along with Godzilla. In the process, Noriko learns a great deal more about the tortured past of the nuclear leviathan, but also risks falling prey to Gabara herself.

45.) Death From Above
Following Godzilla along the Mariana Islands, G-Force has a close encounter with a returning Rodan, resulting in a plane crash that leaves the team stranded between Rodan and his target: Godzilla.

46.) Mimic
A strange creature appears after mass UFO reports in South America. A shapeshifter, the creature, dubbed Orga, seems unusually obsessed with Godzilla, almost as if it wants to replace Godzilla.

47.) The Rogue Element (Part I)
As Godzilla makes his first landfall in Australia, G-Force evacuates Sydney. Meanwhile, Asya discovers her former partner, Nikolai, is following G-Force for unknown reasons.

48.) The Rogue Element (Part II)
As Sydney is demolished around them, G-Force gives chase to Nikolai in attempt to recover crucial information stolen from them. It is soon revealed that Nikolai is not working for the Russian government at all, but for a much more sinister entity.

49.) Typhoon
Japan is ravaged by sudden mysterious storms, as G-Force struggles to maintain tracking of Godzilla through the constant poor weather. The cause of the storms is soon revealed as a new monster called Titanosaurus attacks Godzilla resulting in a maelstrom that threatens to flood most of the Japanese coast.

50.) Brave New World (Part I)
While G-Force is visiting Infant Island, Ichiro notices peculiar technical glitches. It is soon revealed that using a device planted by Nikolai, Mecha-Godzilla has scrambled G-Force’s communications and fried their transportation, stranding them on Infant Island. With Mothra too weak to fly after recently laying her egg, G-Force is stranded and unable to interfere as Mecha-Godzilla launches a new bid to destroy humanity.

51.) Brave New World (Part II)
Nikolai’s treachery becomes all too clear as devices planted all over the world lay waste to methods of communication. Taking advantage of the confusion, Mecha-Godzilla uses a digital virus to seize control of other A.I. controlled weaponry the world over, creating an army of horror to lay waste to mankind. Godzilla and Anguirus arrive to do battle, but are overwhelmed by Mecha-Godzilla’s fire power. Meanwhile, Mothra manages to struggle to aid G-Force by flying them back to the mainland.

52.) Brave New World (Part III)
Godzilla, Mothra, and Anguirus war with Mecha-Godzilla, while G-Force attempts to put an end to Mecha-Godzilla’s control over his army. In the process, Asya is forced into a confrontation with her former partner and friend, Nikolai.

Season 3
53.) Re-Enter the Dragon (Part I)
G-Force becomes uneasy due to a long period of inactivity. The peace is shattered when King Ghidorah returns with a vengeance. Murdering a weakened Mothra in short order, King Ghidorah then targets its rival Godzilla, pummeling Anguirus into a coma in the process. With even Godzilla on the edge of defeat, G-Force resorts to a desperation plan to stop the three-headed demon.

54.) Re-Enter the Dragon (Part II)
As King Ghidorah and Godzilla’s battle rages across Japan, G-Force seeks the only other aid they can, the giant pterosaur Rodan. Luring Rodan into the fray, G-Force are distraught when Rodan attacks Godzilla and not King Ghidorah.

55.) Re-Enter the Dragon (Part III)
As G-Force evacuates the surrounding areas, Godzilla, Rodan, and King Ghidorah shake the Earth with their titanic battle. Finally, King Ghidorah proves so formidable that Godzilla and Rodan are forced to put their differences aside to combat the space demon together.

56.) Monster Island
After the devastation of King Ghidorah’s rampage, James comes up with an idea to isolate the monsters on an obscure island in the Ogasawara Island chain. While the team’s corralling methods seem to work on Rodan and Anguirus, Godzilla proves to still be a chaotic element.

57.) Acid Rain
When a rash of lung problems and odd burns occurs in a Japanese village, G-Force fears the worst. Their fears are confirmed soon, when Hedorah returns to terrorize mainland Japan. As the deadly monster ravages the countryside, Godzilla arrives as well to reengage the smog monster, but even Godzilla needs to breathe.

58.) The Cyborg Returns (Part I)
The demonic cyborg returns to Earth, bent on chaos and destruction. As Godzilla moves to resume his battle with Gigan, Ichiro struggles to find some weakness in the great bladed alien beast.

59.) The Cyborg Returns (Part II)
Godzilla is bloody and ragged as Gigan seems poised to defeat the great beast. However, Ichiro has disovered a weakness in the cyborg monster. But, with her enemy so close to defeat, Katsumi isn’t sure she wants to aid Godzilla.

60.) Wings of Fury
A mining accident soon proves to be no accident when a gigantic prehistoric dragonfly rises from the cavernous depths. With its supersonic wings causing their ears to bleed, even Godzilla, Rodan, and Anguirus seem outmatched.

61.) Erika
Shiragami’s monster has returned, but now with its true identity known, G-Force is hesitant to fight it. James’s anger over Shiragami’s actions come to a head and Godzilla again battles Biollante in an attempt to lay the being within to rest once and for all.

62.) Serizawa’s Bane (Part I)
Katsumi and James begin looking further into Dr. Serizawa’s creation, the Oxygen Destroyer, the weapon that killed the original Godzilla in 1954, in an attempt to find some way to kill the modern beast. Meanwhile, the location of the original Godzilla’s death is being plagued by odd occurrences.

63.) Serizawa’s Bane (Part II)
A new monster, an incarnation of the Oxygen Destroyer itself, emerges from the original Godzilla’s ashes in Tokyo Bay. Like an infernal grim reaper, it spreads death throughout the city of Tokyo. Godzilla arrives to do battle as always, but shocks G-Force by retreating in seeming fear.

64.) Serizawa’s Bane (Part III)
As G-Force attempts to find a way to stop Destroyer, Noriko again explores Godzilla’s mind in an attempt to root out his seeming fear of this monster above all others, finding a connection buried in Godzilla’s past. Soon, Godzilla is forced to face his fear and confront Destroyer along with the ghosts of his past.

65.) Beware the Sandman
After the trauma of the conflict with Destroyer, Godzilla is again plagued by nightmares as Gabara, the dream demon again tries to torture the creature into madness. Feeling sympathy for the great beast, Noriko attempts to help Godzilla fight off Gabara and reclaim his own mind.

66.) Seeing Double
When Godzilla appears in San Diego seemingly unprovoked, G-Force is thrown out of favor for not predicting the attack. Confused by the out-of-character move from Godzilla, G-Force is even more shocked to see Godzilla attack his friends Rodan and Anguirus. When a second Godzilla emerges to battle with the first, their confusion turns to comprehension as James uncovers the truth: the first Godzilla is an impostor.

67.) Firewall
When Ichiro encounters a skilled hacking attempt on the G-Force network, he suspects the return of Mecha-Godzilla. He’s proven correct as Mecha-Godzilla launches an attack on G-Force headquarters. Scrambling to defend their own home base, G-Force receives aid from Godzilla in a way none of them expected, revealing their supposed foe considers them allies.

68.) Godzilla 101
James begins teaching a class about Godzilla at a local university. The other members of G-Force use the class as a forum to discuss their own conflicting philosophies about the monster and its place in the world.

69.) The Crystal (Part I)
A crystalline object lands in downtown Fukuoka, causing massive damage. Though it seems outside their area of expertise at first, G-Force is eventually called in when a creature with a strikingly familiar face emerges from the crystal.

70.) The Crystal (Part II)
As SpaceGodzilla destroys Fukuoka, G-Force unravels the mystery of its origin, while looking for a way to defeat the monster. Meanwhile, Godzilla arrives as well, but is overpowered by the monster. Using Noriko’s connection with Godzilla, Katsumi does the unthinkable, aiding her hated enemy directly for the first time.

71.) Visions
Mothra’s egg finally hatches, beginning the cycle once again for the defender of life. Noriko and the twin fairies experience startling premonitions of an unspeakable doom approaching, something involving the enemy of all life, King Ghidorah.

72.) The Heart of a Monster
While observing Godzilla and Anguirus at the G-Force Monster Island Base, Katsumi reminisces on her relationship with Godzilla. After a conversation with Noriko and James, Katsumi feels she can finally let go of her hatred for Godzilla. With Noriko’s help, she attempts to communicate with the monster.

73.) Monster Mash
On the Monster Island Base, G-Force relaxes and revels in the antics of the monsters as they interact nearby. The revelry is interrupted when Mothra and her priestesses arrive with horrible news.

74.) Apocalypse (Part I)
The three-headed dragon is back, but he’s not alone. With the psychopathic cyborg Gigan accompanying him, the two alien monsters begin laying waste to Earth’s cities one by one. As G-Force moves to intervene, they are shocked to learn there is yet one more enemy to deal with.

75.) Apocalypse (Part II)
After the destruction of the G-Force base by Mecha-Godzilla, G-Force struggles to regroup as it soon becomes clear that Mecha-Godzilla is aligned with the space monsters. The evil monsters soon carry out strategic attacks on the residents of Monster Island, destroying the island utterly. After the attack Rodan and Anguirus are missing and presumed dead. Mothra has retreated into a protective cocoon. Godzilla, too is missing, as G-Force searches desperately for the lost monster.

76.) Apocalypse (Part III)
As King Ghidorah, Mecha-Godzilla, and Gigan continue their assault on humanity, G-Force rallies the world’s forces together to fight them. Obviously no match for the terrible trio, the human forces are buoyed by the sudden reappearance of Godzilla, who stands alone against his three most powerful enemies.

77.) Apocalypse (Part IV)
With Godzilla dead at the hands of King Ghidorah and his allies, all hope for humanity seems lost. Katsumi and G-Force embark on an insane last gambit to revive Godzilla, before all life on the planet is destroyed. Mothra emerges from her cocoon to wage war with her old enemy once again.

78.) Apocalypse (Part V)
With Mothra severely overmatched, Rodan and Anguirus come to her aid against the evil monsters. G-Force succeed in reviving Godzilla and he immediately joins the fray as well. Soon, only the two kings: the King of Terror and the King of the Monsters remain standing, with this final showdown deciding the fate of all life on Earth.

Main Cast
G-Force Members
-Commander Katsumi Sasaki, Former J.S.D.F. Commander, 33 years old, Female
-Dr. James Norton, American Biologist, 34 years old, Male
-Lieutenant Gabriel McIntyre, Former U.S. Special Forces soldier, 38 years old, Male
-Ichiro Sasaki, Japanese Technical Analyst, 26 years old, Male, Katsumi’s brother
-Asya Ivanov, Russian Intelligence Agent, 29 years old, Female
-Noriko Fujiwara, Japanese Historian and Psychic, 27 years old, Female
-General Tetsuo Aso, Former J.S.D.F. general and G-Force commanding officer
-Lieutenant Jun Tsuruta, J.S.D.F. lieutenant, Katsumi’s former second-in-command
-General William Gadsten, U.S. general, Commander of U.S. forces in kaiju conflicts
-Dr. Shiragami, Japanese biologist
-Erika Shiragami, daughter of Dr. Shiragami
-Dr. Daisuke Serizawa, deceased Japanese physicist
-Nikolai Petrovich, Former Russian Intelligence Agent, Former Partner of Asya
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Re: Proposed Godzilla Chronicles show

Postby XvGojira » Sat Apr 26, 2014 11:13 pm

Okay, I'd watch the ever loving "OH GODZILLA! WHAT TERRIBLE LANGUAGE!" out of that if it were a show.

I like the use of Gabara.

If/when you flesh any of these out to actual stories, I'd love to read them.
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Re: Proposed Godzilla Chronicles show

Postby CWSmith » Sun Apr 27, 2014 12:28 am

XvGojira wrote:Okay, I'd watch the ever loving "OH GODZILLA! WHAT TERRIBLE LANGUAGE!" out of that if it were a show.

I like the use of Gabara.

If/when you flesh any of these out to actual stories, I'd love to read them.

I appreciate that. It's funny you mention Gabara, as this whole concept came about when I was spitballing with a friend over ways to reimagine some Godzilla characters similar to how BTAS reimagined Mr. Freeze with Heart of Ice. Gabara as a Freddy Krueger type mixed with an ancient Japanese oni really appealed to me.

I definitely plan on fleshing them out. I'll even post them as I finish them.
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Re: Proposed Godzilla Chronicles show

Postby CWSmith » Wed Apr 30, 2014 10:38 pm

Here's a short sample I've written as the introduction to the first story/episode:

It is often said that history is nothing more than a series of crucial moments. These moments shape the trajectory of events to come forever after. For example, one such moment occurred at 8:15 am, August 6, 1945. This moment set off the dominoes of time, resulting in another such moment. At 9:30 pm, November 3, 1954, a prehistoric monstrosity rose out of Tokyo Bay the likes of which humanity had never seen before. Three short hours later, Tokyo lay in smoldering ruins, with streets piled high with the remains of its citizens.
Two days passed before a small ship carrying a man in a distinctive eye patch slowly made its way out into Tokyo Bay. The man’s name was not widely known, and when the ship came back without him aboard, no great public fuss was made about it. What was known however, was that whatever the man in the eye patch had done had caused an unearthly scream to echo across the ruined city. The survivors of the monster’s attack would never forget the terrible wail until their last days. Afterward, a terse government press release stated the beast had been killed and that was that, the world moved on. All except for the few who had been there to witness the monster’s wrath, who would never again be able to look out to sea without wondering just what other horrors were concealed within the ocean waves.
Sixty years have passed since that fateful night in 1954, and the amount of people who even remember the great creature’s name has dwindled. But here in the present day, another one of those crucial moments is about to occur, one that will serve to remind the entire world of that forgotten name: Godzilla.
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