Varan no Gyakyushu

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Varan no Gyakyushu

Postby Dogora » Sun Aug 26, 2007 11:20 pm

The Return of Varan

Prologue Rebirth of Varan

Oneda, 1958

The special Dynamite had taken its toll on Varan. In agony, it stumbled back and fell into the sea, dead. Its body sunk to the ocean floor. Suddenly, the tectonic plates opened wide and Varan fell in. Earth reclaimed a fallen warrior, created to administer revenge on those who harmed the Earth with nuclear weapons. Then, Mother Earth breathed life back into the dying Varan. It couldn’t move, but Earth held it in her arms, giving Varan time to slowly heal. Varan roared once more, perhaps as a reassurance to humanity it wasn’t done with them. Then, Varan fell into a deep sleep, but its heart was still pulsating, giving out such energies it caused the Geiger counter placed underwater by scientists to overload with registering energies. Varan’s reign of terror had just begun….

Sea of Japan, 2008

The earth cried to Varan to administer revenge onto the people of Earth, who had messed up the sanctity of Earth by harming the environment with their constant pollution and willingness to wage wars. Varan stood up, swimming to the surface, challenging humanity.

“We are now at the site where the monster Varan was killed 50 years ago. Observe to the--… Oh MY GOD! WHAT IS THAT?â€
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Re: Varan no Gyakyushu

Postby mbozzo » Thu Sep 07, 2017 9:27 pm

Can anyone post to me what Varan did next. :?
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