A meeting in the park

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A meeting in the park

Postby Andrew Nguyen » Wed Aug 08, 2007 2:23 am

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A meeting in the park

With the wind blowing all around her, Miki Saegusa walked through the streets of Chiyoda, Tokyo while lost in deep thought. Like several others in her profession, she had much on her mind with most of it focused on her country’s tormentor. It had been just a week after the disaster at Makuhari City and although no stigma had attached to her for the debacle, she could feel the hatred and contempt the rest of the command staff had for her due to her comments before the battle and her actions during it. In fact, they had put her on notice that the command stuff would discharge her from their circle and that she would head up one of the departments in the UNGCC.
Walking through the large crowds of her countrymen near the gardens of the Imperial Palace, Miki Saegusa shook her head at the insane thoughts of her fellow officers. True, she did share some of their views but that had lessened with the arrival of creature very much related to the monster. Observing the little kaiju in action had started to put doubts into her mind about the mission that was at the heart of the organization that she was a part of. Although she did promise that she would continue to fight the “good fightâ€
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Re: A meeting in the park

Postby mbozzo » Thu Sep 07, 2017 9:24 pm

I would like to read the rest of this fan story. :wink:
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