Better King Ghidora: Showa or Grand King Ghidora?

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Which was better?

Showa King Ghidora
Grand King Ghidora (Mothra 3)
Total votes : 52

Postby Flame of Udin » Fri Nov 18, 2011 10:15 pm

Tyler E. Martin wrote:While I really like Grand King Ghidorah's design, and to some extent his origins as a ruthless space demon, the original has it trumped in all categories, as so eloquently pointed out above. It doesn't help that Mothra 3 is one of the very worst films in the genre.

As for Gigan, again, I think the Final Wars--again, not a huge fan of the movie itself--look is pretty darn cool, but it's in no way superior to the original. The goofier, friendlier-looking suit used in Megalon, maybe (dude looks like he fell out of a derp tree and hit every branch on the way down :goofy:), but never the original.

The reason the Megalon Gigan suit looks so goofy is because Toho's suit construction team had such a problem with the original. They wanted something that was durable that can withstand being tossed around but the designer demanded it stay true to his vision and apparently was very vocal about it. So we got an AMAZING suit that would break something after almost ever shot and would have to be fixed (usually his fiberglass hook hands). After that film Toho didn't want any more problems with the suit so they dumped it and made a much more practical and durable suit than can be tossed around which, sadly killed the design totally.
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