Monster X origin..or what exactly is it?

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Postby mr.negativity » Fri Feb 01, 2013 10:10 am

pocketmego wrote:
Mistystuffer wrote:
Not to get off track, but I always figured we're supposed to believe many of the past Godzilla movies existed in the GFW universe, except only as films. Thus the various figures of monsters whose movies would be really hard or impossible to fit into the GFW continuity.

In 1954 Tonaka, Honda, and Tsubaraya created the seminal Kaiju Classic King Ghidorah.

It was an instant success, because it was MUCH more than just a simple B-Movie about a monster from space. It was, in fact, a thinly veiled allegory for the danger of man's continued use of space monsters in times of war.

A sequel was commisioned and though it did well, it would NEVER match the success of the original. Although, it did feature the very first battle between two Kaiju as the monster Baragon was introduced.

It wasn't until 1962 that Ghidorah would make his triumphant return to Japanese theater screens with the full color Kaiju epic (and genre parody film) Rhedsaurus vs King Ghidorah. Although, the movie was the highest grossing Ghidorah film of all time, it was plagued by bad blood resulting from Rhedsaurus's creator Ray Harryhausen. Harryhausen's agent had booked the deal to use Rhedsaurus with Toho, without telling Ray what he was planning. To date Ray harryhausen has not seen this film.

In 1966 the famouse Japanese toy company Marusan had noted the success of the American company Aurora and their King Ghidorah model kits. Seeing the vast potential they created the infamouse Ghidorah Plamodel toy. A model kit that could be snapped together and then made to actually fly by use of a unique set of anti-gravity engines fitted into the toy and a remote control. The cost of the toy was considered FAR to expensive for the average Japanese child and the toy was ultimately a failure. However to re-coup their investments Marusan used the mold to create the very first Vinyl Kaiju toy, the 9 inch King Ghidorah.

Molded in both pink and mauve colored vinyl and sprayed over in metailic green the sculpting and likeness of this toy was hardly accurate to the character. However, no one can deny its success and King Ghidorah became one of the most popular and well known Japanese toys of all time.

The plamodel debacle, among other things, caused Marusan to go out of business in 1970. Fortunately, the company Bullmark purchased all of Marusan's molds and continued to produce not only vinyl Kaiju toys from the Ghidorah series of films, but also from the IMMENSLY popular television series created by the effects Wizard, and co-creator of Ghidorah, Tsubaraya. The series was, of course, Mirrorman.

On the screen the Ghidorah films continued with their own ups and downs until finally comming to an end in 1974 with the film Terror of Mecha-Ghidorah.

However, the death of the film series did not harm the popularity of the character. Most US fans in particular remember when the toy company Mego imported a line of popular Jumbo Machinder Robot toys from Japan and called them the Samurai Squadron.

The line was successful and featured such popular robot characters as Mach Baron, Garada K7, and Leopaldan.

Mego felt, and correctly so, that Ghidorah would make a fine addition to the line and the Ghidorah Jumbo though smaller than the other jumbo robots was a HUGE success. However, many fans are very unhappy with the badly designed toy. Many claim that a bad likeness and a silly gimmick (the Jumbo Ghidorah could shoot off its right wing for no aparent reason) ruined what would have been the ultimate holy grail of Ghidorah toy collectibles.

The Japanese company Nakajima thought so as well, as they took the Mego toy and re-furbished it into an incredibly perfect rendition of the character that actually fired bolts of electricity from its mouth. However they left the silly Mego wing firing gimick and many people are very confused by their choice to do so.

In 1984 Toho released King Ghidorah Returns! A year later it would come to the United States under the title Ghidorah 1985. Interestingly enough Garry Cooper would reprise his role from the original film of reporter Chevy Chase. However, he was not intigrated nearly as well into the new film as he had been in the original.

More importantly, it was shortly after this film and its sequels started the Heisei era of Ghidorah films that the Japanese company Marmit would release the first in its series of very affordable, ultra-realisticly sculpted Ghidorah and Mirrorman figures. Although, the Mirrorman fgures wouldn't really prove to be a success until the series was re-lauched with Mirrorman: Tiga in 1995.

The Marmit brand of Ghidorah and assorted Kaiju toys was a HUGE success and continues to this day. It has also spawned many other companies to release these famouse film monsters as toys. Most notably it is the company Bandai, with its very expensive retro-sculpts that is one of Marmit's biggest competitors.

Thus, it was during the great battle with the monster Godzilla that Monster X was about to take on a new horrible form. He chose one dull witted person from the Japanese populace and told the human to choose the final form of Earth's destruction. The man tried to think of something beloved from his childhood. Something that could never ever destroy him, and his mind wheeled back to his days at summer camp playing with his beloved Bullmark Ghidorah toy.

That, my friends, is the origin of Kaiser Ghidorah!

Thank you.



Most excellent post and a real cool What If scenario! Its like a history of the Heisei era King Ghidorah after he replaced Godzilla in 1954.
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Re: Monster X origin..or what exactly is it?

Postby SpaceMal » Mon May 05, 2014 12:35 pm

He's the space Ghidorah, the one from outer space. Remember the Return of King Ghidorah version from 1992, when they were just going to make Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah again but this time with the original, alien King Ghidorah? Well that's who Keizer Ghidorah is. It's probably also where the Dorats come from in Emi's original timeline, genetically engineered from Keizer Ghidorah DNA.
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