Italian Colorized GODZILLA Director Luigi Cozzi Interview

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Postby jellydonut25 » Thu Jul 18, 2013 3:41 pm

Jorzilla wrote:
every bit as awesome as i might have imagined

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Postby DannyBeane » Mon May 27, 2019 12:34 am

jellydonut25 wrote:
Jorzilla wrote:
every bit as awesome as i might have imagined

Not to bump an old thread but I just watched a beat up version of this on youtube and it was a trip! I'm watching an Italian bastardization of an American cut of a Japanese film. The random bits of footage of GRA, Beast from 20k Fathoms and other films edited in really didn't detract from the film like I thought it would. The shots of Hiroshima, WW2 while lacking in taste, especially with the dead bodies, were effective. The trippy synth soundtrack at times worked, but only in a way that someone who appreciates the most cultish of films would enjoy. The colorization was fascinating as it was more of an acid trip than being an honest attempt at colorization. And how about that ending? Instead of letting Godzilla dissolve to bubbles like the original they also had to blast him with ship cannons! I felt like that came out of nowhere. It makes sense however. The busted up copy on youtube is a hard watch for most people Godzilla fans or not, but it is an interesting curiosity of a film and something I appreciate after having seen Gojira as well as Gkotm probably a 1000 times.
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