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Postby Kaiju Nexus » Fri Jul 15, 2005 11:07 pm

anguirus23 wrote:
B. Children's prayers revive Godzilla? Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. WTF, Banno, WTF?

Someone must not have liked Gamera 2...

If they're was any hint as to Gamera's revival thanks to children's prayers, it was very subtle. In all, people were mostly watching Gamera and hoping he'd recover. There weren't hundreds of children with their hands raised to the sky singing to the big turtle, which I'm sure is more in-line with what will occur in Godzilla Crapfest to the Max.

"Because, if we didn't debate over silly nonsense, we wouldn't be fans. :) "

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Postby Robert Saint John » Fri Jul 15, 2005 11:53 pm

Kaiju Nexus wrote:...which I'm sure is more in-line with what will occur in Godzilla Crapfest to the Max.

Okay, you know, I'm all in favor of a good healthy debate and differing viewpoints, but this is just trolly flamebait.

Kaiju Nexus, you've obviously made up your mind about this movie based on what little information is available. I don't think your contributions to the subject are going to get better anytime between now and whenever it's released. So I'm going to try something here that Aaron did recently over in another thread: Kaiju Nexus, you're banned from the Godzilla 3D to the Max section for the time being. If you post in here, I'll ban you for 30 days from MZ.

I don't care if people don't like what they've heard about G3D so far, and express themselves within reason. I'm not thrilled about it myself, but I'll keep an open mind. But at this early stage, with so much time left to go, with so much information yet to be released, I don't see any point in anyone marching into the section and jumping all over those who are looking forward to it with optimism.
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Postby kpa » Sat Jul 16, 2005 2:57 pm

jkrouskop wrote:
Glow-nut wrote:
walshbeme wrote:Somebody's making money on Godzilla's shoulders.

Who do you think it is? Not Toho, or they'd still be interested in producing Godzilla movies. Not Bandai, or they wouldn't have cancelled the GFW toy line. Presumably Sony is making a little bit, but certainly not anything significant to their overall revenues.

Since when does a profit on a single endeavor have to be a "significant" part of a company's "overall revenues"? Sony is an ENORMOUS corporation which generates the vast majority of its revenues from areas other than their home video distribution arm. Within that very small area of their business, there are a great many individual lines and franchises which each contribute only a small portion of the overall home video take, and a miniscule portion of the income from the entire entertainment division. The point is not how big a percentage of the overall revenues the Godzilla videos are bringing in; the point is that they are making a profit - something a highly specialized line of videos could not do if they did not have some appeal to a relatively broad range of American consumers.

As I said - and as someone who presents themselves as so in touch with the fiscal realities of the film business should know - if they weren't making money for Sony, Sony would never touch them. Companies do not continue to purchase and distribute a product over a period of several years if that product is not generating profits.

The way Sony exlained it to me was that the Godzilla films were "perennial sellers". Most films (discounting things like STAR WARS or SPIDER-MAN) sell big when they're first released on DVD and are pretty much forgotten in a short amount of time. The Godzilla DVDs are never big sellers, but they consistently for years so for Sony they're worth the investment.

Both GMK and GFW were considered for theatrical release here, but that
involves much greater expense (prints, distribution, advertising, etc) and Sony decides the potential returns were not worth the risk.
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Postby Agu » Thu Jul 21, 2005 9:14 am

Wow... alota people are getting all worked up over it... I love it.
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Postby Agu » Thu Jul 21, 2005 9:17 am

monsterzero wrote:What a bunch of cry babies. I heard the same freaking windbag responses toward GFW. Good for Banno if he gets to do it, I loved Hedorah as do many others.

For the rest of ya

:x :)


Kaiju Nexus wrote:Ugh.

This move sounds like utter, utter crap. UTTER.


A. 9/11 references...like...wow. Why are those even necessary. I'm no sappy, patriotic nut, but that's just completely unecessary. What the hell is the point of that other than to throw some faux meaning into the film...

B. Children's prayers revive Godzilla? Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. WTF, Banno, WTF?

C. IMAX. Oh yeah, big screen, 3-D...freakin awesome...IF it winds up on DVD. Otherwise, you'll most likely never see it again after it leaves the theaters. And personally, as cool as IMAX is, it's much more of a novelty to me than anything else. I'd much prefer a normal film over some flashy, 3-D gimmick.

D. Toho's not entirely involved. I mean, doesn't this all sound familiar? Director approaches Toho about using Godzilla in a film? He claims he wants to make Godzilla bigger than ever? Do I smell GINO 3D to the Max? Banno could go completely out of control with this, and frankly, it sounds like he already has.

E. 9/11...again. Cmon, wtf.

However, I will admit there are some good points. Deathla (though the name is entirely uninspired) sounds intriguing and kick-ass enough. I love the Brazilian setting. Very cool. ...er, yeah, that's about it. lol.

Tristan, you monkey, they reference Nine Eleven because it was a big deal. Yeah, it annoys me too. But I love Banno's work. He is easilly more imaginative then some of the other directors that took on Godzilla, though he doesn't exactly have the experience as say Honda, I do think he has more imagination than Honda. As far as I am concerned, I LOVE the idea of not having TOHO be completely involved. They screw up everything with their frigging restrictions and ignorant need to stick to the basics. Yeah, GINO sucked, but it had alota things in it that Toho just wouldn't allow in a Godzilla film, those things were GOOD, though, the film, overall, was crap.

As far as the childrens prayers waking up Godzilla, it isn't any more silly then something that happens in most popular animes, need I remind everybody of Dragon Ball Z's SPIRIT BOMB.

Finally, the film is only going to be fourty minutes long, and 3D, I guarantee you that will help out a buttload. Why? Well, why CG or make a Monster Costume for a IMAX 3D film, if you aren't going to use the IMAX or 3D on them? So most likely we will see alot more of Godzilla in this movie then say, TOKYO SOS.

I am looking forward to seeing this film as much as I am the new Gamera movie. Wether it be directed toward Children or not, I don't care. I have sat through ALL ten Jason films JUST TO SEE JASON. It is about the fandom, people, let us not forget this.


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