Gonzilla Against Armaggeddon

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Gonzilla Against Armaggeddon

Postby miguelnuva » Sun Dec 05, 2010 4:05 am

Gonzilla Against Armaggeddon
By: Miguel Craig

Chapter 1: Completion of Evil
A large African American male walked down the halls of of the GDF base in Tokyo. It was 11:30 Pm and he was determined to see the results of the GDF's top secret project. He was 257 pounds and stood at 6 ft 3in. His name was Mr. Craig and his mission was to rid the world of it's Giant Monster problem. Mr. Craig entered a room where a Japanese man was working. The Japanese man looked like a stereotypical mad scientist and was 5'10 and about 195 pounds. Next to him in the background was a giant glass which lead to a giant room. In the room was a giant 200 meter tall 300,000 ton monster. He looked like a fusion of Godzilla's worst foes as he had Space Godzilla’s head, Destroyer's tail, Ebirah's giant left claw, Gamera's right hand, Godzilla's body, Ghidorah's feet, Mothra's antennas and Rodan's wings from his back.

“Dr. Yahmu how long do we have to wait on Armaggeddon now?â€
Baby Godzilla
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Postby mbozzo » Sat Feb 02, 2013 12:21 am

Man created a monster that can conquer other monsters and it failed, because four monsters work together to defeat this enemy monster. I like it. :D
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