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Godzilla Galaxy

Postby TitanoGoji16 » Fri Jan 23, 2009 6:51 am

I was bored and wrote this out as a result: What if Ultra Galaxy had starred Toho kaiju/characters instead?

(No Earth-shattering twists here (though I did change a few minor things just for logic's sake), just a simple switching of kaiju.)

- The battle ship GARUDA, hailing from the interplanetary agency G-FORCE, gets stranded on PLANET TSUBURAYA. The Garuda's crew consists of Captain Takaki Aso, second-in-command Miki Saegusa, engineer Sho Kuroki and kaijuologist Kenichi Yamane. Aso, Miki and Kenichi decide to go out and investigate their new surroundings.
- The dinosaur GOROSAURUS appears and does battle with the mutant lizard ZILLA. The two fight until a third creature, the ogre GABARA, intervenes. Gabara kills Zilla and defeats Gorosaurus.
- Aso, Miki and Kenichi come across a young man named Glen, who is suffering from amnesia.
- When Gabara comes near and threatens the Garuda, Glen pulls a small, handheld device out from his jacket. He activates it and summons forth GODZILLA (1965), who quickly does battle with Gabara. After a vicious fight, Godzilla destroys Gabara.

- Aso, Miki and Kenichi try to aprehend Glen, but he escapes their clutches and disappears. Miki returns to the Garuda while Aso and Kenichi go out to search for him. The two are menaced by BIOLLANTE (ROSE), but the flower monster is attacked by RODAN (1993) and destroyed, though the attempt leaves Rodan dying. Glen appears to the two and is convinced by Aso to join them. Glen activates his device and captures Rodan.
- The cyborg GIGAN (2004) appears as Gorosaurus re-emerges from the ground. The two do battle until Glen summons Godzilla, but the combined might of Gigan and Gorosaurus are too much for him. Rodan distracts Gigan, allowing Godzilla to destroy Gorosaurus, then Gigan.
- Glen has recurring visions of a statue in a canyon. A statue of a giant moth...

- Underground monster BARAGON and colossal cuttlefish GEZORA are locked in combat until Baragon manages to slay Gezora.
- Re-emerging near the Garuda, Baragon threatens Glen and Miki until Godzilla is summoned. Godzilla is at first unable to strike Baragon due to the creature's burrowing ability, but eventually destroys him.

- The Garuda heads to an abandoned G-Force base where they believe more G-Force survivors may be located (including Miki's sister, Meru), but they find the base completely destroyed. Not too long after, the team discovers the culprit: the insect monster MEGALON. It takes the combined efforts of Godzilla and Rodan to destroy Megalon, including Rodan's new mode, FIRE RODAN.
- Though the base is demolished, the team believes the survivors managed to escape its destruction.

- An alien being lands on Planet Tsuburaya, possessing a device similar to Glen's. The being summons GIGAN (MODIFIED). As a testament to the creature's strength, it takes on and destroys an entire herd of Zillas.
- Searching the destroyed base for anything useful, the team encounters SPIDER UROS. Godzilla destroys Spider Uros after a brief fight.
- The alien being takes on the form of a human woman, Namikawa, and encounters the Garuda crew under the guise of a survivor. Namikawa secretly unleashes Gigan to destroy the Garuda, specifically to force Glen into battle. Godzilla is summoned and engages Gigan in a lengthy, brutal battle. Neither kaiju has an advantage and both are badly hurt. Finally, Gigan goes down in defeat, injured but still alive. Namikawa releases the second of her beasts, the smog monster HEDORAH (2004). Hedorah fires a bolt of energy at Godzilla, who avoids the blast and lets it strike Gigan instead, destroying the cyborg. Namikawa is nonplussed by this turn of events and, recalling Hedorah to her device, disappears.

- Glen encounters the snake beast MANDA (1963). With Godzilla still weak from his battle with Gigan, he sends Rodan to battle him. Manda proves to be no match for Rodan and is quickly defeated.
- Namikawa sends Hedorah to challenge Godzilla, but Glen refuses to fight her. Only when Hedorah threatens the Garuda does he send Godzilla into battle. As the two fight, it seems the pollution creature might be too strong for Godzilla.
- Just as it looks like Hedorah will come out on top, Godzilla gets back-up in the form of Fire Rodan and the Garuda's ultimate weapon, the G-CRUSHER. Unable to stand up to the assault, Hedorah is destroyed.

- The team is attacked by the walrus monster, MAGMA. The beast is quickly dispatched by Rodan.
- The team discovers that Magma, and perhaps every monster they've encountered so far, are the result of a reality-warping monster, the squid-like MILLENNIAN.
- The Millennian appears to menace the Garuda, but the ship is quickly defended by Godzilla. Before the reptile can cause it any harm, the Millennian quickly generates three kaiju to defend it: Gabara, Gorosaurus and Baragon.
- Godzilla is quickly overcome by the three monsters, but Fire Rodan manages to singe the Millennian's tentacles, disrupting its defenses and allowing its destruction at the hands of Rodan's finishing attack. Godzilla destroys Baragon and Gorosaurus, and together he and Rodan destroy Gabara.

- The gargantuas, SANDA and GAIRA, do battle. Gaira proves victorious, pounding Sanda to death. Before Gaira can celebrate his victory, however, he is attacked by the lion-like KING CAESAR (2004).
- The team comes across King Caesar just as he destroys Gaira. They realize the power King Caesar gives off during battle could activate a nearby volcano and set off a chain reaction that would completely incinerate Planet Tsuburaya.
- Glen sends Godzilla in to defeat King Caesar, but he is overcome by the creature, forcing Glen to recall him.
- They try to relocate King Caesar with the Garuda's energy bubble transportation system, but the leonine beast breaks free before they can move him too far.
- Godzilla is sent to battle King Caesar again, and after a long fight, emerges the winner. Down but not out, King Caesar is caught by Glen and is added to his team.

- A battle between the spiked lizard VARAN and the giant jungle turtle KAMOEBAS is interrupted when mysterious black flying 'ships' appear and destroy both monsters. The 'ships' then attack the Garuda, forcing it to crash into the sea.
- As the team attempts to repair the Garuda, it comes under attack by the aquatic KAISHIN MUBA. Godzilla is sent into battle and destroys the underwater demon.
- Repairs are made and the Garuda emerges from the ocean. They eventually land on IFUKUBE ISLAND and encounter the group of survivors they had been searching for before. Miki reunites with her sister, Meru.

- Looking for supplies with which to repair both the Garuda and Meru's ship, the STAR FALCON, the team heads inward to HONDA CITY, where another abandoned G-Force base is located. They find the supplies they need but are unable to collect them as they are suddenly attacked by a trio of monsters - SPACE BEASTMAN, MATANGO and TITANOSAURUS. Unable to destroy the Garuda, the three kaiju begin attacking the base. Godzilla is sent to distract the three monsters and manages to destroy Matango.
- Just as the team manages to collect the supplies they need for the Star Falcon, the mysterious black 'ships' appear and instantly destroy Space Beastman and Titanosaurus. They also fire at Godzilla, but he manages to block their blast with his atomic ray. Suddenly, the 'ships' come together and form a mechanical creature, intent on beating Godzilla to death: MECHAGODZILLA BLACK (1974).
- Godzilla tries to drive off Mechagodzilla Black but the robot monster is more than a match for the reptile, savagely beating him. Rodan and King Caesar are sent out to assist Godzilla but all three monsters are soundly defeated by the machine.

- As repairs are being made to the Garuda and the Star Falcon, the bizarre beast SPYLER attacks the area, threatening to crush the ships. Godzilla is sent into battle but just when it begins to look as though he has the upper hand, he is attacked by the insect-like WAGILAR. King Caesar is sent out to help Godzilla and together the two defeat the creatures, Godzilla destroying Spyler and King Caesar slaying Wagilar.
- Namikawa decides its finally time to make her move and unleashes her third and final monster.
- Glen, Kenichi and Miki discover the canyon from Glen's visions. He spots the giant moth statue he'd seen before, and is told by Kenichi that the creature is called MOTHRA.
- As they return to the Garuda, Captain Aso raises them on the radio. The ships are under attack by MONSTER X! Glen unleashes all three of his monsters, who stand between Monster X and the ships.

- Godzilla, Rodan and King Caesar attack Monster X, but the skeletal creature proves to be more than a match for the three. No matter what they do, Glen's monsters cannot overcome Monster X. Fire Rodan's finisher is batted away, Godzilla's atomic ray is harmless, and Monster X's gravity bolts are enough to knock Godzilla and King Caesar flat. Eventually, Glen gives up and calls his monsters back.
- Meru's crew detects the runway asteroid GORATH heading towards Planet Tsuburaya, the impact of which will completely atomize the planet.
- Glen approaches Namikawa in the canyon and asks why she keeps coming after him. She drops a bombshell on him: she's his wife.

- Namikawa summons Monster X, forcing Glen to unleash Godzilla. Namikawa's other monsters are destroyed and Rodan and King Caesar are still too hurt from their earlier battle. Godzilla and Monster X tear into each other with everything they have.
- Namikawa explains to Glen that he, and she as well, are XILIENS, a race of beings who battle each other with their teams of monsters. Glen finds himself becoming connected to Godzilla; each time Monster X lands a blow on him, it hurts Glen as well.
- Repairs to the Garuda and Star Falcon are completed, but the Garuda crew refuse to leave without Glen. The Star Falcon departs Planet Tsuburaya as Aso and Miki go to find Glen.
- Godzilla is knocked out by Monster X when out of nowhere, Mechagodzilla Black arrives. It attacks Monster X, but the skeleton-like beast proves to be an equal match for the mech. As Monster X and Mechagodzilla Black battle each other, Aso and Miki locate Glen, unconscious. He suddenly awakens and transforms into his true Xilien form. This has a similar effect on Godzilla. In a burst of light, he transforms into GODZILLA 2000! Godzilla 2000 instantly attacks Monster X and Mechagodzilla Black. He decapitates the latter with his tail, then incinerates Monster X with his hyperpowerful Nuclear Pulse blast.
- Glen turns around and uses the last of his Xilien power to shatter part of the stone casing on the Mothra statue, revealing bright colors underneath. Out of power, Glen returns to human form, then recalls Godzilla 2000.
- With her dying breath, Namikawa explains to Glen that all her "attacks" were truly just attempts to reach him, to awaken his true Xilien self. Glen, Aso and Miki return to the Garuda and take off into the stratosphere, only minutes left before Gorath slams into Planet Tsuburaya and destroys it.
- Suddenly, they are attacked. Mechagodzilla Black isn't finished yet! The evil mech pulls on the ship, intent on making sure it is destroyed along with the planet. Out of nowhere, Mechagodzilla Black himself is attacked. The Garuda crew looks up to see Mothra assaulting the mechanical devil. Dislodging him from the ship, both Mothra and Mechagodzilla Black tumble back towards the surface of the planet...
- Reuniting with the Star Falcon, the Garuda crew shoots off into space and leaves Planet Tsuburaya behind just as it is obliterated by Gorath.
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Postby mbozzo » Mon Apr 22, 2013 9:02 pm

I can't wait to read about what happen next in space. :eek:
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Postby jrichreturns » Wed Jun 05, 2013 3:45 pm

That is AWESOME! Btw, I'd rather have Godzilla turn in FW Goji myself but that's just me. BTW what's SPYLAR from exaxtly?
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