Witnessing a Murder

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Witnessing a Murder

Postby Biohazard85 » Sat Dec 08, 2007 8:11 pm

Witnessing a Murder

A simple wind came on the wings of a grimy black raven; the smell of death was in the air. The sky was as dark as the moon on an eclipse, only dressed with a tint of crimson for tone and mood. A sense of havoc blanketed the fall of night as the earth shook with impending might. The taste of bitterness was a delicacy in the time of chaos as the world was stripped away from reality. It was like a lone rose standing in the hail of a lightening storm, and Tokyo was that lone rose.

The glitz of neon lights stemmed through the haunted streets of Tokyo, they buzzed and faltered like bugs trapped under a pane of glass. It was a beautiful sight to uphold, because it was the only thing that kept the darkness away. Like a leaking paint can, a slop of rich dark red fizzled against the lights as it oozed down the buildings that it slipped off of. A mass of petrified people laid under the heaping glob of liquid as it shadowed out the light that they stayed under for protection. A single drop broke from the pool, decisively spilling on top of the screaming crowd of people. Their blaring mouths being filled with the ghastly ooze as it enveloped their entire bodies. Their skin became a sticky mess of dark crimson, but that wasn’t where their fear lied. Their tongues burned with a bitter flavor, something that everyone had tasted before, the taste of blood. A new horror was turning in their minds as to where this gigantic puddle of blood came from.

A gaping shadow faded against the pale light of Tokyo as it came over it. The prone shape of mounting charcoal scales fainted against the dark background, gravity was defined of its laws as the creature was tossed against the weight of the air as easily as a kite that was caught in an updraft. Pulling strings heaved heavily, as the intense bulk of the monster impacted against a garden of silver buildings, were reducing all of them to a shower of broken material. They were pieces of a puzzle that would never able to be put back together, there was nothing more that these broken buildings could do, but to shelter away the creature that had just reduced them to morsels of their former selves. A force of dust and debris was swept into the clean air as the monster rose from its early grave.

Husks of thick charcoal stained skin continued their climb towards the moon. The creature’s orangish coffee colored rimmed eyes stared into the oblivion that stood at its incredible height. Its body was shapely with tense muscle. Its heavy chest bounded forward and a slender stomach laid under it. The creature’s arms were molded with muscles that pushed hard against the bulky armor like skin that held them in. Each giant hand was greeted with four lengthy claws, almost an unnecessary bonus to the power they already held. Its legs were stoutly, wide and heavy, built to carry the monster’s massive weight, its foot spurting with four toes that were spread out evenly from the base of its foot. It’s back tested in three rows of sharply barbed fins tuned from white glistening bone that laid randomly on its back in an incoherent mess. Like a tapping finger, its massive, burly tail battered against crowded streets. The creature’s head was minor compared to the rest of its body. A round bridge of flesh jutted out to formed a snout; crooked teeth were jammed hard into the gum lines, some even placed on top of other teeth. A twisting brow covered over the monster’s cunning blank eyes, giving a look of anger and power. With no more than a small press of its muscles, Godzilla’s jaws were liberated from their clamped state, announcing his title to the world.

Scratching skin rubbed against the open street as Godzilla stepped backwards. Its feet were conveying a message, an emotion that was being played in his movements, the feeling of fear. The monster had faced hundreds of other monsters in the past, ones that brought him to new depths of rage and pain, but they never overcame him. Godzilla was a veteran monster, one that had survived for more than fifty years against whoever invaded his kingdom and was able to be the rightful owner of his title through the dead bodies that laid under him. His bloodlust was so intense, that there were times that he was the only monster on the earth. Other monsters had always feared him, even ones that had towered over his own stature. He wasn’t the one to show fear. Emotions had always been void from Godzilla’s mind, but he always had them hidden away, until now.

The ground had become soft and infertile as the weight of another creature tore into it. It was a gruesome sight, bundles of harden and scarred flesh were piled against the demon’s enormous body. Its shape was that of a hulking mountain formed with two arms, two legs and a head. A dress of grayish purple exoskeletonal like plates were carried against the already bulky attire, causing a twisted layered look to appear. There was no proportion to its body, some areas were lumpy and fat and others were smooth and slim. Stalks of stemming exoskeleton weaved from the back of the creature’s head in a random pattern, just hanging loose down its backside. The monster’s chest sunk deep into its own body, as its shoulders seemed to be pressing outward with strength and muscle. Its hands were massive and knobby, almost being devoid of a natural shape to them. Three appendages formed out of the knobby stumps of hands, creating fatty, jointed fingers, each beaded with a piercing claw. Engorged thighs came into giant elephant like feet, tipped with a single massive bladed toenail. Elongated bones stretched to form the monster’s long, narrow head, extending well over its chest, placing it where its neck would be. A distortion in design was played on its mouth as a set of black serrated and deadly mandibles laid vertical against its face, creating an almost deformed beak. Behind the mandibles laid a brush of thin hair like needles that worked as the creature’s mouth. A sense of loathsomeness and horror aired from its swampy black eyes; there was only a veil of darkness that filled their walls, nothing behind them that would suggest that the creature was even alive. Its name was nothing more than a shadow Gozaro was what it was.

The city whispered with murmured hushes, the silent was already coming as Godzilla’s eyes narrowed and crept against the shadows that moved on their own, the creature seemed to be drawn to the darkness. Even with its immense height, it was concealed easily within the gloom. Godzilla’s chest heaved with tightness and ire, as his jaws muttered a hollow snarl. Then a roar that ate away the calmness of the searing city heat belted from Gozaro’s lapping jaws, one that screeched and echoed like a child that just witnessed its mother’s death. Gozaro’s insect like mandibles split open again, as the bushel of quill like hairs squirmed and quivered in its maw. Flickers of swelling quills spurted from Gozaro’s orifice, slipping into the air stream easily.

Hardened fibers slither through rigid tissue as the needle like quills pierced Godzilla’s chest and neck, filling every inch of flesh with a spine like protrusion. The bending pain shackled Godzilla’s travel of movement as his attention laid to the building pressure and pain behind every needle that was lodged in his chest and neck. The agony limited Godzilla’s functions, his body coiled with the boundless torture, only allowing it to sway lightly as his bottom jaw hung exposed as the saliva dripped harmless out.

Stalking aim was taken as Gozaro fired another bundle of lethal barbs, this time hitting a more vital target. The stinging spines plunged into wet and soft flesh, like a newborn baby being cut with a sharpened knife. They stabbed into Godzilla’s tongue, piercing his wet appendage to the floor of his mouth. The extending spines weaved outside of Godzilla’s mouth, keeping him from even attempting to close it.

Dark eyes rolled back to white as Godzilla’s conscience began to falter from the heavy amount of pain. The ground hissed with each drop of blotting blood, but they wouldn’t be the last. The drawing moment was broken as sizzling, light blue flashes tumbled within Godzilla’s skeletal spines. Atomic flames gorged through Godzilla’s open jaws. The fiberist needles were swept into ashes as the nuclear fire scorched them to nothing. The revolting beam of streaming raw energy was flashed into the black night sky; Godzilla’s aim no more than to rid himself of the piercing quills. A deep frenzy burrowed into Godzilla’s muscles as he was released from the poisonous pain that plagued his body. Swinging weight labored from Godzilla’s tail as his body carried its battering mass towards Gozaro’s waiting form.

Deepening claws scraped into Godzilla’s veering tail, before it was able to impact against Gozaro’s armored skin. Constricting fingers pressed into Godzilla’s tail, anchoring Gozora to it. Godzilla wiggled with profound strength, trying to free himself from Gozaro’s deepening claws. Struggling strengths soon became a tag of war over Godzilla’s own tail. As one pulls back the other does the same. The flesh was strong, but the intense pull and stretch was taking its toll. A tender wail seeped from Godzilla’s lips as his legs were channeled with an extreme amount of heaving strength, his last attempt to free himself from Gozaro’s grasp. The twisting power severed and ripped through bulky muscle and tissue, snapping it in a crunchy, wet rip, like a fish that was gutted. A spring of crimson blood and bone shattered into a flowing mess as Godzilla came loose from his tail.

The weighty appendage hung loose in Gozaro’s hands, dangling with twitching movement as its muscles still sprung to life even after being separated from its host’s body. Godzilla’s tail thrived with the strength that had been bestowed into it, even as it laid, bloody and torn, in Gozaro’s hand. Strips of gory flesh dangled from the end of the tail, flicking droplets of blood and tissue around loosely. The demon gave it one look before it tossed it away, since this was only the beginning of the torture that he was going to inflict.

A new set of ears had begun listening to this intense battle. Even their eyes were watching the fight, they knew that they couldn’t be haphazardous in their planning, that every move had to be chosen wisely, especially now.

“Starting lower decent. We’ll be at the outskirts of the city in about two minutes.â€
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