Godzilla: Monstrous apocalypse.

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Godzilla: Monstrous apocalypse.

Postby Andrew Nguyen » Mon Jul 31, 2006 12:27 pm

Disclaimer: Godzilla and all related material belong to Toho Studios.

Godzilla: Monstrous apocalypse

Chapter 1: Blood Red Sands.

Annapolis, Maryland
November, 2009.

As he walked through the grounds of the US Naval Academy, Rear-Admiral Andrew Bergen felt the ghosts and memories that still harbored here. Although he did not believe about the spiritual, Bergen had visited enough battlefield sights to believe that some ghosts still haunted the battlefields in which they fell. While walking through the grounds, he thought about the how he arrived at this point in time.

After graduating from the academy and winning his gold wings, Andrew served in the first Gulf War before he headed to the Pacific to serve in a special task force over there until 1994 when exhaustion sent him home. He was soon flying again back in the Middle East and the Mediterranean before he achieved command in 2002 of a carrier group in the Atlantic Fleet.

It was the tour of duty in East Asia and the recent conflicts in the Middle East that occupied his mind as he waited for a colleague of his to arrive. While he agreed in principle to operations in Afghanistan, he along with a good number of other officers had opposed the invasion of Iraq and many of them resigned or the bellicose administration forced them out. Andrew counted himself lucky as well as a few of his colleagues for escaping the wrath of their civilian superiors. That didn’t lighten the admiral’s mood for several of the discharged officers had also served in Japan during the early-mid 1990s and knew what to look for if the enemy they battled in Asia returned from the shadows.

Several footsteps broke his thoughts and he turned to face his visitor, another rear-admiral who he had served with for many years. She was a tall dark haired woman with brown eyes, a stunningly beautiful face, and reflexes that could only come with piloting an aircraft off a carrier. Fortunately she had a relaxed smile as she greeted him, “I guess we should be lucky that we both had time offâ€
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Postby Andrew Nguyen » Fri Sep 22, 2006 12:47 pm

Chapter 2: A dark fear reborn:

National Reconnaissance Office, Pentagon, Washington DC:
9:55pm, November 2009.

Responsible for the operation of the satellites of the United States government, the NRO helped kept track of events throughout the world that would threaten US security. Whenever they spotted a potential hot spot, they would analyze the images before sending it to their intended recipients.

Right now most of the NRO satellites orbited over the Middle East and Southeast Asia due to the chaos raging in those areas. While the number of satellites in proportion to the area they were observing seemed wasteful, it proved a blessing in this case. For with their weather capabilities, they could pick up heat sources, especially large ones in the deepest part of the ocean.

As several satellites hovered over the Indian Ocean, their cameras scanned the area for a moment before taking pictures and transmitting them back to the Pentagon. Once the images arrived, the NRO personnel poured over it as they spotted an enormous heat bloom and the shipwrecks that lay along the path of the heat bloom. After looking at it for several hours, the watch officer decided to make a phone call.

Residence of Secretary of Defense Mathew Redford:

In his large home, the Secretary of Defense Mathew Redford looked over some recent notes that he kept at home for safekeeping. Although in his early fifties, the stress of the job had taken his toll on his physical side with small grey streaks appearing on his hair already although he kept himself in good shape.

After looking at his notes one more time, Redford felt the fatigue and decided to call it a night. He was about to head upstairs to catch some sleep with his wife when the phone rang. Checking to make sure no one was awake; he picked up the secured phone to find who was on the other end of the line, “Yes who is thisâ€
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Postby Andrew Nguyen » Mon Oct 02, 2006 12:53 am

Chapter 3: Advance to Contact

Argun, Southern Chechnya:
Nikolai Borodin watched with a grim look on his face as he watched his troops fight their way through hidden rebel positions. Though they had suffered some casualties, it was lower and expected and these particular troops seemed to perform better than even his lowest expectations.

After seeing several more positions crumble, the general turned to his fellow officers and said, “Send in the follow up forces and clear out their hideoutsâ€
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Postby Andrew Nguyen » Mon Nov 06, 2006 5:54 pm

Chapter 4: First engagement

Combined UNGCC task force:
Arabian Sea, early morning:

On the bridge of the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, Rear Admiral Andrew Bergen wondered if Lady Luck had worked overtime to get them here in time. After the first reports came in, the admiral and his fellow commanders worried that they would not arrive until Godzilla had already entered the battle zone of the Middle East. However when Washington and Tokyo sent them information that Godzilla had slowed his speed down considerably, all of the UNGCC members felt relief at the news. That did not damper down the preparations or the worry they felt as they kept tabs on the situation elsewhere.

After watching one of the radar displays highlight Godzilla’s position, Bergen stood up for a moment before opening a link to all of the forces in the area, “This is the admiral to all ships, you all know the mission that lies before usâ€
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Chapter 5: Gatherings

Chabahar, Iran
Late evening

To those on the decks of the Iranian missile craft in the area, the night sky looked very peaceful yet the men on the ships felt no peace as they patrolled the water. Although the governments in the area kept control the information, rumors already had leaked out and when the small Iranian deployed along the coastline, the sailors sensed that there was some truth to the rumors. Overhead, a few aircraft from their air force flew whatever aerial cover they could provide.

About 120 kilometers to the east lay the Pakistani navy, which also deployed around the coastline of their country. Although they had kept to themselves, the high command told the ships that if they found the target, they would proceed at full speed to the battle zone no matter the cost. While the Iranians had no idea of what they were up against, the Pakistanis had some experience as well as American support to back them up.

Both fleets did not need to wait long as the search planes of the combined forces picked up the radiation heat signature of Godzilla as he surfaced from the ocean. Roaring as if inhaling air into his body, Godzilla blinked his eyes for a moment before he searched the sky with his blood-red eyes to spot any enemies. Seeing none, the monster roared before he started to head north at full speed, his body moving easily through the water.

When both fleets received the reports from their respective search planes, they immediately set course but due to the distance and comparative speeds, they would be attacking individually, thereby reducing their chances for survival. Despite that, the ships sailed ahead at flank speed and soon, the monster came into visual range. For his part, Godzilla growled as he spotted the first elements of his present opponents heading towards him. Without hesitating, the monster immediately opened his mouth and his main weapon rained down all around the fast moving boats and small warships.

Stunned by the sheer power of their foe, the small ships concentrated on maneuvering around the monster while firing several puny shots against the monster’s thick hide. Soon though, the monster overwhelmed the feeble defense and as the survivors attempted to regroup while contacting the coast, the monster continued on his present course.
Near the city itself, T-72s, Zulfigars and other AFVs took up position with their guns already trained out into the water while a small number of aircraft and helicopters flew overhead. Further, the artillery and SSM units readied themselves to add their own firepower to the defense. Although somewhat well trained in recent years, it would not help them against their approaching foe.

As he rose from the water, Godzilla spotted the lights in front of him and roared aloud before heading straight for the shoreline while aircraft and helicopters buzzed all around him. Once he got close, the king of the monsters growled before roaring out in challenge.
Watching the creature approaching, the soldiers felt a supernatural dread and some began to whisper prayers for their spiritual entities. Seeing that there would be a fight, one of the field commanders cursed aloud at the lot their enemies gave them before turning to the others, “Order all weapons to fire and cover the evacuationâ€
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Chapter 6: New Year’s bash:

US 5th fleet headquarters
Manama, Bahrain

With reinforcements still flying in from American and Japan as well as the need for the forces in theater to replenish their strength, there really wasn’t anything the UNGCC commanders could do at the moment. However most of the UNGCC high level commanders had already arrived and soon they decided to have a meeting so as to bring everyone up to speed. It would also include the presence of American commanders who weren’t part of the UNGCC so as to ensure that they knew exactly what they would be up against.

For the UNGCC members, it would be a long-awaited reunion for although much time had passed, the memories of Japan, both good and bad, were still very fresh in their minds. When the UNGCC commanders ran into each other, the ease in which they struck up a conversation surprised the American officials not part of the UNGCC.

As Andrew Bergen arrived in the enormous room, he smiled at the many faces that he recognized in the crowd. Soon he joined in several conversations with other fellow commanders as they discussed a mix of both personal and business issues. While they all had their shares of up and (mostly in the case of the American army commanders) down, they all managed to make it through the years in pretty good shape, both mentally and physically.

When Bergen ran into Carlson, the female admiral immediately remarked to him, “It feels like attending a class reunion doesn’t itâ€
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Postby Andrew Nguyen » Sun Jun 17, 2007 2:02 am

Chapter 7: Meetings and clashes across the globe

January 7th/8th 2010
White House/UNGCC headquarters

As President Alexander Calhoun looked out from the Oval Office, he winced at the sight of protestors marching along the sidewalk outside of the gates. They all came from different walks of life and all had different signs with some of the violent ones advocating dragging him, his staff and their predecessors into a courtroom and charging them with war crimes. While he agreed with some of those particularly dealing with the threat of the monsters, the demands of other protestors struck him as too excessive and had already given some of his staff headaches just thinking about it.

A knock at the door brought his attention back to the present and he turned to see an aide come in before saying, “Sir, they’ve got the communications link to Japan ready to goâ€
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Chapter 8: Catching up on counterstrike

UNGCC fleet, 75 kilometers east of Kuwait City
January 25, 2010. 12:48am

Although it was sometime after midnight, the combined UNGCC fleet cruised with a large portion of their crews at battle stations and while they kept their radar and sonar systems on. Planes and helicopters roared overhead on patrol with more on standby on the flight decks of the carriers in case they ran into any trouble. On the ships, sailors scanned the seas with binoculars and searchlights as well. From the lowest sailor to the commander of the naval fleet, all went about their duty despite the fear they all felt.

In his quarters on the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, Andrew Bergen rubbed his face as he looked over the latest reports from the war zones. Although he had tried to get some rest, Bergen still felt the weight of exhaustion as he remembered the notes on his desk as well as the latest news from CNN. Looking up to the metal ceiling, Bergen mused to himself, “Well you knew what you were getting into when this war started up againâ€
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Chapter 9: Lure, Block, and run

Beirut, Lebanon
February 2, 2010. 10:00pm

From a far distance, the capital of the abused country of Lebanon resembled a ghost town in the dark sky. Though the city still had some life left in it, the constant wars the country had to endure had gradually driven away its local population as well as wreck the tourism industry almost beyond repair. Now scavengers crawled through the rubble as they searched for any riches to steal and any people to kill.

In protected areas through the city and its surrounding area, scores of UN peacekeeping units nervously watched the night sky. Although they had not seen any monster action yet, the UN troops as well as the local government army had already had firefights with the many different insurgent groups that roamed the devastated capital.

Offshore, scores of warships sail in the deceptively peaceful waters as they kept an eye out for any trouble on shore as well as provide support whenever a situation called for it on the ground. Though the mission did prove boring at times, several kept at it as if they were in a true war zone to the bemusement of the crews on the other vessels. It was a feeling that they would soon all regret.

Looking at the devastated city from the harbor, the commander of UNIFIL, Major General took a deep breath as the silence continued to permeate the air all around him and his staff. After taking a large gulp of his drink, the general asked one of the other officers, “So how are our new arrivals shaping upâ€
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Postby Andrew Nguyen » Mon Sep 24, 2007 7:26 pm

Part II of chapter 9.

Gulf of Suez
February 9th, 2010. 2:30am

Though operations ran smoothly as normal at the Gemsa oil field, no one could help notice the ships and helicopters moving between the numerous oil platforms. Already rumors started to spread and several foreign workers had taken leave of absences for fear of their own safety. Still though most remained on after their bosses persuaded them to and the fact that oil prices had been going up due to the crisis in the region. While the security around the oil platforms would be enough to stop a terrorist attack, they would prove useless at what was to come.

For some distance away in the deep water, a large dark blob moved slowly towards the numerous oil platforms while red eyes continuously blinked from time to time while the creature searched for food. When it sensed the presence of a large food source, a small growl emanated from its body before the large black blob headed for the immense oil field while leaving death upon the seafloor in its wake.

At one of the southernmost oil platforms, several of its crew kept eye on the enormous ships that passed alongside them when the sound of an explosion attracted all of their attention. As one they all turned to see several other ships in the vicinity go up in smoke with fires raging all around and water rushing in. It took a few seconds before for the stunned crew to warn the other oil platforms but it was too late as an enormous black blob leapt out of the water and landed right on top of the huge superstructure.

Those that remained outside died instantly which left the others trapped inside to die a slow death or try for a slender chance at safety. It soon didn’t matter as Hedorah soon started to crush the structure under its weight as it got to the oil. Growling in glee after tasting the oil, Hedorah roared into the air as its large almond-shaped eyes spotted the other platforms before its huge bulk crushed the platform under it. Thrashing in the water for several moments, the monster gave out a crackling scream before it swam to the other platforms while ships and helicopters buzzed all around it.

On shore, curious onlookers stopped their activities to watch the chaos for several moments with more coming as word of the “accidentâ€
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Postby Andrew Nguyen » Tue Dec 18, 2007 3:23 am

Chapter 10: G strike defense, part I

12:05am, February 14th, 2010.
Between Jubail and Dammam

As he watched the flashes of light over the horizon, US Army General Fredrick Middleton shivered due to a mix of the cold and the knowledge that a great evil was heading towards him, his colleagues, and his men. He then looked skyward to see a hail of shells and missiles heading towards where the flashes of light had been before he turned to the others and remarked quietly, “Well at least that will delay him and give us some more time hereâ€
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Postby Andrew Nguyen » Thu Mar 27, 2008 2:27 am

Chapter 11: G strike defense part II

Outskirts of Dammam, Saudi Arabia
10:30am, February 14th, 2010

Although the G-Force commanders and the other personnel did get some rest, the fatigue of nearly 10 hours of combat had already taken its toll with some of them collapsing on the job. Already some had collapsed under the strain and it was not only the solders themselves but the generals as well and sometimes it proved serious as they forced themselves to work till breaking point.

As he made his way through the different tents, Bergen rubbed his eyes and steadied himself for a moment before he sat down. Trying to regain some of his strength, Bergen let out a small yawn. So worn down by the strain of combat, he suddenly jumped out of his seat when he heard a voice telling him, “You know that you really try to get some restâ€
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Chapter 12: Casualties and Repercussions

February 16th, 2010
Tsukuba, Japan, 6:30pm

Even though they were physically far away from the Middle East Matsuda, Aso and the other commanders of the UNGCC felt the strain of the situation. Though they had slept for the past 10 hours, it did not completely wipe away the exhaustion they all felt as the first reports of the battle against Godzilla started to arrive.

As Matsuda sat down in his seat, he turned to Aso and asked quietly, “Are you sure that our people in the area are ready for thisâ€
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Chapter 13: Carnage and a premonition

March 1st, 2010
Persian Gulf, 2:30am

High in the night sky, a three-headed demon of death flew towards his destination, his enormous wings moving rapidly and his three heads crackling madly. Soaring in the dark cloudy night, King Ghidorah let out multiple roars and screeches as he searched for targets. Already eager for carnage, the three-headed kaiju from the stars had already rained random blasts of lighting from his three heads towards the ground. To those that could not see the monster, it seemed that the rain of lighting signified that whatever entity they believed in was exceptionally angry and that they would suffer divine punishment.

After flying in the sky for several hours while destroying stray planes in the air, the three heads all roared in unison as they found a large cluster of lights far below them. Crackling in glee at the carnage around and below him, the monster dove from the sky down onto the terrified population, the three heads already spitting out yellow lightning bolts. Whenever the lightning bolts struck home, they almost instantly started immense fires.

As the monster ascended back into the sky, the three heads blinked as they spotted several dark groups heading towards his direction. Screeching as the potential foes arrived, King Ghidorah turned around to meet the attack, his three heads already blazing away with lightning bolts. The blasts instantly killed three of the intruders and scattered the rest as King Ghidorah flew straight into their midst.

Quickly regrouping back into formation, the MIG-29s moved in to engage the space kaiju with missiles and machine gun fire. However, King Ghidorah quickly overwhelmed his foes wiping out a large number of them and sending the rest into retreat with the three-headed dragon in hot pursuit. From time to time, several fighters broke off from their main groups in order to distract the huge space kaiju, an act that they paid for with their lives as they lasted for only several seconds.

To the pilots in the fleeing planes, it seemed that death was inevitable and some began to make their peace with the lord of their faith. Fortunately, fate intervened as a wave of missiles slammed into Ghidorah's thick golden hide. Bellowing in anger, he turned around to face a large wave of F-15s, F/A-18s and Japanese F-2s flying straight at him with a blaze of missiles with gunfire following on behind. Even as explosions surrounded his body, King Ghidorah turned around and charged headlong at the new arrivals, his heads firing rapid shots of lightning bolts.

In turn, the fighters broke formation into smaller groups before they returned to engaging the three headed space kaiju. While the lightning bolts vaporized several fighters, the rest pressed on with their assaults with the pilots skillfully escaping King Ghidorah's retaliation.

Moving in to engage their target, the new arrivals quickly focused their fire on the monster form the rear. As a group of three fighters each bored in rapidly on Ghidorah, they unloaded as much of their firepower as they could before they flew upward and away from the monster. Some did not move fast enough and as a result, they flew directly past King Ghidorah who instantly vaporized them with lightning blasts from his three heads.

Pulling up from his own strike on the monster, the flight leader turned around to observe the action before he radioed his comrades, "To all fighters, continue your attack on the monster." He then switched frequencies and contacted the other squadrons, requesting them to attack. While some did acknowledged the order and joined in alongside the G-Force units, a lot others replied that they were combat ineffective although radar scans showed that some were still capable of fight.

Moving his three heads rapidly and in anger, Ghidorah let out a withering storm of yellow lighting on his aerial foes. Even the new arrivals suffered losses and if they did, those that had initially engaged the three-headed kaiju had it worse as the lighting barrage vaporized at least two full squadrons.

As he pulled his F-15J away from another attack run, the flight leader looked on to see his fellow pilots struggle against the monster. Wincing as he witnessed the yellow lighting beams blow away more fighters, he immediately got on the command net, "Request status update."

The voice on the other end of the line replied, "The SAMs will be ready in 3 minutes, prepare to disengage."

Nodding in grim agreement, the flight leader turned back to the battle, his remaining weapons already armed and other fighters flying alongside him. He let loose an AMRAAM missile as well as a barrage of machine gun fire before he gunned his engines to full power to run from the field with several others following close behind.

Crackling madly, King Ghidorah continued his relentless assault on his foes, his three heads blazing away while flying at incredible speeds. Completely focused on the targets in front of him, the three-headed kaiju did not sense the arrival of a swarm of missiles. It was only when his foes truly began to scatter that the monster sensed the approach of a new threat.

Seeing their chance, the remaining fighters fired off the last of their weapons before they dove out of the line of fire, not wanting to be around to observe the results. Rocketing away from the scene as fast as they dared, they heard the sounds of the explosions as the combined missiles exploded all around their foe.

His three heads crackling madly as he saw his foes fleeing from him, King Ghidorah screech in victory before he resumed flying once more. However, that changed as he picked up the sound of missiles heading his. Turning around to find the source, he instead ran into a fearsome hail of missile fire with the barrage arriving quickly enough to prevent Ghidorah from reacting effectively to the attack.

When the smoke cleared, all that remained around the monster were the flames and smoke from the destruction below as well as a virtually clear sky all around him. Crackling his three heads angrily, King Ghidorah began to flap his wings at rapid speeds as he attempted to search for those that escaped his wrath. However, the three-headed space kaiju had no luck and what resembled anger, let loose an intense barrage of lightning bolts from its three mouths in all directions, the sight of which resumed a lighting storm to those far below him.

March 1st, 2010
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 3:10am

As he saw groups of vehicles armed with weapons aiming at him, Rodan let out a huge roar before he started rapidly flapping his wings. Almost instantly, it started huge windstorms that rapidly swept aside wreckage from the skyscrapers as well as cars and smaller military vehicles. Squawking in glee at the carnage, Rodan began to advance forward, his huge wings destroying the multiple buildings in his path.

In their tanks and other IFVs, the crews waited worriedly for the word to fire while hearing and seeing what seemed to be small tornadoes occurring all around them. Mixed in with the ground combat vehicles were anti-aircraft vehicles, their weapons already aimed sky ward. Once the monster began to advance towards them, the order came down and the crews of multiple vehicles pressed the triggers.

Rodan immediately blinked his eyes as a huge storm of fire slammed into the surrounding area all around him. Letting out angry roars, Rodan immediately began to flap his wings at a rate that was truly impressive for his size and height. Though the tanks mostly remained stationary, a large portion of the other vehicles proved vulnerable as the enormous windstorms swept them aside like toys. When they crashed into the wreckage of buildings, some of them exploded, starting large fires.

Roaring angrily at the resistance his foes threw up, Rodan attempted to take to the air. However, the ground forces quickly kept track of the monster as they unleashed a hail of gun and missile fire on him, forcing him to struggle as he attempted to get airborne. Landing back on the ground, Rodan let out an enraged bellow before his beak opened and he let loose a barrage of his red atomic ray.

Even if the energy ray did not hit the kaiju's foes, the resulting damage was enormous as the atomic ray ignited targets in its path, the resulting flames turning quickly into firestorms. The firestorms quickly engulfed those that had avoided Rodan's ray while forcing the rest to fall back. Shaking his head in glee, Rodan flapped his wings rapidly for several seconds before taking once more to the air. Flying at a low altitude, Rodan searched for targets below him, firing his red atomic ray in all directions while huge tornadoes and windstorms started in his passing.

Ascending in altitude, Rodan observed the destruction below while letting out what resembled a chuckle before he dove back down to unleash more havoc. Flying at incredible speeds, the flying kaiju would repeatedly ascend then descend back down towards the ground while flapping his wings madly and blasting away with his red atomic ray.

In turn, the ground forces turned their weapons up into the sky as they attempted to bring Rodan down through sheer volume of firepower. However, the monster's destructive capabilities quickly overwhelmed them with most feeling from the field. The rest along with the available G-Force ground units attempted to cover the retreat though they too also began to fall back shortly afterwards under the flying kaiju's relentless assault.

Satisfied with the carnage below, Rodan ascended to the sky and prepared to fly off. However, when Rodan flew some distance away from the devastated city, scores of fighters descended onto him with guns blazing and scores of missiles slamming into his thick hide in rapid succession. Angered by the sudden assault, Rodan immediately turned to engage, already firing his red atomic ray at the approaching new arrivals.

As the ranges closed drastically, the assembled fighters fired a volley of missiles before they split up to avoid the monster's red energy beam as well as his headlong rush. Several were not lucky as while the beam destroyed two planes, the rest fell against Rodan's headlong rush, either destroyed by slamming into his body or the sonic booms he left behind in his wake. Quickly reforming, the rest returned to engage Rodan with a mix of missiles and machine guns.

While the air battle raged over them, the ground forces attempted to regroup as tanks and vehicles poured in while the civilians and injured headed out to relative safety. Hurriedly getting everything ready, they soon had a mix of Patriot and S-400 launchers as well as scores of shorter ranged SAMs and heavy AA guns aimed at the night sky. Once everything was in place, the commanders on the ground immediately signaled those in the air to clear out of the way, an order many of them gladly agreed to. Unfortunately, not all made it out as the ground commanders ordered their anti-aircraft defenses to engage the rampaging flying kaiju.

Busy picking off the smaller prey that swarmed around him, Rodan did not look down until he saw the contrails of large missiles closing in rapidly. The missiles reached the huge flying monster before he had a chance to bring his atomic ray to bear, exploding with such force that Rodan lost balance and began to descend rapidly towards the ground with more missiles and gunfire following him all the way down. Landing with an enormous crash, Rodan let out a vicious roar from his beak, as he stood up from the ground, eager to return the favor.

His foes granted him that chance as they resumed firing despite the windstorms caused by his huge flapping wings. Slowing pressing in their assault despite the wreckage, the combined ground forces blasted away with all of their weapons at their disposal. While most munitions slammed onto the flying monster with some actually penetrating his thick hide, others exploded onto buildings, adding to the destruction that the monster had already wrought earlier.

Barking angrily at the firestorm unleashed all around him, Rodan opened his mouth before firing random shots of his atomic ray. At first, the red energy beam pierced into the buildings, turning them into wrecks that crushed the tanks and other AFVs. However, it became much worse when the red beam actually struck in or around the vehicles as they destroyed or disabled them, leaving the survivors vulnerable to Rodan's wrath to which he unleashed with great relish.

Roaring with glee as he observed the destruction, Rodan fired several more rounds of his atomic ray before he took to the air once more. Disorganized missile and anti-aircraft gunfire erupted all around him to which he replied by instantly vaporizing them with his red atomic ray. With their ground and air units badly battered, the command staff of the local combined forces watched helplessly as Rodan gained altitude.

Circling overhead as he scanned for potential targets, Rodan let out a roar of glee before he zoomed away towards the dawning sky, leaving a devastated metropolis quickly behind him.

March 1st, 2010
Muscat, Oman, 4:30am

For most of the entire morning, a huge mass of red continued on its inexorable course. In front of it, multiple squads of tanks and other AFV continued to blast away at the red mass in the hopes of slowing it down if not completely stopping it. The MBT-92s and the DAG-96s proved especially valuable as their energy beams and missiles inflicted the most damage on the red swarm. The ground forces used a mix of different tactics with some standing their ground and others moving all around the expanding red mass while pouring on the fire. Hovering in the air above the red mass, helicopters also added their weight to the defense with some actually pointing their chin-mounted guns almost straight down onto the red horde.

However, it proved futile as the crab-like creatures continued to advance in immense numbers. The crabs quickly overran those that stood their ground and for those that circled them, they retaliated by firing a white energy-like beam that destroyed the armored units. As the ranges closed to direct, the ground forces attempted to open up the distance with some driving off to the side of the huge red mass. While it did work in several cases, most of the time it failed as small parts of the red mass broke off to engage, often overwhelming their foes. For those out in the open, it was much worse as several creatures swarmed over those unfortunate and immediately began to tear them apart. Even the freeze tanks were overwhelmed as the crab-like creatures surrounded then enveloped them while their main weapon couldn't reach them at all or do so in a quick time period.

With the help of UAVs, the two commanders of the G-Force elements in the area watched as their forces along with that of other nations attempt to stem the red tide. As it overwhelmed another roadblock, the Japanese colonel turned to his American counterpart and asked him, "We did already send the information about what was going on here, am I right."

The American colonel nodded before he answered back, "Yes I did but I also got the reply back that at this very moment they are also engaging several other kaiju as well". He paused for a moment before continuing on, "However they also state that due to the suspect nature of the kaiju that we are fighting, they're promising us priority in air support."

Although he knew of the casualties that squadrons had taken during the big fight against Godzilla, the Japanese colonel nodded, "Good." Pausing to take a deep breath as he watched the screen the Japanese officer replied, "Well time to return to our duties."

At another part of the field headquarters, the British and the Arabs watched with grim looks on their faces as they observed the large force of crab-like creatures moving every closer to the large city. Watching in dark silence for several minutes, one of the Arab officers turned to his British officers

Waiting high above in the sky for word from the ground force, an assembling air fleet had a grand view of the fighting below. The tension increased as several of the crablike creatures fired into the air, mainly aiming at the helicopters that directly supported the ground units. Although they did not hit anything the sight the white energy beam did unnerve the waiting pilots most kept their cool until the orders came in.

Diving in from the night sky, the assembled air fleet unleashed its combined destructive power onto the red swarm as it continued its advance. A hail of weapons exploded amongst the creatures, the combined power strong enough to burst through the thick skeleton of the creatures.

In turn, the crabs retaliated quickly by firing their white energy beams into the night sky, turning it into a kill zone for the air units. Several fighters immediately went down due to the barrage and others soon joined them as the white energy beams vaporized them despite the desperate maneuvers their pilots undertook to stay alive.

Not far from the outskirts of Oman, the few reinforcements that were available were busy attempting to form up. Amongst that group were a large number of DAG-96s and MBT-92s, their large energy dishes charged up and armed with a full load of missiles. When the red crabs approached, the Japanese tanks started firing at point blank range along with the rest of the tanks and AFV, the shells, missiles and energy beams raking the immense red mass.

At first, it seemed that the line would hold for the red crabs seemed to begin to move in the opposite direction. The armored force began to advance as it seemed that they had their foes on the run with IFVs and the Japanese tanks laying down steady fire with tank and artillery firing joining in as soon their crews could feed in the next shell to the guns. However even in seeming retreat, the red crabs were still dangerous as they raked their pursuers with blasts of their white midst, which inflicted serious losses. Furthermore, a large piece of the red mass broke off from the main group and began to go around the ground forces, forcing them to split their fire and allowing one or the other to overwhelm the defense. Not surprisingly, they quickly forced the combined forces back onto the defensive.

At one of the field headquarters, the G-Force command staff watched with grim silence as their forces battled against the seemingly alien-like red creatures to which they knew instinctively what they were facing. As he saw the second large red mass devastate a row of tanks and IFVs, the American commander turned to his Japanese counterpart, "Can they hold on any longer?"

The Japanese commander shook his head before he stated, "We've already committed most of our reserves and the air units have taken a beating." Pausing for a moment, he then concluded, "If they want us to delay the kaiju until they can get their population behind them clear, then I can only see a few options and none of them good."

Paling at what he had just heard, the American G-Force officer turned to look back as the huge red swarm of crab-like creatures pushed onward once more for several minutes. Just then, a beep on their communication links attracted their attention. Seeing who it was, the American commander turn to his Japanese counterpart and said, "I'd better take this call." Nodding in understanding, the Japanese commander headed back to control the battle while the American activated his link to find both an angry British general and his counterpart from the Royal Army of Oman.

While they kept, busy on the battle, everyone else within the field command post overhead the arguments developing between the American and their allies. It summed up to the American explaining somewhat in vain that they had committed all of their forces to which the British and the Oman general demanding that he send in more assistance to stop this threat. Furthermore, the American explained that they had lost most of their forces and that while they would be willing to continue, to risk them in reckless attacks would be insanity in the extreme.

As he finished, the American commander arrived back to watch the carnage playing out on the screens. Seeing the look on the Japanese commander's face he asked, "Was there anything that I missed?"

The Japanese man shrugged before he said, "They called at an inopportune moment as right now all forces have taken a beating and as you so eloquently put it, to continue at this stage would be madness."

The American turned to see what he meant and immediately winced at the sight. The crab-like creatures had overrun more of their position and though the G-force ground unit was still full of fight, it had suffered dreadful losses in the air and on the ground. Letting out a deep breath, the American replied, "Order our forces to retreat and hope that our allies will follow."

When the word came down to retreat, many were glad to hear it and promptly attempted to carry out those orders. However, the speed at which the allied forces conducted the withdrawal created chaos and decreased the resistance that faced the red swarm. Acting in a hive-like manner, they immediately lunged forward into the midst of their prey. While most of the defenders managed to get away, some were unlucky and they eventually headed into the city with the red-crablike creatures right behind them.

As innumerable yellow eyes scanned the city in front of them, they crabs all began to let out screeching roars of glee before they charged into the outer areas of the large city. Those defenders that had headed towards the city when the retreat order came now attempted to resume battle against the huge red swarm but it was futile as the red mass overwhelmed them almost instantly. With a huge source of prey all around them, the red crabs went berserk, turning the city into a smorgasbord with the humans as the unfortunate victims. By the time they were finished, a large part Muscat resembled a ghost town.

Thanks to UAVs and satellites, the command staffs at all levels had a ringside seat to the carnage. While the Arabs watched with dark anger and the command staffs of most of the rest of the world watched with awe and fear, the command staffs of the UNGCC watched with stony silence. To those that caught glimpses of the faces of the UNGCC, it left an angry wound that they would always remember in their future dealings with the UNGCC.

March 1st, 2010
Mediterranean Sea, between Egypt and Cyprus, 6:30am

Flying straight into a midst of fighter planes with his arms already stretched out, Gigan let out a screech before he began to swing his arms rapidly. Though many of the fighters managed to escape, some did not as Gigan's arms sliced them out of the sky. Letting out a screech of glee at the destruction the space kaiju dove back up higher into the sky with fighters following on behind before, he suddenly turned to dive right back down at them once more.

Those that survived Gigan's headlong rush attempted to open up the distance but the monster moved stunningly fast. Focusing on one or two planes, the space kaiju bore down at them while mostly ignoring the missile fire he dispatched his targets with quick slashes of his arms.

In the water below them, another battle raged between the beetle-like monster Megalon and the naval forces in the region. Bellowing angrily as another wave of missiles and shells slammed into his body, Megalon let out a vicious roar before he returned the favor by firing a yellow lightning beam from his horn at a frigate and several patrol boats. As he watched them explode, the monster slammed his metal arms together before he began to close on his next target, fireballs already spitting from his mouth.

On the bridge of another frigate, the captain and his command staff watched with horror as their foe vaporized several more smaller ships with lightning blasts from its horn. After seeing the remnants of the destroyed smaller ships sinking to the bottom, the captain activated a communications link and being to transmit, "Mayday, to all forces we are under attack, send assistance immediately." However, there were few reinforcements available and they were vainly trying to reach the battle zone.

Flying high in the air after delivering their attack runs on the two kaiju, the flight leaders of the American and Japanese squadrons present on the field took stock of the situation. Watching grimly as the fighter squadrons from the other nations attempted to battle the monster, several looked away as the two monsters cut down their foes, sometimes with chilling efficiency.

Wincing as he saw Gigan slice several F-15s to pieces, one of the American pilots yelled out, "We've got to do something they're not going to last much longer."

A Japanese squadron leader nodded before he activated a link to the communications net, "To all craft, report status and rally the coordinates that I am sending you." After a few long seconds, three fighters, all of them American but not affiliated with the UNGCC joined up, a sight that darkened the mood of everyone present. Looking down at the battle, the Japanese squadron leader remarked, "You'd think that with what they had experienced thus far, they would finally be able to work together."

To that statement, one of his American counterparts replied, "In some ways it doesn't surprise me. Even when a common threat encompasses the region, they still can't forget that they have unfinished business." Pausing for a moment as he saw Gigan swipe away at several Israeli planes while planes from other countries stood by to watch, the American finished, "The only thing that we're good for in this case is to mitigate the damage as best we can."

The lead Japanese squadron leader nodded in agreement as he checked weapon status before he said, "And that is what we're going to do. Break into section and do what you can to those two monsters. Hopefully this will motivate our allies to increase their efforts to cooperate."

With that, the larger air fleet broke into smaller sections each with a mix of American and Japanese fighters swarming towards the two beasts. While busy engaging the two targets, several of the American fighter pilots contacted their Middle Eastern counterparts and attempted to rally them.

Though they were indeed engaging the two kaiju, several Arab and Israeli planes had their targeting systems locked in from time to time on that of their opposing counterparts. That increased the stress on all sides, as the Israeli and Arab planes did not bring maximum firepower to bear on the two kaiju. In addition, it prevented them from having effective coordination, which would have increased the odds of survival for all involved.

Flying in the air through a storm of explosions, Gigan screeched as he observed the movements of his aerial foes. Slamming his hammer claws together, Gigan let out a roar from his beak before in charged at the fighters massing in front of him. Once he got into the midst of his targets, he began to slash rapidly away, killing several in almost instantaneous succession. Maneuvering rapidly around in the sky, Gigan prepared to repeat the attack while his foes prepared to defend themselves as best they could.

If things were bad enough in the air, they were worse in the water for Megalon had gained the upper hand against the naval forces engaging him. Though they had air support, it did not match what the air force threw against Gigan. Blazing away with every weapon they had even if it was not in optimal range, the naval units were already contemplating withdrawal. However, they would not have it easily as Megalon dove into the water then began to sprint rapidly towards one of the large frigates. With its arms combined together to form a drill and temporarily ignoring the fire from the other ships as well as aircraft, Megalon's armed crashed into the stern of the frigate with tremendous force.

As all watched in horror, the monster speared through the unfortunate vessel the drill crushing into millions of pieces the hull of the warship as well as its unfortunate human victims. When the destruction reached the ammunition magazines, the ship exploded before rapidly sinking. Rising from the devastation, Megalon roared in glee before he turned to focus on the rest of his foes as they attempted to flee for their lives after what they had just witnessed.

On an E-767 aircraft monitoring the battle zone, the air commanders observed the action with grim looks on their faces. As several more planes and ships disappeared from the screen, the American air commander looked to his Japanese counterpart and remarked, "The monsters have gained the upper hand and all forces have suffered heavy losses, you do know what needs to be done."

The Japanese air commander nodded before he got onto the communications link and said, "To all forces, commence fallback immediately." Deactivating it, he whispered aloud, "I hope that they will be quick enough in doing so."

When they received word of the retreat order, no one had any problem following it. Firing off every weapon that they had, most of the fighters flew away to safety at full power. Some remained and those that did split up to deal with both monsters even at the risk of degrading the desperately needed combine firepower. Although it did seem futile due to both monsters quickly wiping them out, it achieved its objective as it provided additional time for stragglers to flee from the battle zone.

With the sky and ocean suddenly clear, both monsters let out roars of victory before they disappeared into the depths of which they came, leaving only the burning wreckage of ships and planes to mark their presence.

March 2nd, 2010
Doha, Quatar, 8:30pm

Walking through the hallways of the main field headquarters for US forces in the region, Commander Miki Saegusa had much on her mind. Mentally replaying the events of the last few months and particularly the last few hours, her face turned grim as she considered the ramifications.

Not surprisingly, the UNGCC forces had a hard job ahead of them, in fact even harder than the first time around. In addition to fighting Godzilla as well as scores of other kaiju, they also had to deal with the population of the region, many of which were hostile to her and her colleagues. From time to time, she sensed from the personnel that worked with her as well as other UNGCC members that some wanted them to fail truly in their mission.

That thought shocked her as she attempted to figure out why someone, heck anyone, would wish such a fate. Though she herself had done questionable actions during the last war, she knew at times that should the UNGCC lose, then all of humanity would die at the hands of the kaiju. What she felt from those around her made her actions pale in comparison. Taking a deep breath, she whispered a small prayer to all of those that had departed as if asking for their counsel.

Suddenly a flash of orange light appeared in front of her, which took the form of a large moth along with two small girls in bright orange kimonos that appeared on the moth's side. Letting out a small smile, Saegusa whispered, "It is good to see you well. I only wish it was under better circumstances."

The two tiny girls nodded before spoke in unison as they replied, "Indeed we only wish it were for this is a grave crisis." Pausing for a moment, the two miniature women continued, "And we fear that it may turn disastrous."

Shocked for a moment by the statement, Saegusa inquired further, "Do you sense a possible future for us all."

The two small women nodded before they answered, "There are always many possible futures for all sentient beings. It all depends on the choices of those sentient beings"

Remembering what she had seen, Saegusa gulped before she took the plunge and asked, "Can you show me these futures that you have seen in your visions."

The two girls turned to look at each other and the large moth behind them before they silently nodded to her request. Silently they closed their eyes for several moments before Miki Saegusa stumbled back as if developing a sudden headache. Closing her eyes as tears began to form, the young Japanese female commander attempted to hold herself mentally together as she saw images that rivaled and at times surpassed her worst nightmares. When it ended, a seemingly aged Miki Saegusa asked in a pleading voice, "Can you help us, no, will you help us please?"

A deathly silence descended onto the hallway before the two answered her question, "We will do what we can but it is upon you all to prevail for each and every one of you holds the fate of the world in your hands." With that, the two girls and the moth disappeared; a stunned Miki Saegusa leaned against the wall as small silent tears came to her eyes. She wondered to herself what to do now for the images that she saw drained her mentally and for a moment, she seemed to have given up on life. These thoughts would haunt her as she returned to her quarters while ignoring the worried looks others gave her as she passed them by. When she returned to her quarters, she almost instantly fell into a sleep filled with nightmares.



-I apologize if this is short but well I've been getting myself back into all of this. Also the fact that I mainly focused on a monster combat chapter there are few instances of human conflict and all that.

-Due to fears that I may somewhat being repeating myself with the battle scenes for the different monsters, I decided not to add anymore that I hadn't put into during the previous chapter.

-The last part in this chapter is a warning of the potential future of the story.



-Are there any improvements that I need to do, particularly on the combat scenes and all that. I kinda feel that I have some problems with them in this chapter.

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Chapter 14: Taking stock and shadow meetings

Tokyo Harbor, Japan:
March 5th, 10:30am

One of the busiest ports of the world, Tokyo harbor was one of the main vital arteries for Japan in terms of bringing goods in and out of the country. Now it had even more guests as scores of military vessels lay alongside the port terminals as they loaded up on supplies. Already dockyard workers had operated around the clock to get equipment transported onto the ships and cycle them out of the harbor as fast as they could. As each ship docked in the harbor, the crews immediately went to work loading up their cargo with the supplies going in first and the military vehicles taking a longer period to load up. Out in the waters of the bay, scores of patrol boats zoomed back and forth in the water while helicopters flew over the ships as they attempted to ensure the flow of ships in and out of the bay in an orderly fashion. So far, they had had no acts of violence from outside and from within the country. Furthermore, they managed to maintain a sense of normalcy as civilian ships also continued to use the port despite being a secondary priority.

While they could easily get updates about the activities in Tokyo as well as the other harbors throughout the country from headquarters, members of the UNGCC command staff ventured out to observe the movements with their own eyes. For many, it brought back memories of younger years as they saw the faces of the troops heading into the region some with similar faces to what they had when they directly battled Godzilla.

Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
March 7th, 7:30pm

Although the main naval base of the US Pacific Fleet was far from the action, all could sense the gravity of the situation many miles away. Like nearly all other bases in both Japan and America, they had been working round the clock to funnel supplies in multiple directions. Though most headed straight to the Middle East, others journeyed for Tokyo where they would either transfer onto ships heading for the Middle East or head straight for the UNGCC.

At Hickam Air Force base, the command staff was busy working around the clock as they arranged for US air squadrons to head to the region. Most of the fighters were laden with dummy stores as they took off into the air. Following on behind were a mix of C-17s as well as civilian aircraft that loaded to the full with ammunition, fuel and other stores that an army needed just to even basically function.

Watching the movements of the men and material to the west, the staff of PACCOM could not help but be impressed with the work done thus far. Despite the inevitable mishaps and accidents, they had managed to dispatch nearly all of the US forces in the Pacific to the Middle East and more would still be on their way. To the staff of PACCOM, the continual movement of men and machines through the region gave them a sense of dark foreboding about the future.

As CINCPACCOM looked at the monitors that displayed the movements of his forces, he winced at the thought that he would not be seeing many of them in a long time if ever. Though he had not directly participated in the last war, he knew several veterans very well and knew his role should that war ever resume as everyone thought that Japan and the Pacific would be the battleground once more. Seeing others heading off to fight against Godzilla and the other kaiju made CINCPACCOM feel ashamed and sometimes he felt that he wished that he would be in charge of a carrier once again as he wanted to help. Though the Japanese officers present assured him that he was doing his part, the CINC sensed that the Japanese officers had the same feelings about the matter as he did.

Osaka, Japan
March 8th, 6:15pm

However, the war with the kaiju dominated talks and conversations around the world, most attempted to continue with their daily lives although it often switched to the conflict in the Middle East. Often it focused on the indirect effects that the new war was having on the world's economy. Despite the threat of the monsters as well as the continuing strife amongst the countries in the region, business continued mostly as usual for corporations that had extensive links with the region and the rest of the world.

From his office, the CEO of the Saradia Oil Company had an excellent view of the harbor. Impressed with the combined civilian and military activities of the harbor, he continued to watch until he heard one of his phones ring. Seeing whom it was on the other end of the line, the CEO immediately picked up his phone and began to talk to his guest, "Ah hello there, how are you today."

The voice on the other end of the line replied, "We are doing fine here though business has been slow", "Right now in light of the business outlook here, we have been looking for other areas to invest in." Pausing for a moment, the man then replied, we were hoping if you could help us find those opportunities."

"It may be difficult to do so but I believe that it can be done, give me some time to do so."

"I understand my friend please send the latest up to date information when you have it."

Deactivating the phone, the CEO turned to look back out at the harbor where he spotted several ships from Saradia docking. Remembering something, he activated a button and asked, "Can you get me the latest news about any potential business conferences."

Jerusalem, Israel
March 12th, 10:45pm

One would think that having to witness guards and security measures would frighten people with fearful thoughts that they were living in a dictatorship. However, when one is facing the possibility of carnage all the way up to annihilation, then the sight was enough to provide reassurance to those who have witnessed it too often in their lives.

As a row of US limousines arrived at the heavily guarded Knesset, their occupants filed out and immediately headed inside. Most of them were Israeli but a small group came from the American embassy including a US general. Watching the cars passed through the streets of Jerusalem, Harrison had much on his mind as he reviewed the contents of the upcoming meeting.

Once inside, the Harrison and the other new arrivals headed towards the main conference room with its center a large circular table, where they engaged in small conversations with the Israelis already there. The topics covered a broad amount of topics but eventually it turned to what they faced from their common foe, both human and non-human. Harrison would soon engage in conversations with his own Israeli counterparts as he spotted two familiar faces, “It’s good to see you both again, though I wish it could have been under better circumstances.â€
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Chapter 15: Unrest at the combat zone and in the circles of power

US Embassy in Iraq, Green Zone, Baghdad, Iraq
March 17th, 9:30am

The US embassy in Iraq often at times resembled an immense fortress even by the standards of where it was located within the Green Zone of the Iraqi capital. This was the result of the immense number of personnel and the resulting requirements to ensure the facility functioned effectively. For normal operations, it had security that almost at times rivaled Fort Knox and nuclear missile silos back in the US, which included deep security perimeters, buildings heavily reinforced, and five highly guarded entrances that contained the latest in security and detection equipment. However, the security measures also persuaded those that despised the US presence to find ways to beat it or go around it.

As he waited on the steps of the US embassy, Mitchell turned to his Japanese colleague and asked him, "Are you alright Nishimura-san?"

The Japanese general grunted before he remarked, I'd thought that with my previous experience, I would quickly adapt to the weather here."

Letting out a small laugh, Mitchell replied, "If it is any comfort, I'd been here for a while and at times, the weather still bugs the hell out of me. Not to mention the difficulty in trying to replicate the comforts of home."

Both old veterans laughed at that as it helped release the tension they felt. Before they could say anymore, General Ferguson arrived to join them as they waited for the visitors to the American embassy. After exchanging pleasantries, Ferguson jumped into business immediately asking, "How are the defense plans set up?"

Mitchell immediately answered the general, "All of our forces in the city are on full alert and we have a tight cordon around our installations in the city. From outside the city, we can draw in relief columns for reinforcements."

Nodding in agreement at the defense plans as helicopters buzzed over them, Ferguson remarked, "With the security that we have here, hopefully this meeting can go off without a hitch." Both Mitchell and Nishimura nodded in agreement though the two commanders did not share the sentiment of Mitchell's superior. Before they could talk anymore, an aide arrived to announce that their guests had arrived.

In front of the American Embassy, a convoy of limousines arrived at the entrance with tanks and IFVs of the American and Iraqi armies performing guard duty along with the military and local police. Waiting at the entrance for the Iraqi politicians was the US ambassador to Iraq along with a large portion of his personal staff. Once the delegation arrived, all exchanged greets before they entered into the compound.

However as the delegation began to make their way into the inner areas of the compound, the military commanders heard the sounds of mortars to which Mitchell yelled out, "Everyone duck." Most of the people in the compound immediately followed the American general but not all as shrapnel immediately cut them down.

Getting up from the ground, Ferguson roared, "Find out how and where they are mortaring us from." Several American soldiers immediately rushed away from the main group while the rest attempted to get the politicians to relative safer locations. As soon as they had completed that task, the commanders rushed to join their units or to head towards the main command center that controlled all military forces in Baghdad.

In one of the buildings that overlooked the US embassy, several scouts observed the area with binoculars. When they saw the results of the explosions, they passed on the information to mortar teams far further back as they readied to unleash another lethal round of mortars onto the compound. As soon as they saw several enemy AFVs heading their way, the scouters immediately radioed their comrades before most of them began to clear out of the area. Those that remained armed themselves with AKs, RPGs, and other weapons, eager to kill some of their foe before they journeyed to Paradise.

As the tanks and IFVS made their way into the areas of the city surrounding the Green Zone, the soldiers looked warily on as they sensed that they may be running into ambushes. They would prove sadly correct for as the lead elements began to cross through streets and alleyways that had accumulated large amounts of rubble on them, several IEDs went off, showering the columns with fire and splinters. Before anyone could react, several more explosions occurred as the combat groups came under fire from missiles and mortars. Several IFVs brewed up as the rest attempted to find their targets through the smoke and rubble. A few of the IFVs, mainly the M3 Bradleys, started unloading their troops but that left them horrifically exposed and they too ended up destroyed as several RPGs exploded in their rear.

As they endured a hail of missiles and machine gun fire, several tanks had enough of being sitting ducks and soon began to rotate their turrets to search for even the slightest signs of any targets in. However, it proved mostly futile as the insurgents had enormous experience and for those tanks that did attempt to shoot back, all it did was to add to the destruction and confusion occurring all around them.

With short and medium range UAVs as well as helicopters flying overhead, the commanders at Victory Base had a front row seat to the carnage. With its audience watching with grim looks on their faces, the footage from the fighting showed the enemy firing several rounds of mortars and rocket fire before switching positions. Iraqi government forces as well as that from America and the other nations were pushing on, trying to reach those artillery positions but they encountered heavy resistance as the insurgents skillfully switched positions from amongst the wrecked streets to avoid retaliation before taking the columns under fire once more.

Watching as the targets continuously evaded their pursuit, Ferguson cursed and asked one of his subordinates, "Have we been able to pin them down and destroy them?" The subordinate shook his head and Ferguson growled at the troubles his forces were encountering, "Is there any way to get to them quickly."

One of the officers who monitored the battle yelled out, "We might sir." As Ferguson and the rest headed to his location, the officer pulled up a digital map, which showed what he meant. Most of the faces paled while Ferguson and the rest remained ice cold as they watched the battle in front of them.

After watching the battle for several moments, Ferguson turned to one of the others and told them, "Signal some of our forces to go through these highlighted paths to get to those insurgents. Make sure that artillery support is available to them."

The others turned to Ferguson with the Iraqis as well as the G-Force members in shock with what the general had stated. Some immediately began to argue but Ferguson cut them off and said, "We have to take them out or risk having them return to harm us again as they feel that they can do so at their own will. By taking them now, we can eliminate a potential threat that none of us truly need at the moment."

Many looked at each other as if seeking for reassurance or for anyone to advocate a different plan. However, none had and the Iraqi Prime Minister acknowledged the general's words as he said to him, "Do what you have to do, just make sure that this will not bother us again in the near future." With that, Ferguson turned to his fellow generals and told them, "Transmit these orders immediately and stand by to provide the immediate support."

In the areas directly surrounding the Green Zone, the combined forces attempted to grope their way towards their foes. Eventually they had gained success as they recovered from their shock and used the long bitter experience in urban warfare to advance against their foes. However, it took time and casualties and often the success that they had involved the destruction of the surrounding area and unavoidable civilian casualties. When they received the orders, some were shocked while others were eager to try it. As a result, dissention began to break into the ranks as competing aims took hold with some units firing on each other as they attempted to restore order. While most continued on the present course, several, particularly the American units followed the new plans from their superior officers.

Watching as his foes attempted to destroy his men, the insurgent leader let out a small smile at the chaos. Seeing that they had done enough damage for today, the insurgent leader activated a communications link and signaled his rocket and mortar teams to disperse. Turning back to observe the front line action, the insurgent leader then signaled his men to retreat as best they can before he began to head to safety as well.

For the combined ground forces, it seemed that the enemy was clearly determined to stand and fight and taking them out required time, resources, and precious lives. To the Americans, Iraqi and allied ground troops, they felt that the insurgents were operating out of fortresses created by their own firepower. Through sheer perseverance, the troops managed to deal with the insurgents that remained behind to kill as many as they could before they died. At each of the strongpoints that the military attacked, the insurgents would empty every weapon at their disposal, often doing impressive damage. Once they were down to their last rounds, the trapped fighters would commit suicide as they detonated the bombs and grenades around them, achieving the goal of taking down one or two more before it was their time to leave this Earth.

Watching as the fighting died down, those in the Victory Base Complex winced at the destruction that resulted from over two hours of battle. The combined American, Iraqi, and allied nations suffered heavy losses in terms of troops along with several tanks and IFV nearly destroyed while the rest suffered heavy damage. In turn, while they did inflict casualties on the insurgents, it was not in the numbers that they believed constituted a success to report. Furthermore, the destruction and the civilian deaths left angry faces on both the American and Iraqi commanders and politicians for different reasons. As Mitchell and Nishimura looked at the Iraqi politicians, walking icily out of the room, Nishimura turned and whispered to Nishimura, "Well that could have gone better."

With a tinge of sadness in his voice, Mitchell nodded in agreement, "Striking as they did, the insurgents have done damage far beyond their numbers. This will provide ammunition for all those except for us." That statement darkened the faces of the G-Force officers in the room as they considered its damage upon their prospects of focusing on the true war.

Al Dhafra Air Base, United Arab Emirates
March 18th, 9:40pm

Due to the large presence of foreigners and the increase in military operations, the security at Al Dhafra Air Base as well as nearly all other military bases had tripled in numbers as well as capabilities. To many, it looked like as if the massive airbase was nearly impregnable to outside threats. Although there had been terrorist attacks before in the nearby region, everyone, despite the rank, felt that they could do their jobs in relative peace.

However, that bred arrogance to which the inhabitants of the region were more than eager to exploit. Taking into factor the multiple security measures at this particular base, the terrorists were planning a large surprise for their victims. After observing the actions at their target for many weeks, the assembled group of guerilla fighters decided to strike. Thanks to the large amount of traffic as well as the lingering chaos, several large groups of cars managed to move through the traffic virtually unseen. On the outside, they looked normal but on the inside, they had a very special cargo for the "guests" of the country.

As they made the final approach to the air base, the drivers turned to observe each other for the last time before they silently whispered words that all inhabitants through the region's history stated as they entered into battle. When they had caught sight of the entrance, one of the trucks floored its engine as it headed towards the guard post. The guards barely got off several shots before the large truck collided with the entrance before it exploded in a huge fireball. Before anyone else could react, several more trucks crashed through the gates and began to spread out throughout the area. Some drove off to crash into more buildings or aircraft while the rest disgorged men armed to the teeth with weapons.

Taken by surprise, the few defenders had very little time to react before the intruders quickly cut them down with bursts of gunfire. Spreading around the enormous airbase, they immediately went to work, targeting everything in sight. Within several minutes, sections of the base were on fire along with the surrounding residential areas. Additional fires occurred as the ammunition and fuel dumps went up in huge fireballs along with aircraft parked outside the hangers. Men ran out in confusion with many of them cut down in minutes. Fortunately, some had immediately armed themselves with weapons and they immediately began to defend themselves in the chaos.

Amongst those that were streaming out were the G-Force pilots and personnel stationed at the facility. Once they caught sight of the chaos around them, Carter turned to the others and yelled out, "Find a gun and start shooting." With several explosions occurring in rapid succession, they did not argue with Carter and soon they joined in the defense as they grabbed M-16s and ammo clips before engaging their attackers.

As the main group engaged the defenders on the airfield itself, two other groups began to head towards the control tower. Quickly breaking inside, several attackers rushed up the stairs before they quickly reached the top. Within three minutes, the control center erupted in an enormous explosion from tossed in grenades and explosives.

Carter was busy firing his M-16 when he heard the explosion from the tower, "Bloody Christ." Turning to several of the defenders, the colonel yelled out, "Head to the tower and find any survivors, if there are enemies there then take them out." The men nodded and began to sprit towards the damaged building while Carter and the rest continued to engage the main attackers with heavy gunfire.

On the other end of the battle zone, the leader of the attackers observed their handiwork with satisfaction. Though they had encountered heavy resistance, that was to be expected, what mattered was that they had already achieved their goals. The hangers were wrecked as well as the control tower, the fuel and ammunition dumps were blazing out of control and many of the infidels lay dead. Suddenly he heard a small beep and immediately activated a small communications link, "What is it?"

The voice on the other end of the line yelled out, "Sir we have more infidels en route to your location. We have already set up roadblocks to meet them."

The attack leader nodded before he replied, "Good, hold them for as long as possible before you evacuate. If you cannot then know that you are already en route to Paradise." Switching it off, he turned to his men and told them, "Destroy all before you and if you should fall, know that you are doing so in the service of our people." All the men cheered before they plunged back into the battle.

Ducking as several bullets passed uncomfortably close by him, Carter returned the favor by immediately firing back at his assailants. Reloading, he was about to fire when he spotted an intruder aiming right at him. Fortunately, as he ducked, a shot took out the insurgent. Turning to look at his back, Carter saw Nobunaga along with several others arriving to join him, "Good to see you alright." Before the Japanese office could ask, Carter filled him in, "Most of the facilities have been destroyed and we have heavy casualties."

Before he could reply to the American, Nobunaga blinked his eyes for several moments before he said, "Looks like they're about to take the final steps towards achieving their goal here." All ducked as several heavy mortars exploded on the large airfields, leaving enormous craters in them. As the smoke cleared, Nobunaga spotted several squads of men armed with enormous explosives and that they were placing them on the airstrips. Quickly aiming his Type 89, he signaled everyone, "Take those forces out as soon as possible." Carter and the rest quickly unloaded their weapons but they were too late as the groups of men began to detonate the explosives, adding to the enormous holes already on the airfields. The explosions were powerful enough to make the ground shake from beneath them.

Watching as the bombs detonated all around them, the attack leader let out a small grim laugh at the sight of the destruction that they had unleashed on their foes. While he himself would have loved to take down more before it was his time to leave this world, the attack leader knew in a sense that he had a responsibility to his men. Quietly, the attackers began to fall back under the weight of the pressure from the base defenders.

Seeing that they were falling back, the combined base defenders attempted pursuit but their foes fought back savagely, forcing them to move cautiously due to the score of wreckage littering the base. While most of the insurgents fell back, others hid themselves amongst the wreckage and waited for their enemy with a deadly surprise as several move explosions echoed through the base as they took their own lives.

On the outer reaches of the battle zone, the insurgents had a much tougher time as they fell under heavy attacks from enemy reinforcements, armed with tanks and their own heavy mortars as well as attack helicopters that could get into the air. Running out of ammunition for their own heavy weapons as well as having little actual cover in the desert, the roadblocks that the insurgents had set up soon fell in savage fighting with nearly all of the defenders wiped out.

Meeting up with several officers at a hastily created command post, Carter and Nobunaga learned to their shock just how bad the attack had been. The hangers had been cratered, most of the hangers destroyed as well as the control tower and finally the casualty report, which included a quarter of their own pilots as well. Looking at his own reports, Carter remarked loudly, "Well this has put us out of business for the next few weeks."

Nobunaga nodded as he then said, "Indeed it has unless if there are any undamaged bases that are willing to take us in." He handed Carter a report before continuing on, "However I would not bet on it at all. Still I think we should begin to make the arrangements." Carter could only weakly nod as he read the scale of the damage to similar bases in the region that had occurred in the past several weeks.

Ministry of Defense and Aviation, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
March 21st, 5:30pm

As their limousine headed toward the Saudi Ministry of Defense and Aviation, both Bergen and Carlson looked over the notes that they had for the meeting with the Saudi General Staff. While understanding the need for face-to-face meetings, both admirals as well as their subordinates in the motorcade disliked the nature of the meetings.

Turning to look out at the modern cityscape of the Saudi capital, Bergen turned to ask the female admiral, "Looking forward to this?"

Carlson looked at him with a grim face before she replied, "If it meant getting a way to deal with our guests in an effective manner than I'm all for it", "Other than that, no. "

Bergen let out a small smile before he remarked, "Well if you're not looking forward this then imagine what our hosts must be feeling." That let out a small laugh between the two old friends before he turned to see that they were just about to arrive at their destination and that a large crowd awaited them. Letting out a deep breath, Bergen told Carlson glumly, "Well it's time for the circus." The female admiral nodded before the door opened at Bergen put on his best smile for the hosts that he was looking at, "Thank you for allowing us to hold this meeting."

The Saudi Minister of Defense nodded before he replied, "We both face a common threat to our very existence." He then turned and had an annoyed look on his face at Carlson before he continued on, "I only wish that more of your fellow commanders could have joined us for this meeting."

Bergen had a small grim smile before he answered the Saudi Defense Minister, "I can assure you that the admiral is just as skilled as all of us here and that to ignore her would be a mistake." His host let out a small smile before he directed the visitors into the complex. Shortly afterwards, they found themselves in the presence of other members of the Saudi government to which greetings were exchanged before they got down to business.

Out in the streets of the crowded capital, several groups of cars and trucks began converge on locations near the Ministry of Defense. Once they arrived, most began to disgorge scores of men while in others, several loaded giant canisters into the cargo holds. As the men began to disperse around their target, the trucks drove off to position themselves on the roads that lead to and around the Ministry of Defense.

More than an hour later, the meeting completed as both sides discussed a variety of issues with the meeting sometimes turning very tense as they discussed subject matter that . As Bergen, Carlson, and the rest of the UNGCC party emerged from the Ministry and headed to their limousines, the alarm began to sound. All quickly turned to find out the source of the disturbance, but it was Carlson who spotted it first as she yelled out loud, "Everyone take cover." They barely made it to cover in time as several enormous explosions went off at once all around the compound, the force of the blasts knocking them into the ground. Those that did not paid for it with their lives as shrapnel rained all around them.

It took a few minutes for Bergen to come to his senses following the enormous blasts. Checking his surroundings, he heard the sound of gunfire for several minutes before Carlson yelled out for him to take cover. Bergen quickly followed her advice and immediately dove down behind one of the less damaged limousines. As bullets cracked all around him, the admiral quickly looked for any firearms. He soon managed to grab an M-16 as well as several clips.

Carlson was already firing away at the unidentified attackers despite the fire and explosions still occurring on the grounds of the Ministry of Defense. Focusing her eyes at first on the flashes of the gunfire, she expertly let off several rounds before heading down for cover. Once the smoke began to clear, it gave her a better chance to deal with her targets as she began to pick off the targets close to her. As Bergen joined her, she asked him, "Any chance for reinforcements?"

Bergen nodded before replying, "Reinforcements from the army bases and police are on their way."

Several explosions occurred to force their heads down to which Carlson replied with several quick bursts. Reloading her own M-16, she turned to Bergen and asked, "You ready for this?" He helplessly shrugged before the two returned to exchanging fire with their attackers. After firing several bursts, they immediately switched positions. While Bergen had experience in firearms, he relegated himself to laying down cover fire though he did take down several of the intruders. Carlson had much more success as it seemed that most of the time every shot that she let loose, scored a hit.

Similar firefights occurred all over the compound as the intruders attempted to break in and do as much damage as possible. Although the defenders fought back hard and outnumbered the attackers, they remained disorganized as the intruders continued their rampage though they too suffered heavy losses.

As he walked in amongst the carnage going all around him as if going on a regular stroll, the leader of the attack force, also exchanged fire with his own AK-47 against those that he considered invaders of his homeland. Ducking behind cover, he immediately activated a communications link and asked, "How go the other operations."

The voice on the other end of the line replied, "The attacks go well but we are also running into resistance. Fortunately we have already taken down many of the parasites."

The leader nodded and said, "Good continue on your path and make sure to take down those particularly from the Great Satan and its Asian dog." He then switched off and resumed leading the men directly under his command as they continued to exchange fire in the rubble around the complex. At first, it seemed that they were not making any headway but fortunately, nearly all of them were expert fighters of many long years. Observing the opposition, he immediately spotted what he felt was a gap in their defense, "All warriors, follow me, the rest are to keep them busy." With that, he and several other fighters began to close in on a wrecked entrance to one of the buildings of the Ministry of Defense.

Inside the Ministry of Defense, personnel quickly rushed back and forth, as they attempted to fulfill their orders without having to deal with death hovering right outside. As the generals and princes observed the battle outside, one of them turned to a subordinate and asked harshly, "Have you made any progress in defeating the attackers?" The officer shook his head and began to explain before his superior yelled out at him, "I don't want to hear excuses, destroy these intruders immediately." The officer rushed off while the general turned back to observe the action, "I wonder what made them decide to hit here. To be honest, I wish that they had hit elsewhere, saves us the trouble of defending these places." All turned to look incredulously although they all secretly agreed with his comments.

Back outside, both Bergen and Carlson had been trading fire with their foes for the past thirty minutes. Already taking their fair share of close brushes with death, the two had taken down several of their attackers. Most of the time it was Carlson who had made the kills to which Bergen had no problem as she was more effective at dealing death up close than he was, an odd thought considering what they had done for a living for most of their entire lives even if it was from a distance.

Several explosions caught the attention of the two of them and they immediately ducked as they heard the sounds of mortars. As they emerged from the cover after the explosions of the mortars had dissipated, Bergen and Carlson had an excellent view of the carnage all around them. Bodies lay everywhere amongst the burning vehicles and wreckage. However, many combatants still remained active on both sides as gunfire continued to rage all around them.

Ducking as several rounds passed around him, Bergen searched for the source and immediately let loose with several rounds before heading back down to cover. Checking the amount of ammunition he had on hand, Bergen turned to Carlson and asked, "So what do you think what we're facing."

Sneaking up to look herself at the fighting, Carlson replied grimly, "The whole compound is under attack and right now it's on a knife's edge. Judging by the carnage we are facing, we are the target along with the Saudi general staff and that our foes are veterans. If we can only get some choppers in then we could turn this around." Another wave of explosions sent the two scurrying for cover as they returned fire at several insurgents. Reorienting her bearings, Carlson caught sight of several of their comrades and their subordinates directing them to their location. Alerting Bergen, the former special operations operator began to sprint to the location of their comrades while continuously exchanging gunfire with the attackers.

Once they regrouped with their own forces, the two officers conferred with their fellow officers and they all began to formulate a plan, based on their experiences in the recent Middle Eastern wars. As they attempted to take control of the situation, the gathered group heard an enormous explosion in the main compound. Turning to watch, all winced before they divided their forces with Carlson going in with several others into the main Defense Ministry compound, Bergen and the rest would handle the intruders outside and prevent any more intruders from breaking inside.

Heading into the Ministry, Carlson and the others quickly caught up with the attackers who immediately opened fire on them. Fortunately, they quickly ducked in in time as bullets flew by them. To the surprise of most of the others, she quickly took aim and let loose several rounds with most hitting their targets in critical areas. Quickly the enemy retaliated but she managed to gain cover while awaiting another chance to shoot back at her assailants.

As the room shook from beneath them, the Saudi General staff attempted to coordinate a response as intruders had entered into the main compound buildings. Seeing that the insurgents had penetrated inside, some of the commanders of the security were ordering their forces to assist while the rest told their men to fight their way out and leave the rest to their own devices.

Out in the ground, Bergen and the rest attempted to deal with the remaining attackers that had not infiltrated into the multiple buildings. While Bergen and several others remained in stationary positions while attempting to establish contact with air cover, the rest attempted to clear the areas surrounding them. As reinforcements arrived into the battle and consolidated themselves into defensive positions, mixed battle groups set out to clear the surrounding areas urban areas where the insurgents had dug themselves in. With cover fire from the armored cars and IFVs, squads of men began to make their way into the urban strongholds that the attackers fortified during their assault on the Saudi government buildings.

Although they temporarily had the advantage, the attackers were operating under tremendous pressure as enemy reinforcements began to arrive. Several already began to retreat in a disorganized fashion and though the rest held their ground, they suffered heavy casualties as they were running low of anti-tank missiles as well as anti-air weapons.

As several squads of AH-64s and Mi-24s arrived over the area, their pilots watched in awe as the battle raged below them. While a few took stray shots at targets of opportunity with their machine guns, the rest waited for accurate information before they engaged with their firepower as they were in a densely populated urban area. They would not have to wait long as the ground commanders, elated by their presence immediately began to transmit the location of targets to the helicopter squadrons.

If the insurgents felt hard pressed before on the ground side, the sound of rotating blades, followed by the sight of the huge hovering craft of death sent shivers through their spines as many believed that death was coming straight for them. A few turned their weapons onto the helicopters as they unleashed their firepower, killing them all in seconds. The sight was enough to elicit awe from the ground forces, even the Americans who had served in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere in the Middle East.

In the main compounds of the Saudi Ministry of Defense, hard fighting ensured as the outnumbered attackers managed to hold off the defenders. With experience from all over the Middle East, they made the government forces and their allies fight hard for every kill. Though they did not reach the princes and the generals, the insurgents had killed several dozen personnel and did tremendous damage to the rooms that they managed to reach.

Making her way through the halls and rooms, Carlson expertly took out targets with one or two shots from her M-16. Several of her colleagues were close behind her, taking out their own targets and ensuring that there were no more foes remaining. It was a slow and deadly process with even the veterans falling into ambushes from foes who had much more battle experience and from which they barely escaped with their lives.

As she and her group made its way up towards where another group of insurgents was located, she heard gunfire from down the corridor. Motioning to her comrades, she silently made her way to the sound of the gunfire to which she found several minutes later. Wasting little time, she aimed and started taking shots at her opponents who realized too late that she was there in one or two shots each. In short order, the last of the insurgents had been taken out with the only people remaining standing were friendlies. Making her way through the dead bodies, she met up with a colonel who stiffly saluted, "Any more targets in the area."

The colonel answered Carlson professionally if a bit haltingly, "Negative, we've taken care of all enemies in the complex itself. We're inspecting about our own losses."

Nodding, Carlson then signaled her thanks before walking off to find a place from which she could contact her colleagues on the outside. In a few minutes, she was online, "It's me. How are things on your end?"

The voice on the other end shrugged in heavy exhaustion before replying, "We're mostly finished out here, the last of the resistance has ceased." Bergen paused for a moment before he continued on, "It's a bloody mess out here. Scores dead along with several dozen vehicles destroyed out here. We are still looking over our own casualties but it seems we were lucky. Whoever organized this well they did a thorough job."

Letting out a deep breath, Carlson remarked in an equally exhausted tone, "Well it's a mess in here as well. They did a very thorough job and left many dead personnel behind as well. You'd think that we'll be holding another immediate meeting."

Bergen shook his head and remarked wearily, "After this type of carnage, I don't think so. Furthermore, it would devolve into a shouting match if we did. We've set up a field command post to coordinate the situation."

Carlson nodded and said, "I'll join you out there shortly. I want to make an inspection, see if I could find anything about the identity of our attackers." With that, both signed off as she began to make her way through the wreckage while checking out to see if she could identify any suspects. She took a small speak and the actions of the soldiers not from G-Force and kept it in mind to pass to her colleagues later for future reference as they took stock of the madness they had just endured but did not want to endure.

White House,
March 25th, 7:53pm
As the secret service cleared him to enter the White House, Ambassador Okamura mused about the fact that he had become very familiar with the layout of the home of the President of the United States.

Walking through the hallway, Okamura immediately spotted Redford and headed to him. When he got a good look at the face of the US secretary of defense, Okamura asked his fellow war veteran, "Are you alright Redford-San?"

Redford nodded before he then added, "I haven't been getting much sleep but then again none of us are." He paused for a moment before admitting in half-jest, "I'm surprised that none of us have checked in to the insane asylum."

Okamura winced for a moment before he thought of the situation that he himself was dealing with before he replied "Well perhaps it's no small blessings that the great task that we have can help us overcome these difficulties."

Redford nodded as he replied, "I guess you're right about that", "In fact from time to time, I look back to photos from the previous war in order to remind myself what is at stake and what we committed ourselves to."

Before they could continue the conversation, a Secret Service agent stepped up and announced to them both while focusing on Redford, "Sir, the other delegates will be arriving shortly."

Redford nodded and turned to the Japanese ambassador, "Alright then, we better get going then." His colleague nodded and they began to head to the Oval Office with the rest of the delegates following on behind them. President Calhoun and most of the NSC were already there and the rest would arrive shortly before the arrival of the Middle Eastern delegates.

As soon as he saw the SecDef and the Japanese ambassador arrive, the president put on his best political smile and said to Okamura, "I wish to thank you for arriving at this meeting on short notice."

Unfazed by the tone in Calhoun's voice, Okamura answered, "Do not worry Mr. President I have grown used to attending meetings on short notice." Pausing for a moment, he continued on, "Be also assured that I have been contacted by Tokyo to voice the opinions that my country may have towards the meeting here tonight."

Pat Miner let out a snort before he said to the Japanese ambassador/UNGCC officer, "This should be interesting seeing you playing multiple sides down the middle."

With Redford gently restraining him, Okamura answered Miner, "I can assure you that my countrymen have the most at stake in succeeding in this war and that despite our resources, we will pursue it to the bitter end." Turning to Redford and some of the other Americans who were part of the UNGCC, he continued on, "Our allies feel the same way and anyone who wishes to truly join us in combating this threat, we will be more than welcome."

Miner was about to reply back to that statement but a Secret Service agent emerged in the room to announce to them all that the Middle Eastern delegates had arrived. All instinctively turned as the ambassadors from the Arab nations had arrived into the Oval office. As they shook hands with the American and Japanese, the ambassadors took their seats before the business of tonight got underway.

Turning to the Arab ambassadors, Calhoun opened proceedings, "I want to thank you all for accepting the invitation to meet. We have many matters to discuss that we all hope can strengthen the alliance and friendships between us all." Turning to the SecDef and the Japanese ambassador, the US president then remarked in an icy tone, "As we have been told, such alliances are our only chance to survive this crisis."

The Egyptian ambassador nodded in agreement before he answered back, "Yes, we truly do have much to discuss." He then spoke to the entire room, "Though we appreciate the assistance that you have provided to help us, we feel that we feel that the actions that you have taken speak otherwise."

Redford, Okamura, Lawrence and several others gulped while the rest remained stone silent as the Saudi ambassador passed around several photos, which showed the devastated battlefields. After looking at the last of the photos, Okamura replied, "I can assure you that the commanders fully understand their orders and have followed them to the best of their ability."

His tone turning icy, the Saudi ambassador turned to the Japanese ambassador and said, "Oh really them, how do you explain the results. What you and the forces have done during the past months have outdone themselves many times over in the destruction that we have had to suffer."

Redford immediately stood up straight as he looked at the ambassador straight in the eye, "It would have been infinitely worse. Either your countries would have received crippling damage or the price of victory would have been too bitter for any that survived."

Although Calhoun, Miner and several others enjoyed the exchange, the president felt that he had to intervene, "Everyone calm down alright. Ambassador Okamura, as you can see from these images, do you believe that the ambassadors have a valid point."

Taking a long deep breath to calm himself down, "All I can say is that we have taken every conceivable precaution to minimize damage and casualties and will continue to do so. If you have any suggestions on furthering such cooperation, then we will consider it."

The Egyptian ambassador nodded before stating to Okamura, "We have a list of suggestions that we would like for you to have and we have already sent the same information to Tokyo." He handed the Japanese ambassador the information before returning quietly to his seat.

Looking over their own copies, the UNGCC members all had dark looks on their faces before Okamura told the others in Oval Office, "As I stated before, we will look over this information that you have presented to us. " The look on the eyes of the Arabs said enough of what they thought of the answer.

Seeing a need to turn the tables and get things back on track, Redford remarked to the guests, "There is one way that we can improve our relations." He nodded to one of the aides who activated a screen, which showed footage of destroyed installations, all of them wrecked under human hands, "You can help us with the security situation that has been developing as of late.

The Arab ambassadors recoiled at this statement before the Saudi ambassador told harshly, "We have provided every amount of assistance. If there are any weaknesses, it's due to your part for multiple reasons."

Redford thought about it for a moment before he answered the Egyptian, "Perhaps but you yourselves can do more to help rectify the security situation. Our examinations of the recent incidents show that at least some of them had inside help."

That unleashed a torrent of anger from the Arab delegation as they angrily rebuked the US SecDef's comments. Although this added on the headaches that Calhoun was feeling, he and the rest understood the SecDef's point as he jumped into the fray, "Gentlemen, let us all calm down for a moment." When the noise level went down, the president of the United States continued on, "The secretary of defense does make an important point. The attacks, particularly on a scale that we have seen as of late present a troubling development. "

The Egyptian ambassador solemnly nodded before saying to the president, "We also share your concern and that my colleagues and I assure you that we are taking every conceivable step to deal with the restive elements."

The UNGCC members looked at each other as they exchanged a silent thought that all had after hearing that pronouncement from the Arab ambassadors. After a long silence, Okamura told the Egyptian, "Perhaps you might wish to reconsider your tactics in dealing with these restive elements."

The Egyptian turned to look at Okamura with an angry growl before he remarked, "If we do so then eventually they will crush us and then who do you think will be their next target when we're gone. We have to stop it at the source before it manifests itself."

Before the arguments could progress any further, Calhoun jumped in, "That will be enough for now on this matter gentlemen." Turning to the Egyptian ambassador, the president of the United States then stated, "While we understand the situation that you're in, we also value the notion of human rights as we feel that it wins the support of the people in an emergency no matter what disagreements may arise."

The Saudi ambassador replied, "Perhaps but at times it may not be suited for the situation at hand." He then paused for a moment as before continuing on, "There is a way that you may be able to provide help on that front." As their hosts steeled themselves, the Saudi ambassador finished by stating, "Find a way to deal with the issue of Palestine and then you will find us working behind you."

Calhoun immediately answered back at the ambassador's words, "I assure you that we are doing everything that we can to solve the situation and that all plans are being considered to calm tensions down."

The Egyptian twitched before he told the president, "Have you really tried everything to force the Israelis to consider peace over their own interests?", "From what the world has seen, it's the same old story once more of you functioning as their stooges. Even when you have attempted to make a breakthrough, you pull back at the last minute even when the lives of your countrymen are at stake."

Most of the Americans bristled while Redford and the rest remain silent before Miner answered back harshly, "I can assure you, we have tried everything possible to calm things down between the Israelis and Palestinians. Perhaps you can do more to reign in the Palestinians."

Growling, the Jordanian ambassador told Miner, "We have done everything that we could and in fact have gone beyond them. In turn, we have paid the price for it with assassination attempts, what have you done on your end?"

The National Security Advisor was about to reply when Calhoun interceded, "We understand your position and will try to accommodate it. In turn, we truly hope that you understand our position on the matter and that we cannot negotiate that matter without being in good faith. One way we can is buy all of you actually beginning to negotiate with Israel."

The members of the Arab delegation looked at each other before the Saudi told the president, "I'm afraid that at this stage that it would not be possible, in fact speaking for myself, I think that I'd rather eat pigs then negotiation with an entity that holds my fellow countrymen and believers in the worst type of slavery imaginable."

Looking into their eyes, Redford sensed that they were deadly serious, yet he attempted to reason with them, "Whether you like it or not, you're going to have to work together and better you do so now. For these kaiju will not spare anyone."

Okamura then added, "By working together, you'll also be able to reduce casualties amongst your forces." Nodding to one of the others, he continued, "As you can see here, in the most recently firefights that Arabs and Israelis have participated in, both sides have suffered heavy casualties and furthermore, both sides have held back assets that could have proven vital in fighting Godzilla and the rest effectively. Finally it will be able to take the strain off of us."

The Arabs looked at each other before the Egyptian ambassador told the Japanese ambassador, "We have already made our position crystal clear and feel that there is nothing to discuss on the matter at the present time."

Calhoun nodded and said in an equally stern tone, "I also agree as well and hope you understand that we can never negotiate our own position, particularly what happened with my predecessor."

The room turned silent for several moments before Redford attempted to switch to other matters, "So what is the status of your forces?"

The ambassadors nodded to their attaches who then inserted several USB drives into the computers in the room. In several seconds, the Americans and Japanese had the requested information as the Egyptian spoke first, "As you can see, we would hope that you would be able to resupply our forces at the earliest opportunity with your latest weapons. Furthermore, we would like to increase the cooperation of our respective military forces."

Both the Americans and Japanese looked at each other for several moments before Calhoun remarked back, "We'll have to talk it over later but I believe that we can grant most of your requests."

Okamura then added, "I would also have to share in the agreement with the president and I believe that my superiors in Tokyo are considering that right now as they received a similar request recently."

The meeting continued long into the night as they continued to discuss the details of the issues confronting them, sometimes in a heated manner. After a long night, Calhoun let out a deep breath before, he stated, "Perhaps it's time for some of us to retire for now as it seems we are not able to achieve anything more for the meeting." The others in the room nodded in tired agreement and soon they began to file out of the doors.

Before they departed, Redford, Okamura, and the other G-Force commanders sneaked a glance at the president and the Arab ambassadors and the looks on their faces chilled their spines. When they were walking down the hall, the US Secretary of Defense turned to look at the Japanese ambassador and asked, "What do you think just happened in there?"

Okamura shook his head before answering, "I think that well I think that secret deals have been exchanged with us none the wiser." Pausing for a moment to look around, he then added, "I apologize if we have put you and the others in a terrible position with your president."

Redford shook his head before he replied, "Don't worry too much about it I'm also having the same feelings of worry about the president and the rest of the cabinet. Though I think they do understand the gravity of the situation, I don't think that they have truly accepted it." Pausing for a moment, to let it sink, I think that we should keep a very close eye on things here in Washington."

Okamura nodded before he then added, "I think that we may have to intensify activities in all our embassies to find out if the world is truly committed, for if not then I fear that all our efforts will come to naught."

All nodded before Redford remarked, "Well then we'll have to do our very best and hope that we get lucky then." The others agreed though their faces still held traces of worry as they departed to their respective destinations.

UNGCC Field Headquarters, Manama, Bahrain
April 1st, 4:30am

For those that worked at the headquarters in a permanent capacity, a routine day consisted of mostly boredom punctuated by short instances of terror, mainly at the hands of the inhabitants of the region. Though they did not have to go through what their superiors or their comrades had to go through, they still had an important job as the equipment that they used served as part of the massive communications network that coordinated the large force committed to the region.

As he walked into the main command center, Tachibana turned to the watch officer and asked, "So anything of interest today."

Keeping his eyes on the activities of the others, the watch officer replied, "Things seem to have quieted down. We have intermittent sightings of the monsters but so far nothing concrete. The Super X-III and the Garuda II have just touched down along with their maintenance crews and will be ready for combat shortly."

Tachibana nodded before he asked, "Any word on those incidents."

The watch officer shook his head, "Nothing new. We had been tracking Godzilla but after each sinking, he manages to disappear. Furthermore most of the incidents have occurred over a wide area."

Looking at one of the maps on the screen, Tachibana spotted the numerous surveillance assets already in the area as well as the massive military forces in the neighboring areas. Although it proved somewhat of a risk, he had arranged his forces so to create a large reserve. Everyone agreed though some worried that it would leave them shorthanded should they face one of the more powerful kaiju. Nodding in approval, Tachibana replied, "Alright, I will be in my quarters, alert me if something goes on."

He was about to depart when the alarms started to ring to which the Watch Officer immediately told the lower level officers to get in touch right away. Rushing to one of the consoles, the watch officer asked one of his men, "Where is the signal coming from?" The operator replied, "It's in the Gulf of Aden, coordinates coming in. We just got audio and visual."

Tachibana immediately yelled out, "Put it on the main screen." Within seconds of the footage coming online, his face took on a grim look amongst most of the rest as they saw who it was.

After a few minutes, Tachibana turned to one of his subordinates and asked, "Pull up the Red Sea map with all of the recent shipping incidents." Within seconds, the map of the region appeared alongside the footage of the ship attack to which Tachibana asked, "Are our surveillance units ready to go?" One of his subordinates nodded to which Tachibana replied, "Then order them into the area to shadow the target. Also alert all forces to prepare for immediate re-deployment."

JDSHuyga, Arabian Sea

Already on the bridge, Omori was busy looking out on the horizon when he received word from Bahrain about the sinking and the perpetrator. After looking at the information for a minute, Omori turned to one of his fellow officers and yelled out, "Signal all ships to battle stations and contact the others."

Three minutes later, both Bergen and Carlson came on the land and before Omori could ask, Bergen quickly said, "We just got word Omori-San and we're about to get underway as well."

Carlson then said, "At present Godzilla is immediately out of range of us, if we move in at flank speed, it take us four hours to get into range and several additional hours if we plan to engage Godzilla effectively." She paused for a moment before adding, "Fortunately all ships in our respective task forces have just completed a un-rep and we're ready to commence a full-speed run."

Omori, nodded before he said, "We're just about finished here and will join you shortly. Our other forces have been alerted and many of those are converging onto the area." With that, transmission ceased and the admiral turned to look back outside at the warships that surrounded his own. Some still had replenishment ships alongside them though Omori had learned just before headquarters had contact him that they were just about to finish. Brining up a map of the potential battle area and the forces available, Omori hoped that they would finish quickly for with the possibility of battle underway, he felt, like all G-Force field commanders, that he needed to be present there.

All around the Gulf of Aden, Red Sea, and Arabian Sea
On the ground, multiple ground units were already on the move as they prepared to head southwest although some remained to deal with threats from other kaiju. While some boarded the C-17s that were available on hand, most boarded flatbed trucks that soon drove off to the east coast. MP from all of the nations in the area helped cover and direct the large amount of forces heading on the roads from the east to the west coast of Saudi Arabia.

At an air base, scores of fighters and cargo planes occupied the runways with the fighters fully fueled and loaded while the cargo planes conducting most of the operations. Heading into the bases were scores of trucks and tank crawlers, all of them jammed packed with troops and vehicles. As each vehicle arrived at the airbases, they unloaded their cargo to which the controllers immediately directed to the waiting C-17s and other immense cargo planes.

In one particular C-17, several UNGCC commanders were preparing to journey southwest. As they prepared to board their aircraft, an aide ran up to them, "Sir, General Tachibana is here."

That caught the group's attention, as they were busy packing up and looking over the latest situation reports. They all immediately stood up at attention as the general arrived, "I wanted to brief you all before you headed down to towards Godzilla's location." The others nodded before Tachibana continued while pointing at one of the maps, "Once you arrive, you will take overall command of all G-force units in these areas." None of the officers shook their heads, instead they all had grim determined looks on their faces before Tachibana smiled and said, "Good luck gentlemen." With that, he stepped off the plane and headed some distance away from the C-17 as it taxied down the runway before ascending to the sky to join the huge fleet of planes heading to the southwest.


Author's notes:

-It took a while for me to pull off the events in the chapter and even then, I am perhaps rightfully afraid that I didn't do it correctly or enough to give an idea of what threats usually occur these days. It was mostly intentional that I focused on situations that involved G-Force personnel to show the other things that they have to deal with this time around in this new fight that they face.


Author's questions:

-I hope that I have shown that the G-Force field commanders are in a foul mood after dealing with the events in this chapter.
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Chapter 16: A race through the waters of death

Gulf of Aden:
April 1st, 6:00am

Surveying the carnage in the water, Godzilla let out a bone-chilling roar at the destruction in front of him. As he observed his surroundings, the nuclear saurian did not sense any targets or threats in the present vicinity so he began to move off once more, his enormous form gradually descending into the water.

Though surveillance aircraft and satellites had often tracked Godzilla easily after the previous incidents, they often lost track of him after an hour. This time though, they were ready as UNGCC air assets immediately took the air and had already arrived in the vicinity. Also despite the risk, submarines had also taken up station and were tracking Godzilla with their sonar systems, sometimes turning them to full power. Once in place, they began transmitting their vital information to their superiors who then dissected it. They needed at much of it as possible to formulate a response as they sensed another potential large-scale engagement with their nemesis.

As the main G-Force commanders tracked Godzilla, they also began the process of securing assistance from the local forces in the region. That would prove difficult at best due to the insurmountable problems they had with each other.

Floating silently through the water, Godzilla remained seemingly oblivious to his surroundings though on closer look, his face moved from left to right as he scanned for potential targets and foes. With nothing in front of him, the monster continued on his present course, very much alert for any potential target or foe to arrive in his path.

In fact, his foes would oblige as they gathered high above him. Even with the problems of cooperation, Israel and the Arab nations began to commit to the defense of their homelands against the most feared kaiju of them all. With tankers already in the air, fighters from the combined nations would be able to conduct long distance strikes and return safely to their bases in Israel and the surrounding countries.

Far below them, the ground and naval forces began to mobilize and similar the situation in the air, the situation on the ground was hectic as they began to move to the anticipated target areas. Though a few G-Force units were present, if Godzilla was to engage immediately in a ground battle, it would be up to the others to deal with him.

USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, Arabian Sea

Arriving quickly onto the bridge, Rear-Admiral Andrew Bergen immediately took in the view that greeted him. Nodding at several of the other officers, Bergen walked to the windows to take in the view of the operations of the rest of the fleet before he asked, "What's our present status?"

His XO replied, "The ships are at general stations and aircraft are ready for action. We just got the same report from the others as well and orders will soon be coming in from Admiral Omori."

Before Bergen could acknowledge and issue further orders, one of the other officers yelled out for all to hear, "Sir, we just received word that military forces have engaged Godzilla."

That took Bergen and his XO by surprise and they were immediately about to ask before the officer pointed to one of the radar screens which just displayed the potential battle arena. As Bergen observed the map, he winced as he spotted the forces available for the engagement. Although the strength of UNGCC forces had steadily increased, their hosts still outnumbered them by a wide margin, particularly in the vital element of the ground forces. Watching as several flights of fighters from land bases, Bergen snarled before he activated a communications link with the Vinson and asked aloud, "Toni, are you receiving this."

The voice on the other end of the line nodded angrily, "Yeah, I'm watching the same footage as you are", "They'll be in range shortly to engage the monster. Unfortunately the numbers they're committing, particularly on the air side will not be adequate."

Before Bergen could inquire what she meant, several smaller screens displayed the airfields around the Red Sea. As he watched the footage of the activities at the airbase, Bergen remarked angrily, "Are they that eager to get themselves killed?"

Carlson shrugged before remarking back, "Well you could say the same about all of us here considering that chances of dying brutally at the hands of Godzilla were exceptionally high."

Bergen let out a deep breath before retorting back, "True but at least we all knew what we're getting into and besides we didn't have the problems back then that we do have now." His voice then took on a darker tone as he asked the Vinson's CO, "What is the status of your own forces?"

Turning back to look at the large digital map of Godzilla's location and of the fighters approaching him, Carlson let out a deep breath before whispering silently, "God help us all."

Gulf of Aden, 200 miles from entrance to the Red Sea:

Heading in from all directions to Godzilla's location were squadrons of fighters from nations that would otherwise shoot at each other. From the north came American, Egyptian, Israeli and Saudi Arabian fighters with the Americans interspersed amongst that of their allies so to keep order amongst the rest. Flying up from the south came Russian and Chinese made fighters. Although they attempted to operate together, it was difficult at best to coordinate the aerial dance. Closer to the monster's location, helicopters waited on standby in their respective bases and ships to join the aerial assault on the approaching kaiju.

When word came down from the top to engage the monster, several ASW aircraft broke off from their main squadrons before they dove down to the deck. Once they arrived over Godzilla's general location, the planes dropped their fish before they gunned their engines to full power to gain altitude. Everyone preferred to be in position to engage when the monster emerged.

Spotting the deadly fish heading his way, Godzilla snarled but that was all that he could do before they slammed into him with savage force. Angered by the sudden attack, the monster rose up from the ocean as he attempted to search for those that attacked him. As soon as his blood-red eyes caught of the increasing number of fighters buzzing around him, the nuclear saurian let out a bone-chilling roar as he raised his hands up in a defensive posture.

His foes quickly obliged as they broke formation before diving in to attack. Soon, they engulfed the monster in a hail of fire as guns, bombs, and missiles hammered away at his thick hide in large numbers. Once they pulled up from their attack runs, the fighters circled around before turning around before engaging him once more.

At first, it seemed that the initial attackers held their own as they blasted away at Godzilla while escaping immediate retaliation. Unfortunately, that made him only marginally less dangerous as his hands and tail almost instantaneously brought down fighters that flew too close to the monster. Roaring angrily at the resistance in front of him, Godzilla resumed his advance while explosions continued all around him. Although it seemed to be impressive firepower, his foes did not use it correctly with only a few shots aimed at his face. Furthermore, they started to arrive piecemeal, which increased the chances of Godzilla retaliating exceptionally quickly.

Blinking his eyes several times to clear the dust and smoke, Godzilla let out a bone-chilling roar as he observed the movements of his foes before his dorsal fins turned blue. Those pilots that were out of his line of fire watched in horror as Godzilla unleashed his atomic ray on a fast approaching group of fighters, vaporizing the group with the one long blast from his atomic ray.

Roaring in victory, Godzilla fired several more blasts of his atomic ray on his stunned foes with some hitting their mark and others missing their targets. Shocked at the sight of the monster's destructive power, they survivors regrouped and attempted to wait for reinforcements. Snarling as he saw his foes buzzing around him, Godzilla resumed his advance through the water while firing a barrage of his atomic breath into the sky.

Roads to the coast of the Southern Red Sea
From the point of view of satellites as well as aircraft flying over the desert, the sight was enough to astound one. Huge lines of vehicles crowded the roads leading to the south with wheeled vehicles on the few paved roads themselves with the tracked vehicles moving alongside the paved roads. Despite the large presence of security and traffic police, traffic jams inevitably ensued as the score of AFVs attempted to arrive at the potential target locations in a timely fashion. To everyone who witnessed this traffic jam, this was too good a target for those that despised the "infidels"

In turn, those same insurgents were busy observing the movements of the hated Americans and their fellow non-believers, as they seemed to pour into the area. While some of the younger ones desperately wanted to engage, their elders had strictly ordered them to hold their fire on punishment of death if they were to do so otherwise.

UNGCC fleet:

On the Dwight D. Eisenhower, Bergen observed intently as the reports continuously arrived from the battle zone. As he saw several fighters disappear from Godzilla's ray on the screens, he turned to ask, "What are their chances of halting the monster's advance?"

Looking at the same information from the Carl Vinson, Carlson replied, "Looking from the information that we have, if it is a quick battle, they don't have the firepower to take him on directly. However, if they can hold then their chances increase although it still won't help them if Godzilla goes on a full rampage."

Bergen did not argue as both admirals sensed that the king of monsters was indeed on a full rampage. If they needed proof, all they needed was to look at the screens around them.

One of the other officers on the Eisenhower yelled out to Bergen, "Sir, naval elements in the area are just entering into range." Bergen turned to look at the main screen as it showed several groups of small naval units heading in to engage the target from all directions, missiles already emerging on the screen with torpedoes following on behind. Already one of the other officers had switched on an audio link to allow the sounds of the battle to filter through. With that, silence descended on the CIC as everyone listened in on the battle far ahead.

Listening in on the same frequency, Omori had a stern look on his face as he heard the screams, the sounds of battle, and the bone-chilling roar of his country's great tormentor. As he saw Godzilla engage in a running fight with his present foes, Omori remarked to himself although he knew it was futile, "Come on, we have to move faster."

For the next hour, the commanders of the G-force fleet watched as the battle filtered through the speakers with interruptions coming in as aides announced the arrival of new forces into the battle zone. Switching from looking at the large table map, the G-force commanders kept track of the action.

Wincing as he observed the performance of squadrons attacking and returning to their bases, Bergen asked quietly, "Haven't they learned anything from the last several engagements?"

Omori snarled in agreement, as he observed the same action, "Although they are fighting bravely, it really doesn't matter."

No one added to that statement as everyone observed the larger fleet units entering reluctantly into contact with the monster. Though there were some ships coming in from the western areas, the commanders felt that it was not enough as they observed the organization of the combined fleet that Godzilla faced.

One of the communications officers yelled out, "Sir, we have confirmation that the European and Chinese main contingents that that are engaging. Several nearby groups are hanging back and not engaging. Also several airbases have not sent up their planes to join in the defense."

Omori turned to look at the map and said angrily, "Don't they know that they stand a better chance against the monster by working together?"

Carlson's voice then came on the line, "Let's just hope that they will learn that lesson when we arrive. Otherwise, I think we might want to rethink our prospects of surviving this." The commanders fell silent as they returned to watch the screens where the details of the battle played out in front of them. From time to time, they would acknowledge the presence of their subordinates when they presented important information but they remained mostly silent as they observed the destruction Godzilla was unleashing. All hoped that they would be able to reach the area to make a difference though they all sensed that they would not be able to. Those thoughts turned darker as they observed the kaiju engaging several separate large groups of ships and immediately putting them on the defensive. While some of the larger warships engaged in running battles, others formed up into gun-lines, facing broadside against the monster.

As Godzilla fought his way through most of the fleet and close breaking out, Omori snarled when he observed the map of the main fleet in relation to his advance. Cursing loudly as he realized that there was no other choice he immediately got onto the line with the carriers under UNGCC command. Within minutes of them getting on the line, Omori jumped right away into business as he asked, "Are you ready to engage?"

Bergen nodded and replied for them all, "We are."

Nodding in approval, Omori then told them a simple order, "Then launch your fighters and good hunting." He then turned to his XO and yelled out, "Send to command that we have engaged Godzilla then give us full speed."

On the decks of the carriers, their crews immediately sprang into action the moment the order came down to launch. With timing a critical issue, the immense steam catapults of the carriers flung the aircraft into the sky as fast as the crews could move them into position. In fact, it seemed that the catapults were working overtime, which worried some of the crews of the carriers as the ships themselves had undergone constant intense combat operations ever since the beginning of the crisis. Once the planes had finished taking off, they formed up before heading off to engage their target with their comrades on the surface warships close behind them at flank speed, weapons at the ready.

That same process repeated itself all over the region as scores of G-Force planes took off en masse from their airbases. Once airborne, the air squadrons headed towards designated rendezvous points before they journeyed to the monster's location.

Gulf of Aden:

Bellowing angrily as another wave of explosions slammed into his enormous form, Godzilla closed his blood-red eyes as well as his mouth and his dorsal fins began to charge. Before anyone could react, a large blue ball of energy emerged from the monster's huge form to encompass the immediate area around him. The enormous energy blast blinded his foes and inflicted damage on their electronic systems due to EMP and before they could react, Godzilla dove back down into the water with only a ripple marking his passage.

The fleet immediately trained its torpedoes and anti-submarine weapons but with the systems temporarily offline, they would not be able to achieve an accurate target lock. Before they could react, the water around one of the frigates turned white hot before it suddenly blew up in a tremendous explosion. Almost instantly, nearby vessels fired rockets and depth charges at the surrounding area around the sinking ship but the target had already departed. Several minutes later, another frigate suffered the same fate with the resulting explosion and sinking several nearby patrol and attack craft.

By this time though, the sonar systems of the fleet had come back online to which the local fleet commander took full advantage of, "All forces, focus all fire on the target and bring him back onto the surface." Within seconds, a hail of torpedoes and other anti-submarine weapons exploded in and around the area where Godzilla was located. Seconds later, the kaiju emerged back up through the surface, the look on his cat-like face screaming for blood. Blinking his eyes for several moments as he dealt with the barrage, the nuclear saurian let out a bone-chilling roar before his present foes charged in once more to face him.

In a Chinese J-10 fighter, its pilot, who was a senior flight leader, observed the battle below him for several minutes before he activated the command link, "To squadrons acknowledging this message, commence attack immediately." He immediately checked the status of his plane before diving back down to the inferno. Turning back to see a lesser number of fighters following him than he hoped for, the Chinese flight leader focused on his task, launching a hail of unguided rockets the moment he entered the range with small bursts of gunfire following behind. Barely avoiding Godzilla's retaliation in the form of his atomic ray, the Chinese flight leader turned to observe the performance of the others that followed him in with their own strikes. Wincing as he saw several die at the hands of the monster before the rest gathered around him once more, the Chinese flight leader considered his options before he yelled out over the command net, "To all fighters that receive this message, resume your attack."

Despite the courage of the fighters, it felt to the naval forces that they were fighting virtually naked as the nuclear saurian continued to focus his attention on them. Although some withdrew to rearm, others fell back despite still having sufficient ammunition to continue engaging the monster.

Though Godzilla continued to encounter resistance, the monster sensed that it was gradually weakening. Blinking his eyes for several moments, his dorsal fins charged before Godzilla blasted away at the helicopters. Most managed to avoid the direct blasts but not all as three Seahawks fell to direct blasts from the monster. Switching to blasting at the water around the helicopters, Godzilla killed four more. Even if the atomic ray did not destroy its target, it achieved its purpose as the helicopter cover began to dissipate. With a clear view in front of him, Godzilla's eyes narrowed as he observed the ships for several moments before he unleashed hellish retaliation.

As he watched Godzilla continue to batter his way through the combined forces, the commander of the Chinese fleet units turned to yell to his XO, "Where is our air cover?"

The XO answered back, "They're returning into the air as we speak and the rest are attempting to speed up the process."

Absorbing the news, the Chinese rear-admiral turned to look at one of the radar screens before he swore loudly, "It won't be enough." Letting out a deep breath, he got on the main communications link and transmitted the order for a general retreat.

When the remaining ships received the order, everyone was more than glad to follow it no matter who was giving the order. Scores of ships let loose a final barrage as they began to turn away at the monster. However, in their haste to flee from the monster, the ships did not provide mutual support to each other, leaving themselves and their comrades vulnerable as Godzilla raked the water around them with his atomic ray. Several more small vessels fell under the onslaught while all of the heavy warships managed to flee away from their common foe.

Watching as his foes beginning to scatter, Godzilla bellowed in victory before he pursued while firing his atomic ray at targets of opportunity. With little or no enemy fire slamming into his head, his targeting was brutally precise, the explosions shocking even the veterans. Seeing the monster gaining on them, several particularly in the rear felt as if it was their time to go. Fortunately, it was not as an enormous hail of missiles and bombs slammed into Godzilla from all sides. Stunned by the attack, the nuclear saurian halted his advance while scanning the sky all around him to find the source of the assault. Blinking his eyes in what resembled surprise, Godzilla roared angrily at the new arrivals taking him by surprise before turning his focus to them.

Watching from his F-15J, Nobunaga had a small grim smile on his face as he saw the results of the opening barrage. He quickly activated the communications link and contacted the F-15C flying beside him, "So how do you think Godzilla took our arrival."

Carter let out a small laugh before remarking back, "Well if I were him, I'd be pretty pissed off by that." He paused for a moment before continuing on, "So you think we all made a grand entrance."

Nobunaga turned to look at the scores of other G-Force fighters flying all around them. Though they had been suffering losses, they still flew with exceptional professionalism. Answering back, he remarked, "Despite what we have endured, I think we have and looks like the gang is ready to go to work." Switching frequencies, he then yelled out to all around them, "Alright, excellent job thus far, let's keep it up, all fighters, break and attack."

Diving in onto the nuclear saurian with a fury that stunned the earlier combatants, the G-Force air units hammered away at the huge monster. While some circled the monster before launching their weapons, others flew away from the monster before turning around to strafe him once more.

Blinking his eyes for several moments, Godzilla snarled as he saw the sky darken all around him before he let out a brutal roar of anger. Despite having multiple explosions all around his face, the nuclear saurian's dorsal fins lit up and he let loose several blasts of his atomic ray. Although there were numerous targets in the sky, the beam did not hit any target, to which Godzilla bellowed in rage before unleashing another barrage.

Despite the risks that they faced, the G-Force pilots kept up with their relentless assault. Coming in from all sides in heavy numbers, they enveloped the monster, particularly the upper half of his body in a wall of steel and fire while preventing him from effectively attempting to hit back. As AWACS aircraft orbited the battle area, the lead officers on the huge orbital warning aircraft attempted to contact the squadrons from the other nations to assist them. While some gladly joined in, almost the rest reported that they could not provide assistance to which the AWACS crews snorted in derision as they saw on their radar screens that the air units were still very capable of fight.

As a hail of smart bombs slammed into his huge form, Godzilla let loose a powerful blast of his atomic ray, turning his whole body in a 360-degree arc. Surprised by the sudden move, his foes halted their fire to which Godzilla immediately dove into the water. Quickly, the G-force squadron leaders signaled several S-3 Vikings and P-3 Orions, which immediately dove into the fray, their torpedo bay doors already open. When they arrived in range, the aircraft dropped their deadly Mark 54 fish and ascended the altitude to prepare for the inevitable counterattack.

Moving quickly underneath the water, Godzilla attempted to resume course but his foes were much faster as he saw scores of torpedoes heading his way. As they slammed into his incredibly thick hide, Godzilla let out an angry roar before he rose up from the water once more, his blood-red eyes burning for carnage and destruction. Slamming his tail into the water, he scanned the sky to search for the main source of all of the recent stinging air assaults.

JDS Huyga, Arabia Sea

With his staff busy carrying out his orders and the distance decreasing rapidly from the main battle zone, the commander of all UNGCC naval forces watched intently the battle playing out in front of him on one of the larger screens. Quietly observing the battle, Omori let out a deep breath before he nodded in thanks to the other soldier and dismissed him. Quickly he got on the line to see Tachibana already looking back at him from the other end, "I surmise that you already received the same information that we just did."

Tachibana nodded before asking, "How are your forces assembled?"

Omori answered crisply, "We're fully assembled and attempting to reach the battle zone. Already two of our carrier groups have taken up station near the Red Sea."

Tachibana nodded before he then said back, "As soon as you can reach him, you are cleared to engage", "Try to see if you can draw him away to the south, hopefully we can blunt the monster's advance."

Though he knew what the general meant, Omori answered with a crisp acknowledgement, "We'll be there as soon as we can." With that the communications link terminated and Omori turned back to observe the battle, hoping that they would truly make it in time but afraid it would not make a dam difference.

Gulf of Aden

While the massed G-Force air units managed to battle effectively against Godzilla in comparison to the air forces from the other nations, they still suffered losses for their trouble. Already three fighter squadrons had suffered crippling casualties while two helicopter squadrons had taken so much punishment that rendered them hours de combat. Other squadrons had taken casualties but remained full of fight, first dumping their weapons onto the target before heading back to their bases to re-arm and get back into the air. The process repeated itself for the past hour as the air force launched continuous air attacks on the monster, the fighters striking him from all directions so to increase the odds of survival and to push him away from his destination. Although Godzilla had indeed inflicted damage on the G-Force air units, it seemed to galvanize them to fight harder. Even with their own losses and the distances they were operating from their bases, the land-based attack helicopters continued to add their weight of fire that the faster jets unleashed upon the nuclear saurian.

Flying up from a strafing run on the nuclear saurian, the Vinson's CAG observed the action for several moments before he radioed his counterpart, "So what do you think of the performance of the air fleet thus far?"

Looking at his own APG-79 radar screen, the Eisenhower's CAG answered back, "I'd say that we're doing exceptionally well. The problem is when no one engages him for a long period of time." Both flight leaders turned to watch as Godzilla began to resume heading northward again as the G-Force air fleet retreated back to its bases to re-arm. Letting out a deep breath, the Eisenhower's CAG got on the link with one of the E-2s and yelled out, "Do we have any squadrons heading in to engage the target."

The reply came back that mainly G-Force squadrons were heading in to engage him, an answered that worried both pilots. Looking back down as the monster turned to advance once more, Vinson's CAG remarked, "We can't keep this up without support from everyone else." Eisenhower's CAG nodded as they as several other planes from the carriers headed to land bases to re-arm, passing by incoming G-Force squadrons on the way to attack the monster.

USS Dwight D Eisenhower
Their superiors shared the sentiment as they observed the monster's advance. Looking at the map of the battlefield, Bergen said to no one in particular as he saw the unengaged air units, "They still haven't engaged yet." He turned to ask one of his subordinates, "Inquire about the status of the air units?" The officer nodded and soon Bergen had the information, which elicited a frown as he peered over the contents, "Have we been trying to contact them?"

The officer nodded, "Rear-Admiral Omori has been constantly on the line with them."

Returning to watch the battle, Bergen said in response to the information he had just heard, "Let's just hope they get their planes into the air and soon."

JDS Huyga
Omori was doing just that as he spoke on the communications link with his opposite numbers in the other fleets. Thus far, he had little success as his opposite numbers stated that they did not have the resources on hand to fully engage the monster. Nearly all were unanimous in wanting to wait until more ground support and more firepower arrived. Looking at the maps, Omori sensed that Godzilla would reach them first as their room to maneuver continued to decrease fast.

A suddenly onslaught of voices on the communications link further added proof to the Japanese admiral's thoughts. Turning back to the main map, he saw why as Godzilla was closing in on the outer edges of the fleet. He immediately got on the line and yelled out to the other G-Force commanders, "Are there any squadrons available to engage the monster?"

One of his subordinates answered the admiral, "Vinson and Truman are about to launch for another assault. Eisenhower and the Washington need twenty minutes. Our airbases will also need a similar amount of time."

Snarling at the statement's implications, Omori turned to look at the map where Godzilla was about to reach the other fleets, "Order all fighters to assist once they get airborne." His voice then took on a dark tone as he whispered quietly, "May kami grant you a quick passage to the afterlife."

Gulf of Aden
With virtually no resistance, Godzilla quickly advanced underwater and his eyes soon caught sight of the silhouettes of a large number of warships along with several auxiliary vessels over the horizon. Letting out a small growl, the monster turned and headed straight towards his new target.

Though mostly unprepared, the allied navies had their sonar systems on active, which gave them confirmation of the monster's approach that G-Force had earlier provided. Several submarines immediately let loose their torpedoes at the hard charging monster. In turn, Godzilla targeted them first, often by ramming them directly, destroying them outright or sending them to their watery graves.

As a mix of torpedoes and depth charges exploded all around him, Godzilla let out a bone-chilling roar before he ascended to the surface of the ocean, his huge form emerging above the surface with a huge explosion. Scanning the horizon in front of him, Godzilla roared as he observed the target rich environment before he advanced while encountering only immediate desultory fire.

Watching with horror as Godzilla closed in on them, the British naval commander activated a communications link to the rest of the force, "All units scatter, all units scatter. Signal that we request immediate assistance."

Throughout the fleet, ships slowly attempted to get underway as they attempted to put as much distance from the monster as possible. However, Godzilla was much faster as he soon waded into the midst of the lead warships. Blinking his eyes for several moments as several explosions occurred around his head Godzilla returned the favor as his dorsal fins charged before his attackers came under a hellish hail of blue-white fire.

While busy attempting to open up the distance from the monster, the sailors kept an eye on the radar screens and the sky for any sign of air support. Soon enough several of their own fighter squadrons began to appear which lead to hope that more would arrive. However, after several moments, they would suffer a brutal disappointment as they tracked very few squadrons on their radar screens.

The pilots of the European aircraft shared their disappointment before they set it aside and got to work. The assembled air fleet attacked in waves, hoping that repeated strikes would keep Godzilla busy while the ships attempted to open up the distance. However, they did not have the assembled firepower to challenge Godzilla effectively.

Though taking rapid shots with his atomic breath against the air threats, Godzilla kept his focus on the targets below him. Raking the waters around him with his atomic ray while also slashing away with his arms and tail, the monster savagely battered his foes, sending more vessels to the bottom.

Fortunately, assistance was on its way as several squadrons of G-force fighters soon arrived over the battle zone. Quickly forming up, the American and Japanese fighters added their weight to the aerial attacks unleashed on the nuclear saurian.

Angered by the relentless attacks from the air, Godzilla focused his attention on the sky, his eyes blinking as he spotted additional black dots on the horizon. Bellowing in challenge, Godzilla raised his hands in a defensive posture as the attackers entered the range, showering him once more in a hail of explosions. Bellowing angrily at the air assault, Godzilla's eyes blinked before his dorsal fins charged up as he brought his main weapon to bear.

Although few in number the sight of the air units, even that from G-Force, was a truly welcome blessing for the fleet. Watching as several Typhoons, F-15s, and SU-27s strafe the monster, the naval commanders signaled to their respective fleet elements, "All units resume fall back immediately." Within minutes, the naval forces resume to open up the distance with some taking shots of opportunity against the nuclear saurian. However, it would not be easy as their target continuously switched its focus with incredible ease. Caught between attempting to fall back and the rampaging kaiju, chaos began to spread through the combined fleet as its multiple elements sought escape. It was only due to the immense firepower at their disposal that held off their common foe.

Wading through a hail of explosions, Godzilla lashed out viciously in response as foes incidentally surrounded him from nearly all sides while trying to flee themselves from his wrath. While he did not kill as many targets in the water as in the air, the atomic ray did inflict damage due to the enormous explosions that it caused in the water that nearly swamped ships that sailed nearby the explosions in the water.

On their radar and satellite screens, all participants watched as the nuclear saurian made his way through the naval lines with several planes and ships disappearing as the rest continued to retreat from Godzilla. It was a deadly balancing act as commanders selected the fewest number of units to throw back into the fight to give the rest a chance to flee.

Blasting away at another group of foes, Godzilla's eyes scanned the area in front of him. While the waters surrounding the nuclear saurian were on fire due to the wreckage of his enemies, there was barely anything in front of him once he resumed his advance. Bellowing in victory, the monster charged his back and fired a devastating blast of his atomic ray in a 360-degree arc. As his foes desperately attempted to dodge the attack, Godzilla let out another victorious roar before wading through the water as a frigate and several small attack vessels attempted to block him once again. Unfortunately, they paid the price for their foolishness as the monster rapidly turned and nuked them with his atomic ray, the small attack vessels literally vaporized while the frigate burning red hot from stem to stern as it sank. Turning completely around to see if there were any remaining targets that needed his attention Godzilla found none and turned to resume his present course as his foes gave him a temporary wide berth.

UNGCC fleet

As the lead elements of the UNGCC began to link up with the other naval elements, the faces of its sailors and commanders were stone-cold as they passed by the earlier combatants. Immediately the American and Japanese ships began to render assistance with their auxiliaries conducting resupply operations while the rest attempted to fish out any survivors to which thankfully there were some.

Watching from the bridge as the JDS Huyga sailed on, Omori and his staff had grim looks on their faces as they observed the other ships sailing in a random fashion. Looking at the radar screens for several moments, the Japanese admiral turned to one of his subordinates and issued his orders, "Signal to the rest of the fleet that we are ready to provide assistance. Provide whatever assistance they need to regain combat effectiveness. We may have not caught up with Godzilla to mitigate the damage to this but we're still in this race." Turning back to look out at the water, Omori saw the others already proceeding with similar operations.

As the battered but unbowed naval forces regrouped and prepared to resume pursuit, Bergen watched one of the radar scopes as Godzilla continued forward. Turning to look at one of the monitors, Bergen whispered more to himself as he thought about those waiting ashore in the target sector, "Great, now it's their turn. May god help you all you poor souls."


Author's notes:

-The inspiration for this partially stemmed from a similar scenario in Godzilla vs Biolantte in which the JSDF massed nearly its entire strength (from what I am assuming) to engage in Godzilla in Ise Bay only to find him heading towards Osaka and only able to send token forces to defend the city. If you thought it was bad on the sea side, wait till Godzilla hits land. Also I hoped that it would put the pressure more on the other forces as G-Force had been caught off guard.

-I had hoped to do more during this phase of the battle but the added complications precluded me from doing so. However, that will not be the case in the next chapter.
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Chapter 17: Sand and Sea red as that of blood

Around the Bab-el-Mendab.

With numerous warnings, the ground forces attempted to complete their preparations. At both ends of the entrance, lay scores of tanks and AFV almost crammed into the small landmasses that marked the entrance. Artillery deployed shortly behind them with a large stockpile of shells to keep the guns supplied as much as possible. Patrolling the waters of the Bab-el-Mendab were destroyers and frigates along with seemingly endless numbers of patrol boats. Overhead, and despite the losses they had suffered thus far, flew scores of aircraft and helicopters. What did surprise everyone was the presence of two seemingly large alien-like aircraft with one on both ends of the entrance. However, when they all received word of their target closing into range, all arguments ceased as everyone got to work.

Although they had forces in multiple locations to cover the entire Middle East, it did risk stretching the UNGCC ground forces. While a few UNGCC ground forces were present at the Bab-el-Mendab, they represented a tiny portion of the ground forces that arrived. Furthermore, they did not have the ranking to overrule that of the other ground force commanders.

Warily scanning the area in front of him with his eyes, Godzilla advanced towards what seemed to be two landmasses with a large opening of water between them. As he closed in, his eyes blinked for a moment, he let out a bone-chilling roar at sight of the large number of foes aiming up at him from below. Raising his hands up in a defensive posture, the nuclear saurian suddenly plunged forward, his eyes already scanning for potential targets.

Seeing the enormous monster close rapidly towards the shore, the surprised commanders screamed into the command net an order that they felt would be their last. Seconds later the ground beneath them shook as hundreds of shells and missiles roared overhead at the same time. The large number of explosions soon increased as the helicopter units joined with by unleashing their own deadly cargo onto the nuclear saurian. When he approached close enough to the entrance to the strait, Godzilla soon encountered resistance from another direction as he marched into a wall of direct fire from the ground and sea.

On the ground, scores of tanks and AFVs, some generations apart from each other sent round after round onto Godzilla's huge form. The sounds were deafening enough to even to the crews in the latest MBTs and infinitely worse for the older generation MBTs. Helicopters soon appeared overhead to augment the firepower of the ground vehicles with many firing their weapons en masse onto Godzilla's huge form. To the surprise of all, the air squadrons remained circling overhead the battle zone although a few did dive in to attack the nuclear saurian. From the sea, warships let loose with five-inch gunfire and cruise missile fire that streaked right above the tanks before slamming into Godzilla.

Enraged by the stunning resistance, Godzilla let out a bone-chilling roar before his back charged and he let loose his atomic breath in random directions. Though it did not do any damage, the fact that Godzilla could bring his main weapon at all surprised the ground forces. Observing what lay in front of him, Godzilla let out a roar of challenge before he pushed on despite the impressive hail of fire exploding all round him.

As Godzilla approached the entrance, the firepower from the ground increased as he entered the range of more ground elements in the area. Bellowing angrily as his foes continued to relentlessly blast away at him, Godzilla retaliated with random shots of his atomic breath. Whether by intention or random chance, the beam passed over and around his foes without actually hitting them, the sight still unnerving them.

Directly behind the front lines, chaos ensured as the overworked security units attempted to funnel the military forces into the area while evacuating the civilians out. In some instances, the armored forces decided to detrain far from the battle zone and risk problems with dust clogging the equipment with the tanks themselves roaring on the desert terrain towards the explosions. Those that did arrive on the field, immediately moved into action, their guns already traversing towards the enormous target.

Although the storm of firepower unleashed on Godzilla delayed his advance, he inexorably pressed on, his eyes completely focused on the target in front of him. Searching for any potential opportunities through the smoke and explosions around his eyes, Godzilla focused his attention on the sky as he saw several Mi-24s and AH-64s hovering directly over the tanks and AFVs. Narrowing his eyes for several moments, Godzilla's dorsal fins lit up and he rapidly fired several shots of his atomic breath at the choppers. While most avoided the blasts, not all were lucky as the beam blast impacted on several of the choppers either exploding them in midair or turning them into fireballs. What was worse that their burning remains fell right on top of the ground forces.

All watched in horror as the helicopters landed with tremendous explosions that wiped out the unfortunate victims with the smoke emanating in the form of a small H-bomb explosion as well as nearby units that bunched up together. When it died down, several holes appeared in the defense line on both landmasses while everyone ceased fire for several critical moments out of sheer shock at the devastation. Their commanders immediately attempted to order them to resume firing and eventually they all did although their foe moved faster.

Observing his deadly work, Godzilla let out a victorious roar before he accelerated his speed, eager to add to the damage on his foes that he had already wrought. Soon, he entered the Bab-el-Mandeb while his foes attempted to regroup with the result of fire decreasing from the ground. Scanning both landmasses directly between him with his eyes, the nuclear saurian let out a bone-chilling bellow before he headed towards the western landmass.

Watching as Godzilla headed towards them, the still considerable ground force in the area attempted last minute preparations with reinforcements and survivors rushing towards the monster's probable location. Already French and African units had arrived with several Chinese and Russian tank units appearing just as the kaiju made landfall.

Stepping onto the rocky landscape, Godzilla's eyes scanned the horizon in front of him before he let out a small growl. Raising his hands in an attack posture, the kaiju charged into the hastily assembled forces, which opened up with their weapons several seconds later. Bellowing angrily at the hammering he received, Godzilla advanced on his present enemy.

The combined forces began to fall back with most attempting to move to the side and engage Godzilla while avoiding his atomic ray. In turn, the nuclear saurian pursued his assailants despite the storm of artillery erupting all around him. At first, the tanks held their ground despite the fact that they presented a very inviting target for the monster.

Due to their more powerful guns and targeting systems, the Chinese, French, and Russian tanks along with French AMX-10Cs opened fire at long range, which provided cover as the IFV raced into blast away at Godzilla with their own main weapons. For the Africans it would prove difficult due to the older equipment they had at their disposal, forcing them to engage Godzilla at closer range. While a mix remained alongside the modern tanks as they continued to blast away at Godzilla, others raced in to fire several shots before pulling out to escape the monster's retaliation.

Their luck soon ran out as Godzilla rapidly turned towards a new group of Chinese Type 99 tanks, the dorsal fins on his back already charged. Seconds later, he vaporized the group with two blasts of his atomic ray and before anyone could react, he rapidly repeated the process several more times, wiping out a large portion of the forces in front of him. Though ground forces continued moving into the area, Godzilla roared in victory before advancing inland as a few tank squads from units destroyed by Godzilla attempted to hold their ground.

Before Godzilla proceed further, a wave of cruise missiles slammed into his back with savage force. Angrily turning towards the source of the attack, Godzilla blinked as more slammed into his body with enough power to force him back. The monster twisted his head to observe the landscape in front of him before he switched focus to the threats from the water, moving once more into the Red Sea.

Watching as Godzilla returned to the water, a Saudi captain, who served as the main fleet commander present turned to his subordinates and yelled out, "Order all ships to prepare to fire onto the target and open up the distance. We request air support immediately." Pausing for a moment for his next words to sink in, "Signal all ships to fight to their last and know that if we die then we will die well."

His Al Riyadh class frigate along with several other warships as well as attack craft from other nations immediately gunned up their engines to full power while their weapons turned to focus onto the huge monster. Holding their fire, the gunners waited to decipher Godzilla's move as their ships opened up the distance. Their answer came in the form of an atomic ray beam blast that created explosions in the water all around the warships. In seconds, the fleet responded with a hail of fire, even from weapons that suitable only for short-range combat.

Growling in annoyance at the attack, Godzilla increased his speed as he set off in pursuit of his attackers. A race began as the naval units, steadily reinforced by several other warships as well as attack craft attempted to keep ahead of their relentless pursuer. While the large warships fought as a team, the attack craft launched hit and run assaults with missiles and torpedoes to slow him down. Soon several squadrons of Arab and American aircraft as well as long-range rocket artillery fire joined in the fray, raining down an endless wave of fire onto his charcoal grey skin. However, the monster inexorably closed the distance to the naval units engaging him. Already he killed a frigate and several attack craft, their wreckage leaving a trail for others to follow if they were so eager to die.

Above the battlefield

In one of the E-767s orbiting the battlefield, a Japanese G-Force general observed the radar screens displaying the situation all around and below him. Watching as Godzilla advanced against the reorganizing forces on the ground and in the Red Sea, he turned to his fellow officers from both Japan and America who all nodded in silent agreement before he got on the communications net, "All air units, engage at will."

Red Sea

Though blanketed by the firepower of the warships, Godzilla pressed forward, halting at times to fire his atomic breath at targets of opportunity. From time to time, the monster attempted to head to shore only to meet a curtain of fire that diverted his advance. Roaring angrily as another hail of missiles slammed into him, Godzilla roared into the sky before unleashing a withering barrage of his atomic ray. A row of explosions occurred in the sky and water as the blue-white beam exploded munitions heading straight for the source of the energy beam. The sight stunned all who witnessed it while giving the nuclear saurian an opening as his dorsal fins charged once more. Before anyone could react, another barrage of his atomic ray wrecked a destroyer and frigate as well as several attack craft.

Bellowing in victory, the nuclear saurian advanced forward towards the eastern landmass for several moments before he charged his back up to fire another shot of his atomic ray. Fortunately, for those on the ground, assistance came in from the air as a huge hail of smart bombs and ASMs slammed into the monster's catlike head, diverting his aim. Turning around to find the source of the attack, Godzilla growled as he saw scores of American and Japanese fighters orbiting above him including two large ones that were eerily familiar. Raising his hands in a defensive posture while blinking his eyes for several moments, Godzilla turned angrily around to pursue his aerial and naval foes, heading back into the middle of the Red Sea.

In the Super X-III Lieutenant Colonel Takamura watched with grim satisfaction as Godzilla turned angrily to focus on them, "So what do you think of that opening strike?" His response was a blast of atomic ray to which the Super X-III avoided before it let loose a barrage of missiles and machine guns. As the Super X-III circled around the monster, got on the line and issued his orders, "Alright then, let's get this show started. We should split up and attack from both sides with the Super X-III on one side and the Garuda II on the other." The other pilots acknowledged his order as turned to his crew and told them, "Activate the main energy cannon and commence barrage. Once he uses his main weapon, then bring Super X-III's specialty to bear as well." The crew acknowledged the order before the colonel turned to look back at Godzilla on his view-screen, "

Swinging his enormous arms and tail in all directions, Godzilla killed some and drove off more of the fighters as they flew close by him on attack runs. With the sky in front of his eyes temporarily clear, Godzilla immediately focused on the two large aerial craft by firing his atomic ray on them. Fortunately, the pilots of the two craft flew with impressive skill and if the atomic ray scored a hit on either plane, they had a surprise as the armor absorbed the energy beam. Then to the monster's even greater shock, the two craft retaliated by firing the absorbed beam right back to the nuclear saurian. Stung by the attack, Godzilla focused his attention on the two large planes, unleashing a barrage of his atomic ray around the surrounding area. In turn, both craft returned the favor with a barrage of energy fire followed up by missiles before they circled around to strafe the monster again.

Shuddering as the Garuda II, Lieutenant Colonel Sakai checked the status of the system. Letting out a small exhale of breath, Sakai turned to see several squadrons of fighters gathering around him before saying to himself, "I understand how you must feel but don't you think that I also feel at times that I'm in your position despite flying a far more advanced craft than you are." Getting no answer as four more squadrons linked up with the Garuda II, Sakai shrugged before he said to himself, "Well let's get going on what we're attempt to do here." With that, the Garuda II dove down towards the monster with its forward weapons blazing with its accompanying aircraft following right behind it.

Enraged by the attack, Godzilla let loose a storm of his atomic ray into the sky, forcing the G-Force pilots and their shocked allies to scatter and regroup in a defensive manner. While the blue-white energy beam killed only a few aircraft, it achieved its objective as the fighters temporarily halted their attack. Scanning the area in front of him with his blood-red eyes, Godzilla snarled as he spotted the majority of fighters as well as the fleet concentrating north and east of him. Roaring out in challenge at his numerous foes, Godzilla once more began to advance forward, his huge bulk and his rapid speed generated huge waves, which slammed against the shore as well as the ships that sailed dangerously close.

With Godzilla closing fast, the destroyers and frigates in front of him began to part from his path with some sailing to the side while others jinxed through the water as they fell back while bringing their main weapons to bear. As Godzilla passed by them, the ships unleashed all of their weapons onto Godzilla's enormous form. Fortunately, the nuclear saurian focused his attention on foes that were directly in front of him. Once he moved past, the ships resumed pursuit with some hanging back while the rest attempted to get in front of the monster.

Growling angrily at the resistance, Godzilla blinked his eyes for several moments as his blood-red eyes focused on any path through the naval ring of steel thrown up around him. Roaring at his foes, Godzilla's dorsal fins charged up before he unleashed a powerful blast of his atomic ray at the water between himself and the ships in front of him. Before anyone could react, the monster dove down into the ocean before sprinting in the water beneath the fleet.

On the Al Riyadh class frigate, the commander of the hastily assembled fleet immediately got on the communications link and yelled out, "All ships pursue the monster, ready torpedoes." Turning to the radar screens, he saw Godzilla beginning to edge closer to his homeland while the combined forces of the world attempted to react to his moves. Ships closed in on the monster from north and south as aircraft screamed overhead. On the eastern coast, the ground forces continuously shifted north and south as they attempted to figure out where the monster would land. It started a process that continued for the next hour as the naval forces particularly the submarines engaged in a running battle with the nuclear saurian. From time to time, they would force Godzilla up to the surface but he rapidly drove off his foes before he dove back down into the water and resumed his course.

G-Force field command post

Despite the presence of their air and naval units, G-Force commanders knew that they could not avoid a costly land battle. To add to their worries, the G-Force commanders did not have the necessary forces assembled to engage him. After observing the footage of Godzilla marching to the eastern coast of the Red Sea, General Philip Stanton turned to his colleagues and asked, "Looks like Godzilla is going to make landfall. What forces do we have and how are they positioned?"

Umezu pressed several buttons, which soon displayed the information that Stanton required, "While some of our forces are on the west side of the Red Sea, the rest are stationed on the east side." Pressing several more buttons, the Japanese general displayed for his counterparts the locations of their forces in relation to Godzilla's possible targets, "However most of our forces are still attempting to reach our location." He paused as the screen switch to that of the fleet as it neared the strait, "Right now the carriers have reached the entrance strait and their accompanying ships are engaging from long range."

Stanton looked to see for himself the images that Umezu presented and let out a sigh before stating, "Unfortunately the others already have ground forces heading in to engage Godzilla and from the looks of it, they'll get a beating." He then cursed as he saw their force composition, "Damm, it seems that some people that we don't trust are leading them."

Looking at the same map a moment later, Umezu nodded in grim agreement before he announced on his command link, "Signal all available ground forces to prepare to engage and to also watch their backs. Also signal the fleet to link up with units already in the Red Sea immediately and we'll have instructions for the commanders momentarily." Stanton and the other officers nodded at the statement. Some of the subordinate officers began to scamper off to deliver the orders while all of the commanders turn back to observe the battle.

Near Jizan, Saudi Arabia

At the expected landing point, chaos reigned as the troops readied themselves to engage while artillery and helicopters roared overhead. Unfortunately, this particular section had one UNGCC small battle group in position. When Godzilla arrived, the tanks and IFVs held their fire in the hope that the carnage from the air and from the sea would attract his attention. However, Godzilla would sorely disappoint them as he continued to approach the Saudi shore. Unable to wait any longer, several Saudi tanks opened fire the moment Godzilla entered the range.

Though he sensed a threat, the barrage from the ground surprised Godzilla. For several moments, the monster remained motionless as his blood-red eyes scanned the battlefield in front of him before they focused on the targets on the ground. Resuming his march, Godzilla arrived on shore as the firepower around him intensified with missiles from the IFVs and the infantry. The monster blinked his eyes for several moments as he saw several helicopters moving in to hover over the tanks and IFVs while blasting away with their rockets. Snarling, the monster's dorsal fins charged before he fired his atomic ray at both ground and air targets. The barrage of blue-white fire killed three helicopters, their remnants landing on ground troops already reeling under Godzilla's main weapon and adding to the destruction. Bellowing in victory at the carnage, Godzilla pressed his attack, his huge form towering almost directly upon his potential victims.

Though it lasted for five minutes, the fighting stunned most of the defenders and already many began to disengage, which soon sowed chaos in the defense lines as it decreased the firepower available and allowed the kaiju to gain the upper hand. Soon most of the survivors were falling back in disorder, few bothering to return fire on the pursing kaiju. Only the G-Force battle group continued to fight on in an organized fashion, the maser tanks surrounded by the regular tanks and IFVs as they covered the fall back of the other units.

Watching from one of the large command posts, Wedamyer snarled as he observed the fighting. Spotting elements of the ground forces in front of Godzilla attempting to break off, he got on the line to yell out, "Order the guns to pour as much fire as possible on the target and signal the troops to regroup." Within seconds, the ground roared beneath him as artillery began to shower the area around the monster with explosions. However while most did escape the monster, others were unlucky as Godzilla managed to fire off several random blasts of his atomic breath. Those that avoided the monster's wrath met death in the form of their own artillery fire. Witnessing the carnage unleashed by the monster Wedamyer asked his XO, "Any status on our forces?

The subordinate officer answered back, "Right now our forces are attempting to regroup and as for the others, they're arriving but they haven't begun to advance towards the monster's location. As for the rest, the Arabs are continuing their assaults and the Russian and Chinese are regrouping as well. Everyone is signaling the other to engage."

Letting out a harsh breath Wedamyer said as he turned to look back to the battle, "Let's lure the "OH GODZILLA! WHAT TERRIBLE LANGUAGE!" to the others and let them take care of it. Everyone is to watch their back and take no unnecessary chances."

On the approaches to the battle zone, chaos reigned as scores of troops attempted to ready themselves for combat. Reinforcements continued to pour in but they had to deal with numerous traffic jams that added delays as well as weakened them due to the consumption of supplies. Once the reinforcements arrived, they immediately headed to hastily prepared positions.

When the first survivors arrived from the coast, the traffic controllers along with some of the commanders soon conscripted them back to the front lines to the chagrin of most of the survivors as well as the new arrivals. Not surprisingly, communication problems developed as the forces assembled used a variety of different vehicles and equipment. They were still attempting to untangle it when the announcement came down, "Godzilla is closing in, repeat, he is closing in."

Peering through their targeting systems, the AFVs saw the huge form of the monster grow seemingly larger as he approached them. Unable to wait as the nuclear saurian closed approached; multiple small elements of the assembled multinational force unleashed a barrage of missiles onto Godzilla, followed by heavy gunfire. In turn, Godzilla brought his atomic ray to bear by firing it randomly in multiple directions to wipe out his foes.

Despite the uncoordinated attack, it seemed that a suitable defense line seemed to form in front of the kaiju but after five minutes of combat, the commanders sensed that it would not hold. On the virtual screens, it showed Godzilla relentlessly slashing away at the steel barrier in front of him with the ground troops trying vainly to shore up the breach. To add to the deteriorating situation, several were already bolting from the defense lines only after firing two or three shots.

In one of the larger field command posts, several Saudi officers conferred with their Arab counterparts where all engaged in heated conversations on the situation. While they still hashed out details between each other, they all had common thoughts about the situation: the homeland of their religion was under threat and that they had to get the other nations to do what they all felt was their fair share in defending it whether they believed in the religion of the Arabs or not.

For most of the artillery units, the fighting deteriorated into a routine of continuously delivering fire support to the troops at the front lines. As Godzilla moved beyond their range, the artillery units quickly re-deployed to another sector to continue the bombardment. Operating in a continuous battle with exceptionally heavy equipment occupied the activities of their men leaving few to patrol and guard against potential trouble. If they had more men, they would certainly know what was coming. With most of the surveillance assets directed to coordinating the battle against Godzilla, it proved surprisingly easy for uninvited guests to slip through the security screen. Once through, they fanned out towards the artillery positions as well as supply dumps and field command posts.

G-Force field command post

As they arrived over the battlefield in SH-60 Seahawk helicopters, Bergen, Carlson and the other naval commanders witnessed an incredible sight. Long line of vehicles headed south along the roads with whole columns attempting to drive through a mix of desert dunes and mountainous terrain to reach the battle zone. Scores of jets flew overhead with helicopters flying below as they flew to and from the monster's location. Shortly afterwards they arrived at the main UNGCC field command post with the passengers already leaping out the moments the doors opened. Quickly making their way inside, the naval commanders met up with their ground counterparts. After all exchanged greetings, Omori asked, "What is the situation?"

Umezu answered, "Godzilla is continuing to advance in a north and north-eastern direction and we believe that these targets are in his probable line of advance. Our lead ground force elements are holding Godzilla at bay while the ground forces from the other nations are regrouping. Evacuations for the civilians in the region are still continuing." All nodded at his statement before he pointed to the main screen, "Omori-san, you and the others should get ready to head out there and provide any possible assistance to the others in coordinating the defense." The others nodded and most of the admirals and generals headed to awaiting Blackhawk helicopters that immediately took off once their passengers had gotten aboard.

100 miles southeast of Abha

Marching steadily north through the rocky desert landscape, Godzilla snarled as he eyed several aircraft and small clusters of enemy forces off in the far distance. He let out a bone-chilling roar as if daring them to challenge him to which they respectfully declined. With virtually no foe for him to engage, Godzilla halted for a moment to sniff the air as if it would lead him to a potential target before marching once more.

In hastily built up staging areas on both sides of the mountain range, ground forces from different nations gathered themselves before re-engaging the monster. Not surprisingly, problems developed due to multiple factors that ranged from supply problems to political considerations. The Arabs were already demanding the rest engage Godzilla immediately. In turn, most of the others wanted to wait until the last moment to engage the monster so to maximize their chances for survival. For some, the problems turned serious as the Arab elements of the gathered forces prepared to move out and engage on their own. When word reached the high-level commanders of what the Arabs had done, it resulted in a crisis as the G-force commanders as well as the rest attempted to recall the Arabs to no avail.

Despite the presence of helicopters and small numbers of aircraft buzzing around him, Godzilla continued his inexorable advance virtually unopposed. However, he soon stopped as he searched the area in front of him as if sensing a threat before he resumed his march. Soon enough, his eyes soon caught sight of an enormous cluster of lights to which he looked at for several moments before he began to move off. That was when his cat-like ears picked up the sounds of numerous foes heading his way. Slamming his tail harshly against the ground while raising his hands in an attack posture, Godzilla turned to search for the main source of the noise.

Roaring across the rocky desert landscape in a manner reminiscence of their ancestors a century ago, groups of tanks and AFVs of the Arab forces raced towards Godzilla at full speed, their guns already trained on him. Artillery screamed overhead with helicopters following on close behind. Once Godzilla filled their targeting sights, the lead tanks opened up with a withering barrage of fire onto the monster's form.

Godzilla bellowed angrily as his foes took him by surprise and attempted to swarm him. Withstanding the initial barrage, the monster returned the favor as he unleashed a withering barrage of his atomic breath on the ground, ignoring the threat from the air. A series of explosions followed in the aftermath of the atomic ray, which signified horrific destruction whenever Godzilla brought his main weapon to bear. When it dissipated, the monster roared in victory at the resulting chaos on the ground before he began to close in on them, his huge footsteps a premonition of fear and destruction towards his enemy.

For the lead tanks and AFVs, engaging the nuclear saurian became a hazardous business once he brought his atomic ray to bear. The tanks and AFVs jinxed all around the desert beneath Godzilla's feet as they attempted to prevent him from getting a clear shot or avoiding the energy ray altogether. However, it proved almost impossible as the blue-white beam continuously raked the ground all around them. Whenever the beam found a target, the target either would explode with virtually no remains or would literally melt in front of the eyes of the others into radioactive liquid goo.

G-Force field command post

Thanks to the wonders of technology, all had a ringside seat to the carnage that Godzilla unleashed on his attackers. At the main G-Force field command post, Stanton, Umezu and the rest watched grimly as several rows of M1A2s, T-72s, T-90s and their accompanying IFVs charge in to engage the monster followed by a retaliatory strike by the monster's atomic ray. To the G-Force commanders it seemed that when Godzilla hammered one group another seemed to sprout up to take its place. From their point of view, the process started to repeat itself with disturbing frequency. Everyone winced at the damage Godzilla unleashed upon the ground and then on the air as he quickly fired another blast of his atomic ray. While they did show courage, to the eyes of the experienced G-Force commanders, it was sheer madness with the result that they all had sighs of relief when the some of the attackers broke off and fell back to relative safety.

Suddenly their communications link started ringing to which Stanton silently nodded before he activated it on their own end with both wincing as they saw the face of a Saudi General staring harshly right back at them. Jumping right into business, the Saudi General yelled out at them, "Why aren't your forces engaging the monster?"

The two generals bristled at that comment before Umezu answered, "What ground forces we have in the area are attempting to regroup and already you have support from our artillery batteries. Furthermore our air units have provided constant support to your ground forces thus far during the engagement."

The Saudi General seemed to ignore it and continued in his complaints, "We request that your forces engage or there will be consequences for your inaction."

Stanton growled at the Saudi general's words, "We're moving as fast as we can. The best thing that you can do is to halt these assaults and wait until sufficient force is assembled."

Wedamyer, who was present with the Arabs, remarked, "If you bothered to truly look at the maps, our own forces are amongst those being menaced by Godzilla and are unable to disengage. If you do not provide immediate assistance, then our own countrymen stand an exceptionally high chance of losing their lives."

Stanton bristled at his fellow general's comments and he barely restrained himself, instead stating, "I must register my opinion that if we commit ground forces now, it would risk destruction to no tangible gain."

Their Saudi host shook his head before he said, "Never the less, I insist that you commit whatever forces you have available to the defense immediately. We have permission from President Calhoun and the United Nations to issue such an order."

Seeing that there was little they could do, Stanton and Umezu reluctantly agreed as the American turned to the Saudi, "We will engage immediately." After shutting off the communications link, the two commanders then activated their links once more and soon they were online with their field commanders and liaisons. All had grim looks on their faces and Stanton winced as he thought about adding to their troubles before he asked them, "What are the statuses of our forces?"

Bergen, Carlson, and the rest of the commanders looked at each other worriedly as they considered what their fellow officers asked of them. Nishimura decided to answer the question that his colleagues had asked, "Our main forces are still some distances away and the lead elements have just arrived. Forces that have already engaged Godzilla are still refitting and the men need rest. The artillery has already arrived and is busy setting up."

Bergen then answered the two generals when it came to the air situation, "As for the air units, the carrier and land-based sections have halfway completed their preparations. Both the Super X-III and the Garuda II have rearmed and refueled."

Both Stanton and Umezu looked grimly at each other before Umezu told his comrades, "I apologize for this but we have new orders. You are to engage the monster immediately." That got a harsh reaction as everyone began to argue his or her opposition of the plan. Stanton and Umezu fully understood their arguments but sensed that none of them had any choice as Umezu reluctantly silenced any opposition to the orders as he stated harshly, "This is not up for discussion. You have your orders."

On the other end, the field commanders looked at each other as if asking for any assistance but it seemed that there was no suitable answer to the dilemma. Mitchell, his face "Looks like we don't have much choice, we might as well get ready to greet death."

Nishimura nodded in solemn agreement as he looked to his comrades for any hint of disagreement with what needed to come next. Seeing none, he answered for all of them when he replied, "Alright then, let's get underway. Signal all forces to engage the monster. " The rest grimly nodded and soon in their gathering locations, small squads of Type 90s, M1A2s and their accompanying AFVs made their way once more through the arid hilly terrain, reluctant and yet desperate to reach the kaiju.

As always, the air forces responded the quickest to the changing circumstances and the G-Force units were no exception. Using the Super X-III and Garuda II as a rallying point, the immense fighter wings began to gather high above Godzilla's head while waiting for the word to deliver hammering blows against the huge nuclear saurian.

70 miles northeast of Abha

Raking the ground with his atomic ray, Godzilla roared in victory as he observed the results. Seeing his foes rapidly scatter, Godzilla slammed his tail harshly into the rocky ground before he marched in pursuit. As he closed in on them, several tank units turned their guns to focus on Godzilla while calling for air and artillery support. Though it did open up the distance between the monster and their fleeing comrades, the rearguards lasted only minutes as Godzilla vaporized them and despite his huge bulk, he made up for the lost distance and time that the destroyed armored units attempted to provide. In their haste to retreat and reform, many of the Arab forces had unwittingly led Godzilla north into the vicinity of several vital targets.

With nearly all eyes fixed on the movement of troops, evacuation of civilians, and of course shadowing Godzilla, they did not notice that some of the evacuees or the soldiers heading to the battle zone were those that despised the presence of "infidels" in the kingdom. In the midst of the confusion, they had slipped into the chaos and now had taken up positions amongst the likeliest approach of the infidels. Most of the focus was in the northern sector as they felt that by attacking there, they could disrupt the arrival of forces from the north and therefore preventing Godzilla from heading in that direction.

Completely focused on the battle with Godzilla, the locations that were targeted did not know that they had intruders in their midst until it was nearly too late. While several men set up mortars outside the perimeter to unleash on their targets, the rest infiltrated inside with help from their brethren or those that agreed with them in their disgust of so many poisonous infidels in the lands of God. Once inside, they spread out silently through the locations, taking out targets almost instantly. When they arrived at their main targets, their screams as they charged their targets with guns blazing were the last things their victims heard and saw.

While some of the destroyed installations managed to send warnings, their recipients learned the full scale of what they faced when the artillery went silent followed by the reports of numerous explosions as the intruders wrecked the installations. Finally yet importantly, the sudden incidents added to the traffic jams already developing. The G-Force commanders were not immune as calls flooded to the G-Force field command post requesting assistance. As UAVs transmitted footage of the chaos on the ground, Stanton immediately got on the line and said in a tense tone, "What the hell is going on there?"

Several voices came on the line before that of Mitchell, "We've just run into an ambush and are encountering mines, heavy mortar and RPG fire. Several sections are already on fire." More explosions occurred before he came back on the line, "I'm leaving some of my forces behind to clear up the roadblocks and sending the rest ahead but I don't think we'll be able to reach Godzilla in strength any time soon."

Stanton was about to reply when Umezu said, "We're receiving the same reports from the others as well from the other forces. Several units including those nearby Godzilla's location have broken off to focus on the attackers." He then let out a loud curse as new information just came in, "Godzilla has just increased speed and has entered into point blank range with the lead defenders." Looking at the map for several moments, he looked at Stanton and told him, "We don't have much choice, all units that are through the roadblocks are to engage Godzilla immediately, and the rest will join in once they're clear."

The American nodded as he looked at the numbers before he stated in a grim tone, "Also we should keep some of the helicopter and drone assets back to assist." The Japanese general nodded before they transmitted the orders. Returning to look at the main map as Godzilla was about to make contact with their ground units, Stanton whispered, "May God help you all, you poor bastards."

Asir Mountains

For those lead G-Force units that fought through the sudden chaos, they all steeled themselves as they caught sight of the rampaging nuclear saurian. Linking up with those that were already engaging the kaiju, the lead armored units barely had any time to aim their guns on Godzilla who immediately spotted them as well. Fortunately, they moved faster as expertly aimed 120mm fire from M1A2s and Type 90s slammed into Godzilla's head with missiles, machine guns, and maser fire from the maser tanks and IFVs following behind.

Bellowing angrily at the sudden resistance that he now encountered, Godzilla inexorably closed in on the new attackers, eager to vaporize them. Before he could though, a rapid hail of artillery fire slammed into the ground all around him. Turning to the sky, the monster blinked his blood red eyes as he spotted the Super X-III and the Garuda II leading a large air fleet straight at him with all weapons blazing. As an avalanche of explosions occurred all around him, Godzilla's dorsal fins charged up before he returned the favor by firing his atomic ray at the sky.

With their target almost completely focused on the threat from the air, the ground forces took the opportunity to regroup as the lead elements opened up the distance from the monster. Soon more small squads of G-Force reinforcements arrived, some of them showing signs of damage from the ambushes but still determined to fight. Once in position, the MBT-92s lashed out at the monster with blue energy fire and missiles with the M1A2s and Type 90s soon joining in.

Savagely retaliating at his foes, Godzilla roared angrily as he encountered steadily increasing resistance. After firing his atomic ray several times into the sky, Godzilla turned to focus on the ground, his blood-red eyes spotting several seemingly small and broken lines of tanks and AFV, their front sides flashing as they poured fire onto him. Letting out a roar of challenge, the nuclear saurian focused his attention on the foes operating on the ground beneath him.

In turn, the ground troops fell back steadily as the monster pursued them with all of them keeping him under vicious fire. While a few began to open rapidly up the distance, the rest retreated slowly while keeping a step ahead of their foe. Soon several artillery batteries that were available joined in by laying a curtain of fire that separated the monster from the tanks and IFVs.

Overhearing the explosions, Mitchell turned to one of the fellow officers next to him and remarked, "We need to clear these roadblocks soon." Several explosions punctuated the statement as their attackers hit several more vehicles, turning them into flaming wreckage. Suddenly his communications link came alive and Mitchell activated to receive word that the frontline forces were heading his way. With the roar of the king of the monsters in the background as proof, Mitchell said on the communications link to the forces he oversaw, "Signal all forces to assume defensive formation then fall back once the frontline forces are clear." The others nodded and were about to disperse when one of the communications personnel ran up to them and immediately told them that major reinforcements had arrived. Looking at the information, the American general let out a small grim smile before he said, "Tell those already engage to fight as best they can, reinforcements are on their way. Alright then, let's go."

Marching into the firestorm thrown up by the defenders, Godzilla divided his attention between ground and air, firing several rapid blasts of his atomic ray. Although the atomic ray inflicted damage on his foes, Godzilla bellowed angrily as the intensity of the firepower seemed to intensify.

As they spotted their comrades, approaching with Godzilla close behind, the awaiting American and Japanese forces let loose with a withering barrage of fire from their MBTs and maser tanks. Taken by surprise by the instant hail of firepower, the monster halted his advance to determine where the attack had come from before returning the favor. Fortunately, the defenders had impressive support in the form of artillery and air cover, which prevented Godzilla from using his main weapon. Though most of the retreating units crossed pass the defense line in rapid succession, some broke off to join in the defense. As soon as the last of the front line forces crossed the defense line, the defenders gunned up their engines to full power and joined the retreat before the monster's advance, steadily pumping shells and missiles onto his charcoal grey hide.

Observing the progress of the battle in their command posts, the military forces of the other nations sensed reluctantly that soon they would have to engage the monster once more. Already, the commanders of those forces had put their orders on standby to engage, particularly as the kaiju closed in on one of the main staging areas. Even more so some of the Arab contingents had already departed for the battlefield as they discovered that despite the titanic efforts of G-Force, Godzilla moved within striking range of several vital targets. Medium artillery followed the tanks while long-range artillery sprinted a short distance before unleashing a barrage in support of their allies.

Hard on their heels, Godzilla snarled as he spotted an enormous group of lights despite the smoke and explosions around his eyes. Sensing a vital target, Godzilla immediately marched towards the large cluster of lights while shooting back at the air units. Within seconds, the line in front of him flashed yellow as tank guns and missile launchers unloaded onto Godzilla's huge form. Withstanding the ground attack with ease, he continued to press on, at times seemingly shrugging off the damage. Although several maser tanks were present, they were more of an irritant than as a threat as the range between the two foes decreased drastically. Sniffing the air, Godzilla's dorsal fins charged before blue hell rained down from his maw. When it dissipated, the blast wiped out several T-80s and T-90s along with several IFVs, and four MBT-92s.

After witnessing the recent carnage, the line began to dissolve as the remaining T-80s, T-90s and Type 96s opened up the distance with many traversing their turrets to fire on the monster. Though some of the shells hit their mark on the kaiju, a lot more missed as the fighting degenerated into a swirling melee, the tanks and IFVs relying on speed to stay alive against a gigantic kaiju that delivered quick and brutal retaliation.

Seeing what was about to happen, those G-Force tank squads closest to the battle zone immediately rushed in to assist with infantry not far behind. Despite the limited numbers presently available and the risk of engaging at point blank range, the American and Japanese forces closed the range, hoping to make an impression on the monster. They succeeded as Godzilla immediately focused his attention towards them. However, the rest did not escape his wrath as he rapidly switched focus between the different groups of targets.

For the survivors of the last twenty minutes, the sight of the G-force units absorbing the nuclear saurian's attention was an enormous relief of which they took advantage, though at times not to the advantage of G-Force. Though some, mainly the Arab units stayed behind to fight alongside those that would defend their holy lands the rest sped away towards relative safety.

Watching the last of their allies fell back, the G-Force units then disengaged as well. Calling in any available artillery support, they withdrew under a curtain of heavy fire that slowed Godzilla's advance. When the smoke cleared, all that Godzilla's blood red eyes could see was the desert punctuated by multiple flaming wrecks with aircraft and artillery roaring overhead. Letting out a bellow of victory, Godzilla sniffed the air for several moments before he set off towards the northwest, his foot and tail wrecking targets that his atomic ray missed or did not destroy. He soon caught up with his retreating foes as they attempted to form to a new defense line. Chaos set in as the combined forces in the area began to scatter with the Arabs mostly standing fast while nearly the rest ran like hell, to the immense anger of their hosts.

For the G-Force units in his path, all they could do was watch as Godzilla approached. Though they knew their duty, the G-force units in the vicinity understood that they did not have the numbers to take Godzilla head on. All they could was watch grimly as the other tank contingents attacked the monster from all sides, knowing that they did not have the numbers to hold him for no more than 10 minutes.

Attacking on the move, the others moved in to attack savagely, hoping that it would make a difference. Circling around the monster at full speed, the M1A2s, M60s, T-55s and T-72s attempted to take him under rapid fire. BMPs and Bradleys interspersed themselves amongst the MBTs with most of them operating behind the tanks as they laid down continuous fire from their chain and main guns with occasional bursts of ATs and TOWs from their launchers.

Roaring into the sky, Godzilla looked back onto the ground to see most of his targets scattering all around him while some attempting to gather into larger groups. Blinking his eyes for several moments, Godzilla started to blast away with his atomic ray, vaporizing two of the groups as they began their assault. Bellowing in the victory at the sight of the explosions, Godzilla's dorsal fins charged before he fired another barrage of his atomic ray at several tanks and AFVs that were closing in while circling around him.

After witnessing the monster use his main weapon for several minutes, the G-Force units along with the survivors of the other forces surveyed the scope of the carnage. Seeing the remains of burning vehicles all around them, they knew that their chances of surviving were steadily slipping away. Despite that brutal fact, the forces in front of the monster resumed their attempts to hold their ground.

G-Force field command post

Back at the main G-force field command post, the commanders were busy shifting their ground forces to counter Godzilla's advance when their communications link clicked on once more. Turning to see whom it was on the other end, both Stanton and Umezu winced as they saw several other generals on the other end of the link, all of them having angry looks on their faces.

Before anyone could respond, the Saudi army chief jumped straight to the point, "What is the status of your forces?" The two generals turned to look at each other before they gave him their answer to which he then yelled, "Then why haven't you resumed your attack on the monster?"

Umezu replied sternly, "As of this moment, we are trying to regroup and prepare for another assault. If your forces had followed that same option then you would stand a better chance of holding him than by engaging him now."

That enraged the Arab commanders with the Saudi army chief answering back, "If you would truly understand our culture general, then you would know that this is holy ground and it has been defiled by a devil that you and the forces under your organization helped create." Before anyone could rebuke that, the Saudi General pressed on as he then stated, "If you and your forces do not engage and drive him back now, then the whole world will see you for what you're truly are and there are those amongst us that would be more than happy to send you to hell."

That enraged Stanton and he replied, "Well then what have you done to help us?", "From what I've seen, we've done more than our fair share in fighting the monster and his kind. If we all fall apart now than we're going on a one way trip to hell."

Watching silently the events as a spectator, Commander Miki Saegusa let out a deep breath as the combined human forces and a near unstoppable kaiju engage in a titanic battle. Turning to overhear her fellow commanders arguing about what to do next, Saegusa whispered quietly, "We need time to catch our breath." Closing her eyes, she whispered a small prayer to those that had died and those that were still living and hoped that they would be alive in the next hour or so. Suddenly she felt something stirring within her to which she closed her eyes in attempt to focus on making sense of what it was. After several long moments, Saegusa regained control of her mental facilities, although for those that did look at her, they would see several new wrinkles on her forehead as well as seeing her let out a deep breath. Turning to look at the screens, she asked one of the radar operators, "Have you detected any new aerial contact heading to the area?" The radar operator looked at the screen and was about to reply in the negative before the screens began to blink as they detected a new arrival. As Saegusa's comrades attempted to make sense of the new arrival, she remarked to them, "I believe that if we can hold for a while longer then we're going to get help in gaining control of this situation."

At first, her comrades wondered if Saegusa had gone insane before it began to dawn upon them the meaning of her words as well as the detection of the new arrival. Umezu immediately turned to the operators and yelled out, "Intensify reconnaissance of the air space around the battle zone and signal our forces of the new arrival and to fight as best they can with their main focus on Godzilla." He then turned to the commander, "I hope that you are truly correct about this being good news for us Saegusa-san for otherwise we may have just added fuel to the fire of carnage that is surrounding us." A nod from the Japanese woman signaled Umezu that she completely understood his words. In turn, Umezu and the others understood the meaning behind the stern look in her eyes, which conveyed her answer.

50 miles north of Abha

Closing in on the large cluster of lights, Godzilla let out a bone-chilling roar that announced to the area that they had just become his next target. In response, artillery fire rained all around him as he advanced towards the defense line. Once he arrived in range, the defenders in front of him opened up with everything they had, many knowing that it was do or die. Despite their bravery, they could not stop Godzilla who was now almost right on top of them.

Suddenly two long streaks of yellow energy beams slashed into Godzilla's charcoal grey hide. Stung by the strike, Godzilla quickly turned to find the source of the energy blasts as more exploded on and around the nuclear saurian. Bellowing angry, Godzilla fired a barrage of his atomic ray into the sky in an attempt to strike at his mysterious assailant. Scanning the sky in front of him with his blood red eyes, Godzilla snarled then roared loudly as his foe came into view, one that he was very familiar.

As multiple eyes watched in awe, Mothra arrived overhead while firing energy beams from her two antennas. Descending to a lower altitude, the giant moth then unleashed a hail of poison stingers onto her target before she pulled back up as Godzilla attempted to retaliate with his atomic ray.

Both foes eyed each other as if in a western-style shootout with the human forces watching in awe to see who would make the first move. For the philosophical, the sight reminded them of all that they felt that they were witnessing the ultimate battle between good and evil. In a sense they were truly about to witness such a fight.


Author's notes:

I had hoped to squeeze everything into one chapter but unfortunately the contents and word count precluded this. I truly hope to resolve this battle in the next chapter.

While the fighting against Godzilla may be similar events earlier in the story, I had hoped to show that there were differences this time around. Unlike in the last battle against Godzilla, this time the humans barely have control over the situation they face and are truly fighting on the fly against Godzilla. To make a comparison, think of the human defenders as the allied forces during the early years of World War II and they're facing the Germans at their best.

I hope that I got the reactions of the other nations to this madness that they're facing particularly from those who are inhabitants of the region right on the mark. If you think that they are reacting very badly to the help and performance of G-Force (even though G-Force is performing exceptionally well) then well I apologize but that is how it is.


Author's questions:

If anyone here has any ideas on how to improve the fighting against Godzilla, then you're more than welcome to offer it as I feel that are times that I'm doing repeats of the previous titanic battle against Godzilla.

Do you think that I should add in some more human characters, particularly those that are not part of G-Force. It would allow me to develop the point of view of the others better.
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Chapter 18: A running firefight from hell

50 miles north of Abha

Suddenly as if at the drop of a pin, the tension broke as the two kaiju engaged with Mothra firing away with her yellow energy beams while charging at the nuclear saurian. In turn, Godzilla blasted away with his atomic ray to which his foe expertly dodged. Then before Godzilla could react, the huge moth dove down at the nuclear saurian actually managed to collide with him, the clashing of her huge wings with the charcoal grey skin actually generating sparks.
Both combatants broke apart as Mothra ascended into the air before circling Godzilla while waiting for his next move. She did not have to wait long as Godzilla let loose with a withering barrage of his atomic ray to which the giant moth barely avoided. In retaliation, Mothra fired a barrage of yellow energy beams from her antennas followed up by a barrage of black stingers.
Bellowing in rage at the assault, Godzilla’s blood red eyes narrowed as his dorsal fins charged before he let loose with a fearsome barrage of his atomic ray. This time, his aim proved to be much better as several blasts of his atomic ray struck his foe, forcing it to screech in temporary pain. As the giant moth started to descend while firing away with her weapons, Godzilla fired back with his main weapons while raising his hands in a defensive posture, eager to grapple with his most powerful foe as well as vaporize her as well.
Although it brought additional dangers, Mothra continued her descent and soon the two monsters began to engage in close combat once more. Godzilla used his hands and tail in rapid succession to bring Mothra down. In retaliation, Mothra battered away with her wings while also launching several blasts of stingers whenever an opportunity arose.
On the maps, the two kaiju seemed to be moving in random directions as they continued their battle. However, to trained eyes, it seemed that Mothra began to edge the nuclear saurian away from the cities. As they watched the battle continuing to progress, the G-force commanders were considering to intervene as Mothra had always been one of their greatest allies against the king of the monsters. Most of the other contingents wanted to avoid engagement although the Arabs changed their minds if the fighting edged towards any vital locations.
Watching the battle's progress, Saegusa winced as she saw Mothra take another hit from Godzilla’s atomic ray. Though from all appearances, Mothra remained unhurt, Saegusa knew that she would not be able to hold forever against Godzilla. Turning to the others, she asked, “How the ground forces are assembled?â€
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Chapter 19: Appropriation of Blame

USS Dwight D. Eisenhower
April 4th, 6:00am

As he woke up from a restless sleep, Rear-Admiral Andrew Bergen looked at himself in the mirror before he began to prepare to face the coming day. He was soon out of his quarters and on his way to the bridge. Once he arrived, he could already see the bridge crew hard at work with their duties. Though they attempted to maintain professionalism, Bergen could see the tension that emanated from everyone. Making his way to the window where he could see the other ships that surrounded the Eisenhower, Bergen turned to ask his XO, “What is the status of the ships?â€
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Chapter 20: Human and kaiju chaos:

Karachi, Pakistan:
April 22nd, 6:45pm

Due to its access from the coast to the southern regions of Afghanistan, Pakistan has functioned as a vital hub for operations in both countries. It had only increased with the arrival of the monsters and the arrival of American and Japanese forces into the area to combat the threat.
Not surprisingly, the region also crawled with people that those that despised the insurgents there and to have a flood of them arriving into the area was most certainly not going to sit well with them. As a result, attacks on Americans and other foreigners increased over the past several months and some of them had occurred in areas that everyone had thought were secure.
A vital line of supply was the city of Karachi. Scores of ships were in the docks or sailing in the waters of the harbor while they awaited their turn to dock or leaving port. Several warships that were undergoing maintenance also contributed to the security that surrounded the naval port. To many it felt nearly invulnerable and that should an attack by a human enemy occur on the port, they would have multiple obstacles to overcome.
However, like all forbidden treasures, there were those that were more than eager to overcome the obstacles. Though the country was a hotbed of insurgency, it truly came into being in the aftermath of the attacks on America. As foreign forces flowed into the country before heading to Afghanistan, the extreme elements within the country began to take a harder line as they considered the presence of the Americans and European nations to be poison.
Already attacks around the country had claimed numerous lives both Pakistani and foreign. They increased in intensity as the American military used drones to hunt down Islamic militants, often with no regard for the civilian population. In retaliation, both the Pakistani government and to a far severe extent, the militants struck at the one place where the Americans in the area were vulnerable.
Thus far, Karachi had not seen the damage that other cities along the supply route had suffered. However, there had always been a concern that Karachi would become a target for it was much easier to kill ships than planes or hold ground. Already security had increased around the ports as Japanese along with Allied equipment unloaded from the ships into the ports.
In the midst of the heavy traffic in the city were several large groups of trucks heading towards the port of Karachi. On the outside, they resembled almost all of the other trucks in the city. However, they carried a deadly mix of cargo, which they hoped that security personnel would not inquire too much. Fortunately, they did not need to worry for there were very few guards from the other nations who participated in protecting the port while most of the Pakistani guards would more often than not look the other way.
Holding their breath as the trucks transitioned through the checkpoints, the intruders made their way through the port towards the most critical installations. When they arrived, several unloaded cargo while others waited as normal business operations continued all around them. The men that came off the trucks soon gathered their own gear and moved on to their designated locations. Some, who were hauling large very large cargo attempted to drive as close as they could to the dock where civilian ships lay docked.
Ten minutes later, a series of explosions occurred throughout the Port of Karachi as several bombs started to go off. Within seconds, several large infernos broke out as ammunition, fuel, and other flammables quickly started to burn. Several seconds later, more explosions occurred as the trucks parked near the water’s edge exploded with tremendous force. As the initial flames died down, several ships had their hulls breached and were taking on water.
At the main operations center, chaos reigned as stunned personnel ascertained the scale of the incident. Already firefighters were already moving in to put out the flames and minimize the damage. However, for some it was a death sentence as a hail of bullets cut them down. Before one of them died, he managed to get a report off a report stating that intruders had infiltrated both sections of the harbor.
Watching the damage that his men inflicted onto the harbor installations, their leader smiled in satisfaction at the results. Although he was saddened by the loss of his fellow citizens, it was assuaged by the fact that they had unwittingly helped him kill the infidels that infested his country and poison the minds of its citizens.
Suddenly a runner came up to him. Saluting, the messenger delivered his report, “Our men have seized their initial objectives and are systematically destroying the supplies of the infidels. We have met light resistance thus far.â€
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Chapter 21: Recall to Home:

White House
May 8th, 10:10pm

Watching the latest protests on the news, Calhoun had a look of distaste on his face as he read some of the signs that protesters held. As the screen switch to show a protester displaying a truly disgusting sign, the president remarked silently to most of his staff, “What the hell is wrong with these people, can’t they complain to someone else about their ills. Hell shouldn’t they be complaining to their Congressman or to the other departments of the government.â€
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Chapter 22: Heading west

Tsukuba, Japan
May 18th, 7:00pm

Sitting alone in his office, Fukazawa poured over the latest reports from multiple locations over the world as he waited for Aso and the others to arrive. Pulling his glass away for a moment to rub his eyes, Fukazawa let out a small sigh before he read the latest news from Washington DC, which was not surprisingly bad news. Before he could ponder anymore, the intercom beeped to which Fukazawa acknowledged, “Yes?â€
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