Godzilla items for sale.

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Godzilla items for sale.

Postby KaiserGhidorah » Mon Oct 26, 2015 4:39 pm

I have a few Godzilla items I'm looking to sell. PM me if interested. I will list the prices which also factors in shipping. After I receive the initial payment, I will ship out and provide you with a tracking number. That's always been the way I've done things after selling on ebay. Some of these things, I'd prefer to sell bundled. Anyways, here's what I have....

First item is a Large G tshirt I bought off the WB site for 50 bucks. I've only worn it a couple of times. Still in good condition. $25 is my asking price.


Godzilla books. Godzilla awakening - hardback and Godzilla on my Mind - paperback. Excellent condition as I never read them and only opened them maybe once or twice. Also I have Godzilla pins to go along with them. $25 for all.


Godzilla poster. The frame itself is not for sale....only the poster. It's in good shape. $25


Anyways, keep in mind the prices listed factor in shipping as well. I may post more stuff as I root through what I have that I simply do not want any longer. Thanks for looking.
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Re: Godzilla items for sale.

Postby mbozzo » Tue Nov 03, 2015 6:54 pm

I saw the pictures, and wish that i could afford them. :cry:
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