Wanted: Ultraseven Dark Spark Doll

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Wanted: Ultraseven Dark Spark Doll

Postby The Great MM » Sat Dec 27, 2014 2:10 pm

This is one of those exclusive Spark Dolls that came out a bit ago, before I really got into this line. I'm not too concerned with the many Victory releases and the transparent kaiju/heroes, but Seven Dark is one of the figures I REALLY want to get. I can't find it online anywhere.

This is the figure


I am willing to pay $20-30 for this figure due to its apparent rarity. If anybody has one they're willing to sell, or knows where I can find one, that'd be great.
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The Great MM
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Re: Wanted: Ultraseven Dark Spark Doll

Postby Ultraseven » Sat Dec 27, 2014 7:35 pm


Amazon japan has it (4 units left). Now you need one of these japanese based services that can buy it for you. Never used one, but i guess it is one option. This figure is nothing cheap, but only thing making me not buying it is the scale.

BTW if you want another cool exclusive at a super low price, watch this Red Super Grand King (ULFES 2014)

Just bought one for myself minutes ago, double dipping as i already have the regular one but it is such a nice figure! Ah, Wataru is a very reliable seller.
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