Godzilla Rulers Of Earth #12 Reaction Thread

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Godzilla Rulers Of Earth #12 Reaction Thread

Postby ebirahsmeg1 » Tue May 27, 2014 7:46 pm

You know the drill. Post your thoughts/comments here.

Here is TK's site review:
http://www.tohokingdom.com/comics/idw_g ... th_12.html

What was once a threatened series, as it became unknown if it would last after its introduction arc, Rulers of Earth is now celebrating issue 12. The comic focuses solely on a battle with Destoroyah and a conflict that reaches the Devonian kingdom, bringing some closure and wrapping up a few angles although doesn't feel as satisfying as hoped for.

For the plot, the issue leads in with the Destoroyah attacking the USS Simon with Steven Woods and his crew aboard. While the military is neutralizing the roughly human size Destoroyah above the surface, Godzilla is laying waste to Titanosaurus, Gezora and Manda below. The destruction reaches the Devonian kingdom, which is quickly devastated. Meanwhile, Destoroyah grows to full size as Jet Jaguar leaps in to fight the menace.

Like Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #11, the comic is full of action, but doesn't particularly feel rewarding as by all accounts this seems like a climax for the 12 issue run so far. Heavy spoilers are to follow, so turn back now if needed. That said, Godzilla's tussle with the three water kaiju is great, as Matt Frank's art captures a sense of energy that adds to the blows between them. There are a lot of great panels between them, such as the three crashing into the Devonian home world, Gezora being blasted against a wall and a fist fight between Godzilla and Titanosaurus. On the downside, Gezora seems to retreat off panel, but its the more satisfying of the two fights.

The other battle is with Jet Jaguar and Destoroyah. Jet Jaguar is approaching Mary Sue status (Kaiju Sue?), at least in the sense of rising above conflicts and being overly resourceful. Here, he exchanges a few blows with Destoroyah before noticing Kiryu and flying inside to pilot it. Seeing Jet Jaguar inside Mechagodzilla piloting is either going to be one of those "oh cool!" moments or "ehhh" depending on your love of the character. Either way, Destoroyah is one-shotted shortly afterwards and Jet Jaguar flies off to visit where Godzilla is below.

Climax wise, the Devonian threat appears to be gone thanks to Godzilla. There is a great twist toward the end of the issue which I won't spoil, but it was something I didn't see coming even though it makes perfect sense. I will say, much like the Cryog aliens in Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #8, the Devonian aliens exit the series losing any menace they once had and in the grand scheme of things feel like a speed bump in the story rather than a game changer.

In terms of covers, this one has more to choose from than normal. In fact, the last time there were four covers was way back with Godzilla #1 in 2012. In this instance, though, two of the covers are exclusive to Yesteryear Comics in San Diego. To start with the exclusive covers, they are done by cheesecake (practice of drawing women in an overly sexual state for fan service) artist Jamie Tyndall. Compared to most of Tyndall's art, this one is fairly conservative in terms of skin shown, but is no less over the top. It hinges more on the female form than Godzilla, who feels like an after thought. While I won't debate the concept of cheesecake, I will say the exclusive cover feels at the very least random since the girl has no relation to the issue, series or the comic shop its representing as far as I can tell. As for the normal retail covers, the main one by Matt Frank is okay but feels like a panel rather than a cover. It's not as eye catching as it could be. The alternate cover by Jeff Zornow is the winner of the four. Featuring Godzilla in the background as Destoroyah faces Jet Jaguar, Kiryu and a legion of subs, the cover is true to the contents and captures the reader's attention.

Overall, for a climax, this issue wasn't too memorable. The underwater invading race feels like they got snuffed out without even a whimper. The water based fight was good but not a series highlight. Furthermore, as the Devonian plot gets wrapped up, it will be interesting to see where the series goes from here.
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Re: Godzilla Rulers Of Earth #12 Reaction Thread

Postby klen7 » Mon Jun 02, 2014 1:51 pm

If the series had ended here i think i would have been fine with this as the series finale, it certainly beats the final issues of the previous two ongoings. But since the series is going to continue I am interested to see where they go from here.

I do kind of feel like the "origins constraint" the creative team has to deal with made JJ's badassedness seem a bit unearned.
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Re: Godzilla Rulers Of Earth #12 Reaction Thread

Postby MekaGojira3k » Tue Jun 03, 2014 9:20 am

I dug it. Nothing that spectacular, but I liked the helpful Devonian turning out to be one of the other aliens (the name of their species is escaping me).
I wonder if the Godzilla that appears in #13 will really be a MechaGodzilla in disguise.
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