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Re: Godzilla: Legends #3 Reaction Thread

PostPosted: Fri Apr 18, 2014 6:08 pm
by The Great MM
klen7 wrote:i'm probably going to see Mike Raicht tomorrow at a local comic convention.. i'll planning to get a signature on this issue. Any questions to pass on to the author?

When's he going to do a follow-up?

Re: Godzilla: Legends #3 Reaction Thread

PostPosted: Sat Apr 19, 2014 9:30 pm
by klen7
So i talked to Mike Raicht (pronounced rAch as in Rachael). Really nice guy. so just to break down the bullet points:

(keep in mind i have a tendency to editorialize)

- There was a much grander story which would have been the alien invasion as the next step
- Even though there was more story, it was only pitched as a one-shot
- Mike Raicht used to be an editor on X-Men, and he was going for an X-Men style Daikaiju story
- The kids at the school (seen in the background of the class) all would have been the "good guys" along with Miki fighting against the invasion
- The boy would have been leading the attack mistakenly thinking he was fighting against those responsible for his parents
- He chose Titanosaurus because he was more obscure (at the time of the smaller IDW roster)
- The general feedback he got was that there was not enough action
- No current plans for any more Godzilla work
- also since RoE has the alien invasion it has kind of closed the door a bit on the story

[opinion]So in my estimation IF they were to continue this story, Legends 3 would be an issue 0 and the mini would start at issue 1 and focus on the other kids and their "school for the gifted"[/opinion]

As i have gone back and reread all the Godzilla comics, I still think this is one of the best Godzilla comics we've seen storywise. More world building and character development in this single issue than we've gotten from the ongoings. And it really took advantage of both the Showa and the Heisei continuities so well. I'd say this is probably my favorite Godzilla comic edging out Steve Bissettes and James Stokoes (incredible artwork) for a very solid top 3.

So that's about it for Godzilla stuff. I did pick up the first HC collection of his creator owned series 'Stuff of Legends' which looks to be about Toys vs the Boogeyman, and i think he mentioned Disney optioned it, so we could be seeing more of that down the road.