***BOOTLEG RULE -Updated 7/20/2009***

Discuss Movies and Soundtracks available in different formats, including the latest releases on Blu-Ray. As per Board policy, No Bootleg Discussions please!

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***BOOTLEG RULE -Updated 7/20/2009***

Postby Aaron Smith » Fri Jul 25, 2003 1:04 pm

From the MZ faq and rules:

Due to Toho's dislike of bootlegs and the fact that they monitor this message board, I ask that no one post where to buy bootlegs and in general avoid bootleg discussions. If you must please using the PRIVATE MESSAGE option to contact someone or the WHISPER function to speak to someone.

Please keep this in mind when posting on this board. Any advertising for bootlegs will be deleted. Repeated violations of this easy-to-adhere-to policy may result in banning from the board.
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