Male M.U.T.O VS Large Skull Crawler

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Male M.U.T.O VS Large Skull Crawler

Postby O.Supreme » Thu Mar 16, 2017 3:43 pm with Kong: Skull Island fresh in everyones mind, I thought the idea of pitting LP's two thus far, "new" kaiju against one another would be interesting. I decided to chose the Male M.U.T.O as I felt the Female one would have too much of a size advantage...

So, all things being equal. The Male M.U.T.O and Large Skull Crawler meet and battle at a neutral location, with no interference from any other source. Which one wins?

Bonus just for fun.....I know its often easy to discount newly created kaiju, especially if not coming directly from Toho, but, objectively speaking, -which of Toho's classic Kaiju do you think either of these new monsters could defeat in battle? Which ones would they provide at least a challenge for?...
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Re: Male M.U.T.O VS Large Skull Crawler

Postby mbozzo » Wed Mar 22, 2017 7:34 pm

The Male M.U.T.O. seem to be strong, even if Godzilla is stronger. On the other hand, I know nothing about the Large Skull Crawler. I feel that the Male M.U.T.O. might win this fight, but I have to watch the Kong movie to be sure of it. :oops:
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Re: Male M.U.T.O VS Large Skull Crawler

Postby Dai » Sun Jul 02, 2017 9:17 am

The skull crawler's horizontal bipedal stance would make it vulnerable, since its back would be exposed to strikes from the air. The spiky-limbed aerial drop attack the male MUTO used on Godzilla's back could be a killing blow against the skull crawler, depending on where its vitals are. The skull crawler's only chance would be to use its tail to knock the MUTO to the ground, then pin it and go for the throat with its teeth. I don't think it has the agility for that, though. Verdict: male MUTO has the high ground, large skull crawler can not win.
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