Mystery prehistoric sea creature

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Mystery prehistoric sea creature

Postby Henry88 » Tue Feb 16, 2016 1:31 pm

Mystery prehistoric sea creature which looks like a crocodile and dolphin washes up on lake ... ke-7379078
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Re: Mystery prehistoric sea creature

Postby klen7 » Tue Feb 16, 2016 3:20 pm

that's really bizarre looking.. any other pictures or is that the only one? i'd buy the pike eel explanation
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Re: Mystery prehistoric sea creature

Postby DannyBeane » Tue Feb 16, 2016 3:40 pm

I'm saying its a pike eel as well. The reason it looks so huge is because of a camera distortion. Look at the waves and the shoreline, something looks off. I'd say its probably about2-3 feet long at most. Cool photo though.
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Re: Mystery prehistoric sea creature

Postby Tom R VanSlambrouck » Sat Feb 20, 2016 4:25 am

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