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Halloween Wars

PostPosted: Thu Oct 02, 2014 2:18 pm
by jellydonut25
Does anybody else watch this show? It's on Food Network. It's an annual competition entering its fourth season.

It's a lot like Cupcake Wars or Cake Wars, but with a horror bent...

Each team has a cake person, a sugar/candy person, and a pumpkin carver and they have to use each of these elements to create a display incorporating their talents seamlessly.
It's four episodes each year, so if you want to watch previous seasons, it is really easy to watch a full season in a day of Halloween watching.

It airs Sundays, and is back this coming Sunday. Here's some of the displays from the past to give you an idea of some of the REALLY cool stuff these people can do with sugar, cake, rice crispies, and pumkins:



I threw this show on in its first season out of sheer curiosity and now I look forward to it every year.