War of The Gargantuas (Genius Pro/Classic Media DVD release)

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War of The Gargantuas (Genius Pro/Classic Media DVD release)

Postby Jinzo Ningen » Sun Oct 19, 2008 3:28 pm

Just finished watching both versions of this awesome Toho film. First time I'd ever seen the Japanese version. I was quite surprised that the English cut actually runs 4+ mins longer. Usually it's the US versions that are chopped down. The picture & soundtrack are both very good. So nice to see this finally in anamorphic widescreen instead of the crummy P&S we've all suffered with for decades!

I also wonder why the US version chose to replace the military march music? What they chose worked well enough, but why the switch? I must admit that to me the English language soundtrack is much richer, with thudding footsteps for the monsters and better sound FX overall.

I was really stunned at the heavy referencing to Frankenstein in the Japanese version. I know it was a semi-sequel to FCTW, but they really pour on the references through the whole picture. It's odd and flies in the face of the original FCTW since the Frankenstein backstory gets such a heavy re-write to "fit" the goings on of WOTG.

I just wish they could have gotten Nick Adams to reprise his role as Dr. Bowen. Then this picture would have been a 100% uber-classic, and made for one hell of a rockin' double feature. Russ Tamblyn just somnambulates through the whole picture. He's a good actor. Oh what could have been if he'd just shown up for the part. *SIGH*
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try this

Postby Xenorama » Sun Oct 19, 2008 3:36 pm

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